Money pays our bills, offers retirement options, and helps out with medical concerns. Unfortunately, it is easy to become so focused on work and expenditures that we fail to conserve. However, there are some things that are worth the wait. In this article, we cover 55 of those things you can start preparing for.

Why save money?

Although buying what you want without considering how much you have is a great habit, saving money for something you might want or need frequently is a good way to think about the future. Money saved can also be useful if you avoid taking on unnecessary debt. As such, saving money is a good idea.

55 Smart things to save up for

With the money you conserve, you can accomplish a lot of worthwhile things. Some of the suggestions are practical, others are simply enjoyable, but most of them are worth purchasing.

1. Down payment on a house

Buying a house is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. But it could be a sound investment if you acquire at the right time at the right cost, and it’s a place to call home. Typically, you will save 10 to 20% of the purchase price of your home down payment.

2. Vacation

Saving for a summer vacation is generally easy because motivation is high. In addition, it is a great feeling to go to somewhere and know that you can afford it. Locations farther from home will usually cost more money, so you should start saving at least a year in advance when traveling locally. A short-term trip, such as a month or two, may also be sufficient.

3. Used car

Locating a low-cost used car is a great thing to save money on. It has plenty of room for passengers and cargo, making it a practical purchase in the long run. Expect to pay thousands of dollars at least.

4. Emergency fund

Emergency savings are crucial for every family. Putting away several months of expenses keeps you out of financial trouble and puts your mind at ease. The optimal range for people is between three and six months of costs. The actual amount will depend on your income and expenses.

5. Index funds or ETFs

Investing is a great way to save money. You can set up a small brokerage account and input small amounts into a custodial account. You can then make recurring investments from your custodial account. Indices and ETFs are effective ways to accomplish this. Since investments have very good long-term results, they’re very high on the list of items to save up for.

6. New phone

If your telephone is old, it may be time for an upgrade, but they usually aren’t inexpensive. On the other hand, saving up for a phone is a great investment if you like technology and will get a lot of use out of it.

7. Laptop

If you have a laptop computer at home, it’s handy for work, writing, and working on the side. It can be helpful for work and other tasks. These cost quite a bit, so look into a model that interests you prior to establishing your savings goal.

8. Apps that make your life better

Some apps have an annual or monthly fee. However, it may be worth the cost if you use it frequently. For example, you may find an app pertaining to fitness, sleep, or budgeting that assists you with your everyday life.

9. Subscriptions

Along the same lines, sometimes subscriptions are worth the cost. For example, if you buy lots of value from your meals-on-wheels service or streaming-TV service, you can pay for it in advance and save yourself the costly monthly bill.

10. Sustainable clothing

Rather than wasting money on new clothes each season, one could save money for environmentally friendly, high-quality items instead. Additionally, by repurposing your clothes, you can own them for many years. It will cost a little more up front, but you will have these garments for a lifetime. In addition, you can help the environment and others.

11. Good shoes

Shoes of excellent quality will stand the test of time. Again, the price tag may appear high, but you will save up long term, and you will end up with a collection of durable shoes that you can wear with confidence for many years to come with less need for replacements.

12. Mental health day

At other times, work, home, and other responsibilities can tire us out. To prevent this from becoming a problem, reserve a mental health day for rest. If you feel a mental overload, it is a good time to take some time off. Designate the things that you want to endeavor into the day and save it for later.

13. Experiences

Being able to experience things is a great way to save money. It can be a wine tasting, a day of riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or whitewater rafting. Chose something you will enjoy, and bring friends if you want to help lower the cost. This can also apply to splitting the costs.

14. Finance courses

Earning money is worth it. Find which kinds of classes exist in your neighborhood or take an online class. Choose something that interests you, such as budgeting, day trading, investing, or something else, and learn all about it at no charge. We have over 30 cost-free personal finance courses here at Clever Girl Finance.

15. Headphones

Picking an apt pair of high-quality headphones is a worthwhile investment that the majority of people make daily. Take your time to research brands and models in order to find a long-lasting pair that will work well for you.

16. Real estate investments

You might want to begin investing in REITs or save for a rental property for the future. It will help to make passive earnings in the future and will turn out to be a useful savings toward your long-term objectives.

