If you’re new to the legal system, you may have heard the term “clerk of courts” thrown around quite often. But what exactly does a clerk of courts do and why is their role important in Brevard County? In this post, we’ll explore the duties and services provided by the clerk of courts in Brevard County, including how they impact legal proceedings and general public access to court documents. We’ll also provide some helpful tips on how to find the right lawyer in Brevard County if you are in need of legal assistance. So whether you’re a law student or just curious about the legal system, keep reading to learn more about the vital role of the clerk of courts in Brevard County.

clerk of courts brevard county

The importance of the clerk of courts in Brevard County

In Brevard County, the importance of the Clerk of Courts cannot be overstated. The clerk is responsible for maintaining accurate court dockets and filings, managing jury selection, collecting fees for court proceedings and serving as a liaison between the public, judges attorneys and other court officials.

Duties of the clerk of courts

The clerk of courts in Brevard County is responsible for maintaining accurate records, managing court documents, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the judicial system. They also provide public access to court records and information, issue marriage licenses, collect fines and fees, administer oaths, and more. Find legal resources in Brevard County for family law or circuit court cases. Contact them by email or on Saturdays.

Brevard County clerk of courts services

In Brevard County, the clerk of courts offers various services like online access to public records, marriage licenses, and passport services. They also assist with child support enforcement and manage the jury selection process. Moreover, they provide essential support to jurors during trials. The county clerk’s email address can be used to contact them for any queries regarding family law or circuit court matters.

Legal resources in Brevard County

The Legal Resources in Brevard County are efficiently managed by the clerk of courts. They offer easy access to court records and necessary legal resources. For instance, Brevard County offers online access to court records besides managing paperwork related hassles. Additionally, they can help with payments related to fines and fees.

How to find the right lawyer in Brevard County

When looking for an attorney in Brevard County for your legal needs, it is important to consider their experience, expertise and reputation. You can find a list of attorneys through directories provided by the Florida Bar Association or the Brevard County Bar Association that include contact information and area of practice. These organizations can also provide referrals to local attorneys that specialize in specific legal fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look up court cases in Florida?

To find court cases in Florida, use the state’s online portal and search by case number, party name, or filing date. Some case documents may be restricted due to privacy concerns. For help accessing court case information in Brevard County, contact the Clerk of Courts.

How to get a copy of a marriage certificate from Brevard County Florida?

To get a copy of a marriage certificate from Brevard County, Florida, visit the Clerk of Courts office or request it online. Provide the full names and date of the marriage. Use the official website or third-party services, but expect to pay a fee for this service.

How do I find divorce records in Brevard County?

To access divorce records in Brevard County, visit the Clerk of Courts office or their website to request them. A fee may be required, and you must provide identifying information. Note that some records may not be publicly available due to restrictions or sealing.


The clerk of courts plays an instrumental role in Brevard County’s legal system. They serve as the official record-keeper for all court proceedings and provide various services, including issuing marriage licenses and passports. Their duties are vital to the proper functioning of the justice system and ensuring that legal processes are fair and transparent. If you require legal assistance, there are numerous resources available in Brevard County. Finding the right lawyer can be a daunting task, but with some research and effort, you can find someone who meets your needs. Whether it’s through referrals or online directories, take advantage of the resources available to you. For more information on legal services in Brevard County, contact the clerk of courts or visit their website.


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