life inside the bubble refers to a fictional, near-realistic world where people live very close to their normal lives, but with added stress and pressure. It is created by music artist Logic for his album The Nest.

In this world, people live in the same environments as they do in the United States, but with added pressure and stress. They are surrounded by money and power, which are highly ranked things.

This can be beneficial if you need to look at what is being said as negative things before you make a decision on whether or not you want to become involved in something. You can gain some valuable information from this type of environment!

Before you read on, take some time to listen to the song below.

Life inside the bubble

life inside the bubble: why a top-ranked secret service agent walked away from it all

As an elite member of the security profession, a top-ranked Secret Service agent found himself with a higher ranking, more prestigious job. He loved his work, but it wasn’t what was inside his heart and mind.

His choice to leave the agency was a good one, and one that should be respected. If he hadn’t made the choice to leave his job, then he would have continued to develop his career in another way.

There are many ways to make money as an independent contractor, so he didn’t suffer any major financial repercussions. In fact, he claims his new job has paid him more than the Secret Service!

Life inside the bubble is about exploring choices we make about our careers and about life as an individual.

Leaving the world of the elite

life inside the bubble: why a top-ranked secret service agent walked away from it all

While working as a high-class escort, Ed was introduced to the world of beauty pageants. He became an assistant judge and helped select finalists for local and national competitions.

He also became a mentor to several young women who were looking to further their careers in this area.

As a man of faith, Ed was inspired by the hope he saw in these young women’s determination to better themselves and their community.

Sadly, he passed away in 2015 at the relatively early age of 42 from pneumonia, but not before he helped many feel extremely confident in themselves.

As a former high-class escort, you will learn that your body is highly sensitive to stress and that working with a quality stress-management technique is critical.

Writing a book

After reading the book, would you write a book about your experience as a top-ranked Secret Service agent? If so, what type of book would you write?

Theoretically, yes! Most people who write books do so well that you would want to read your story and learn from it. You would get your revenge and win back some friends in the Secret Service community by sharing your knowledge.

In fact, Dan Berson, author of The Warfighter’s Bible, wrote a novel series about an officer who retires as an intelligence officer and turns to writing to help him deal with post-government-life stress. He finds his strength through writing and his revenge turns into fans demanding he continue their story.

Becoming a entrepreneur

life inside the bubble: why a top-ranked secret service agent walked away from it all

After working as a competitive athlete at the highest levels for several years, he decided to try something new. He opened a small business selling customized workout gear. It was a nice way to make money while away from his job as an elite athlete.

His business grew and he was able to invest in it through his job as an athletic trainer at a high school. He continued to work as an athlete, but now in the non-profit world.

His transition into entrepreneurship was difficult, and he admits there were times where he wondered if he made the right decision. However, he knew his journey wasn’t over when his business failed, so he gave it one more shot.

Giving back to society

life inside the bubble: why a top-ranked secret service agent walked away from it all

After a short career in the big-money world, John was looking to return to community. He wanted to help people and continue his work in the world.

He decided to apply for a position as an assistant coach with an inner-city basketball team. He was excited to get back into the game and build some trust with other players.

His application was reviewed and accepted by the team. He began working with the team late-night and early-morning until practices started in the morning, Monday through Friday.

While he enjoyed his time at work, he realized his true passion was coaching. He wanted to find a way to combine his two loves of life—mentoring and teaching—but he knew it would take some time.

Lessons I learned from leaving the world of the elite

life inside the bubble: why a top-ranked secret service agent walked away from it all

I truly believe that the most valuable lessons you can learn from elite individuals and programs are lessons on how not to be an elite individual or program.

You can spend your life trying to find and replicate these “it” things, but they are very rare and never go full force. Once they leave the confines of a group or program, they lose their allure.

The thing about the things that make people special is that we human beings love them so much more when we don’t have to make them special. We crave that feeling of being exceptional every time we are in our lives, but it requires a lot of effort and investment from us every single time.

Once you realize this, it will help you deal with the fact that you don’t want to be like those people because it requires so much effort and investment from them, which is what makes them special to you.

The world of the elites is not all glamorous

life inside the bubble: why a top-ranked secret service agent walked away from it all

The world of the elites is not all glamorous. You will not find a group of people living it up in Vegas or London or New York. They are surrounded by images of high-profile people who seem happy and enjoying themselves, but it is not what everyone else goes through daily.

People at these top levels spend most of their time isolated from the public and from people like you and me. There are always people attending events with them, but they are never really involved in the activity itself and are usually just sitting back watching and taking notes.

They may be attending events because it’s what they do well and want to build their resume, not necessarily because they want to be seen by the public.

The individuals I talk to at these events are usually very intelligent, dedicated individuals that love their job. They just don’t see themselves as being part of a larger community that helps each other and society as a whole, which is kind of crazy.

You are still responsible for your actions

life inside the bubble: why a top-ranked secret service agent walked away from it all

While in the bubble, your actions are still responsible for you. You can be charged with criminal behavior or involved in a legal situation and you will be held to those actions.

If you are an agent working for the Secret Service, then you are directly responsible for your actions as a member of the Secret Service. If you are an agent not working for the Secret Service, then you must understand that there is no consequences if you fail to carry out your duties as required by superiors.

Whether it is taking a vacation, going off-duty or leaving the job forever depends on what was required of agents at the time. It also depends on whether or not that job required physical or mental stressors that were required by superiors.

There have been cases where agents left their jobs due to stress and/or failure to meet expectations from superiors.


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