You have taken the time to set your financial goals.

Millions of people fail to achieve their money goals because of these mistakes. For that reason, I want to pass on some important advice that will ensure your financial success.

Why? Knowing what to avoid will help you avoid making the same mistakes. It’s vital to be aware of the things that stand in the way of reaching your goals.

If you’re guilty even of one of these, don’t worry. I’m also sharing the simple changes that can get you back on track for success. So let’s begin.

Mistakes to avoid in order to achieve your money goals

When it comes to errors to avoid when setting goals, there are several major ones that many people make. Knowing what they are and recognizing how they affect one’s life is crucial to avoiding these errors.

1. Ignoring the small goals

Save $10 or even pay $50 to your credit card company this week may not seem like much, but these small savings can add up over time. Track your savings and celebrate them when you reach your goals.

They can help accomplish important goals over time. Here are a few examples of how to set financial targets (and how to meet them).

2. Focusing solely on long-term goals

Yep, that’s right! It is important to set long-term goals in order to define the big picture. We all enjoy those goals that we achieve every year.

However, if you never break these objectives down into bite-sized chunks that you track on a daily basis, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, you can easily be overwhelmed by the amount of work at hand. As a result, you feel as if you aren’t making any progress at all.

3. Lack of accountability

If you have no personal responsibility, there is no one to keep you motivated, remind you, or keep you focused on what you are doing.

As a consequence, you may begin getting lazy, procrastinating, and making excuses for not doing your work. It’s vital to change your sphere of influence to suit your objectives, and handle any responsibilities that are assigned to you.

Achieve Your Money Goals
Achieve Your Money Goals

4. Not checking in on your goals

How can you make progress with what you don’t necessarily track? Checking in on your targets is just as important. It can be as simple as creating a schedule to check in on your objectives. One way to accomplish this is by organizing your calendar or using a physical planner.

5. Dismissing your progress

Just because you’re having a small success doesn’t mean that it is futile. Celebrate every victory, no matter how small or great it may be. You can accomplish very little each day, but every bit does count towards your larger goal.

6. Not getting back up after you slip

Don’t be bogged down by a mistake or overspending. Accidents happen. Remember that you have the ability or knowledge to recognize your error or mistake, and that you must understand the value of your work. Return to work immediately!

Tips to ensure you achieve your money goals

No one is perfect, and mistakes are made. Fortunately, it is easy to change your thinking and go on with your financial journey. Here are the best ways to fulfill your goals and achieve your financial goals.

1. Go way out of your comfort zone

Comfort zones suck. They trap you and prevent you from making progress. Eliminate your own and break free of your comfort zones to reach your financial targets! Yes, it can be challenging at first, but the benefits make it worthwhile. We have compiled a long list of comfort zone challenges to help you get started.

2. Get sick of mediocre crap in your life

If you accept mediocrity as your current fate, now is the time for a major change. You will not fail or be poor or confined because of your bad past. You may be the difference, the breakthrough, the success story! BUT you have to get sick of mediocre and choose to change your money story.

3. Face your triggers head-on

You probably know what triggers you to make mistakes with your finances (and if you don’t, then start tracking every time you make a mistake). Identify the triggers so you can implement a plan for avoiding them and cut down on budget-related slipups.

4. Lay those goals out

We emphasize this concept in our newsletter all the time, but I have to reiterate it – make a list of goals, break up the chunks into manageable goals, and track your progress.

5. Set yourself up for success

Set your goals where you can see them, automate your savings and bill payments, get your partner onboard, locate the resources that will help you, and choose to succeed! Take your free Clever Girl Finance classes.

6. Be okay with failure

Because you will make mistakes, you will fall short, and you will not succeed. However, there will be many valuable lessons to be learned throughout it all. Use the training you have just received and apply it to your next actions.

7. Rinse and repeat

After the novelty of goal setting wears off, you may feel bored and listless. In order to counteract that, find this list and reread it. Focus on your sphere of influence, immerse yourself in some fantastic financial books, and financial seminars.

You can achieve your financial goals!

Setting monetary objectives is straightforward – completing the goals is the hard part. Knowing what holds people back can help you avoid the same mistakes and move forward toward your goals. Stay focused on the reward and never back down. Remember that it will be worth it.


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