Shopping for school supplies can be quite expensive, especially during non-holiday shopping season. The largest purchases? Electronics, clothing, and school supplies. It’s easy to see how these school necessities can add up quickly!

If you plan on buying some school supplies, you should know a number of key tips about obtaining the most value for your dollar.

Simple ways to save on your back to school shopping list!

As a parent, we are aware of your busy schedule and lack of free time. If you also wish to save money on necessities, groceries, and vacations, then look no further than the fair share program. That’s why we created a list of easy ways to save money on all the back to school items you need.

1. Make a back to school shopping list and budget

One way to save money on school supplies is by making a back-to-school shopping list. The most straightforward method to create this is by starting with a list of the items you need to buy and then creating a budget of how much you will be spending on each item.

First, make a list of the items you or your children will need for back to school. Next, set a specific dollar amount for each item. The goal is to limit your shopping to items that match the list and stay within budget.

2. Leverage student discounts

If you are planning to purchase computers or expensive electronics (such as tablets, printers, etc.), you should definitely seek a student discount from the various stores because you can save a significant sum.

Many stores sell them, and the discount can range from 15% to possibly more, depending on the store.

3. Compare prices for school essentials online

It is always a good idea to comparison shop online for school supplies before you head out to the stores yourself. This way, you can be sure to get the lowest possible prices for the items you need.

You will also find some coupons online that you can use to reduce your expenses further.

4. Wait to buy backpack essentials for school

When it comes to notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, cases, and other items for school, large retailers like Target and Staples usually slash prices before the end of school shopping season, and the discounts can be significant.

I’m here to save money on backpack items for school. If you aren’t in a rush, it’s a great idea to put off purchasing your items until later.

5. Buy used textbooks and electronics

Save money by purchasing textbooks and electronics used. Refurbished books and pre-owned electronics are often reasonably priced, and oftentimes, you can’t tell the difference between new and used.

Compare prices for books on to find the cheapest option. You can also search for used electronics and other items on the Facebook Marketplace and in your local pawn shops.

6. Save your receipts

You must check back on the purchases you made at the end of the back-to-school season to check whether they have been discounted. If they have been, many retailers will give you a refund or a rebate on the difference, but you will need a receipt to get it.

7. Shop secondhand for school essentials

Buying clothing for infants can quickly become expensive. You can save a lot by purchasing used clothing at thrift stores and on websites such as Poshmark. You’re surprised at how much of the clothing is still in good condition, and you will find name brands for a fraction of the original price.

They also have other supplies, such as backpacks, lunch boxes, binders, and more. Save your money and put that cash in a savings account instead!

Big On Back To School Essentials
Big On Back To School Essentials

8. Use cash-back apps

These apps provide cash-back just for registering and shopping. You should take advantage of these programs to maximize your savings. Rakuten is one of our favored apps, and you can get cash back for purchasing school necessities at major retailers using its app.

Apps like Fetch Rewards provide users prizes for submitting pictures of their receipts.

Where to find free school supplies

If you’re on a budget and need help getting supplies for school, then search around for free backpacks and other items. There are a lot of helpful locations with free school supplies.

1. Check the Salvation Army for school essentials

One of the most impressive programs offered for Free School Supplies is by the Salvation Army. Local charities will drive local routes to provide aid to needy families in their regions. Find a Salvation Army near your home to participate in.

2. Boys and Girls Clubs of America

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America partner with national retailers to provide discounted school supplies to low-income families. You can search for local clubs to find out what programs are offered and find back to school drives in your area.


eCycle is a website that features an abundance of things that people in your community are giving away. Their goal is to keep usable items out of landfills and encourage individuals to donate them instead of throwing them out. It’s a great place to find free school supplies!

4. Check for brand giveaways

Follow brands or stores on social media to be alerted to promotional events or check to see if they have deals or other ways to obtain items for free from them. Sometimes if you contact them, they might provide a coupon code or free samples.

5. Use store rebates

Yes, you have to pay up front, but for some products, you can earn cash back through store rebate offers. Therefore, check your favorite retailers’ programs for savings and promotional offers prior to shopping.

Be savvy and save money on school essentials

Thanks to being savvy with sales and promotions, you can save a lot of money on school equipment. Being thrifty with your money will prevent you from having to spend too much, leaving you with more money to spend elsewhere.

For instance, you can open a savings account for your kid and teach him good fiscal habits for the future. Your children will learn from your good habits, and you can set them up for success. Try these tips to save money while shopping. Happy back to school shopping!


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