17. Artwork as an investment

Are you interested in painting, drawing, and photography? If you enjoy various styles and what makes art good, this could be a great use of your resources.

18. Starting a business

Costs for a food truck business vary depending on its type, but the initial expense is usually significant. Begin setting aside money for items like equipment, licenses, and a business emergency fund.

19. Language learning lessons

Language education offers more knowledge and opportunities. Use an app, program, or tutoring to learn a new language. Use this tool throughout your life, and it’s an excellent pastime.

20. Computer programs that help you with your job or business

There may be specific programs you buy every year for your computer or business. These could cost quite a bit, so it is one of the more cost-effective things to save up for.

21. Fitness tracker

A fitness tracking device can keep track of your health, exercise routines, and more. You can get essentially a personal trainer in your smartphone! A lot of people enjoy walking or jogging with these gadgets because they help them stay fit and stay active.

22. Digital camera

If you are a photographer or wish to be, a digital camera is a must-have. You can create and better your photos and enhance your talents. Becoming a little patient for a great camera is a good goal that is additionally an enjoyable hobby.

23. Running shoes

If you’re a runner or walker, then getting a good pair of running shoes is a good idea. You’ll have greater comfort and support while running or walking in these shoes, and it may be better for your overall health.

Things to Save Up For That Are Totally Worth It
Things to Save Up For That Are Totally Worth It

24. Supplies for hobbies

If you enjoy sports or have a hobby, you often buy supplies for these activities. It could be paint or paintbrushes, a yoga mat, or something else. Save up for excellent items to help you reach your full potential.

25. Smart alarm clock

These bargains can also make you on a daily schedule and provide you with better sleep. As a result, your health and well-being will improve significantly.

26. High-quality sheets and bedding

Why pay a fortune on a more comfortable bed? Sheets with higher thread counts and high-quality bedding may be more expensive, but they’re worth it.

27. Good mattress

If you can afford only one purchase for your life, obtaining a good bed is a good choice. You’ll sleep more soundly, and you’ll have better health over the long term.

28. Health Savings Account

If you qualify for a Health Savings Account, you can receive one. This can help you pay for medical costs in the future. This is an excellent alternative for some individuals, especially if your employer will also pay for treatment.

29. Good book series

Books are an excellent way to learn. They provide many hours of entertainment, and they’re very affordable as well. It’s simple to save up for them over time.

30. Dance lessons

Are you interested in swing dancing and salsa dancing? You can buy several dance classes at a time. You can learn the basics, and it’s a great workout.

31. Martial arts classes

Along the same lines, martial arts classes are among the greatest things to save up for. Check out what types of martial arts interest you the most and see what the going rate is for weekly or monthly lessons, or per class, if you prefer.

32. College courses

You can buy college courses on quite a lot of different topics, whether you are in high school and it’s for credit, or you’re just auditing the class. If a topic is of interest to you, you won’t regret setting aside some money for class credit.

33. Nice furniture for your home

Are you sick of the sofa you’ve had since you were 20 years old? Furniture is pricey, but start saving, and soon you’ll be able to afford that new sofa or dining room table.

34. Espresso machine or coffee maker

If you’re a person who frequently prepares coffee drinks, consider purchasing an espresso machine or a high-end coffee maker. These can cost thousands of dollars, but daily use could save you money in the long run.

35. Household appliances

Do you have an old dishwasher or refrigerator that is malfunctioning? Save up money to buy a new model when your old one finally stops working. That way, you won’t be left without electricity or food.

36. Home decor items

Your home can be much more pleasant if it’s decorated well. The key to successful decorating is saving money. Supplies such as paint, art, and utensils can be costly, so be sure to estimate your needs beforehand.

37. Gym equipment

If you have an exercise plan to follow, set aside some money for gym memberships. Items like treadmills, stationary bicycles, and weight machines are all excellent investments to stay fit.

38. Writing programs

If you have a lot of work or spend a lot of your time writing papers, an editing system or writing aid can be helpful. Many aren’t very expensive, but they can really help.

39. Meal planning service

If you like eating nutritious meals but don’t have time to cook them yourself, consider saving up for a subscription with a meal planning service. If you enjoy it, you can sign up regularly.

40. Jewelry

Jewelry is a splurge, but there is nothing wrong with purchasing items such as pearls or diamonds if you have the resources. This purchase can be delayed until your financial circumstances are secure, and it is smart if you can pay your bills without having to borrow money.

41. Traditional IRA or Roth IRA

Even with limited funds, you can open a retirement account. It’s a great investment for the future. There are different options for taxes with the traditional IRA and Roth IRA accounts, and your employer may provide this to you, too.

42. Home security system

It’s good to have a home security system in place. Options include doorbell systems, lights, detectors, and security cameras. Products begin with about $100 and climb from there.

43. Musical instrument

If you want to try something new, save up for a musical instrument like a guitar or a piano. Play some videos first to make sure you like music and will get good use out of the instrument.

44. New television

Technology can be entertaining, and it’s good to get a new TV that lasts several years. However, it’s key to do thorough research before purchasing a TV, and stick to an affordable budget.

45. New speakers

If you enjoy music and movies, you may want to check out new speakers. You can buy them for a wide range of prices, so you should take your time to identify exactly what you want and where you’ll place the speaker units first.

46. Car detailing kit

These are good if you like taking care of your car, and they are not expensive. You can find some excellent ones for a few hundred dollars or less.

47. Museum, show, or art exhibit

An art exhibit, a show, or a museum are all fun things to save up for that don’t take longer than a month or so.

48. Garden supplies

Summer is around the corner, and it is the gardening season! Garden supply prices depend on what you have available and what you need to buy.

49. Ergonomic office furniture

If you spend a lot of time working at home, purchase ergonomic furniture to avoid developing aches and pains. Office furniture costs vary, but you will likely spend at least a few hundred dollars.

50. Cooking class

Want to become a better chef or make tastier dishes at home? Consider a professional cooking class to learn the basics. It’s fun to save up to buy something that can be useful to your everyday life.

51. Invest in a start-up

You can become a financier for a company start-up. This requires some knowledge, but it has the potential to pay off in the future.

52. High-quality dishes and china

If you like entertaining, buy some upscale dinnerware. Then, you can use it for special occasions or as a keepsake for your children.

53. Pay insurance for car in advance

Why not save up to pay for your vehicle insurance premiums ahead of time? Paying off your monthly bills in advance will ease money concerns.

54. Get ahead on bills and home payments

You can save up money for future expenses, including mortgage payments, internet, and utility bills. It’s like an emergency fund, and it may help you make more progress financially.

55. Home remodel

If you enjoy renovations, save up for a large remodeling project or addition to your home. Projects of this size can cost thousands of dollars, but with enough effort and research, you can actually do a good job for an affordable price.

How to save up money

So you have decided to purchase something from this list or something else you have thought of. But perhaps you feel as though saving up for these purchases isn’t possible. There are many reasons why Americans have trouble saving money. Many have credit card debt or other issues causing them to not be able to put away as much money as they had hoped. If you have trouble saving money because you feel you do not have enough cash, or you are overwhelmed by where to start, read these tips.

Save a percentage of your income

Some people prefer the percentage method. Accordingly, 20% is a good starting point for saving money. You can save approximately 10% of each paycheck toward whatever you choose. You could set up this money in a separate account for it to grow over time. Eventually, you will have more than enough for whatever you’ve been doing, and you can start this task with little or no lifestyle change.

Save all of one side income

This is a more daring method and is best suited for large purchases or an important purchase. If you can manage your expenses with a single income, start a sideline job or save for a different purpose. Your income will escalate, but it will take work.

Live frugally

Living frugally is a good habit in general, but there can be times when you want to cut costs. You must also be very self-controlled and remember what your goals are. Look for any areas in which you can spend less or eliminate spending completely. All of the money that used to go for these things will now add up in savings. The more focused you are with this method, the more quickly you will earn rewards.

Things to save up for: Final thoughts

Saving up for something valuable is worth it, and it is key to have saving goals that you are working toward. Not only does saving force you to get the things you need or want, but it can lead to greater achievement in diverse areas of life. It will teach you diligence, commitment, and patience. Cooking up a good reason for saving up for something you will value is well worth your time.


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