Positive affirmations about loving yourself are about treating yourself with kindness and respect.

The words you say to yourself have power. These one-off comments may seem harmless, but if you repeat them constantly, your mind will begin to believe them. Affirmations of self-worth can change the way you think.

They help you form your ideas and make decisions. And if you’re not careful, your beliefs can be adversely affected by negative words.

Self-esteem is important to silencing your inner critic so you can live a full life. Encouraging statements will help you overcome low self-esteem and break free from self-imposed limitations.

We’ve compiled a list of 100 positive affirmations for self-confidence, self-love, and everything in between. But before we delve into those feel-good statements, let’s see if this whole “self-esteem affirmation” thing actually works.

Do daily affirmations for self love really work?

Yes – positive affirmations work really well.

Every day you have an inner monologue going in your mind. Some of the monologues are constructive and motivate you forward. Others are pessimistic and incite fear in you.

Creating positive affirmations that challenge you to think differently can re-wire your brain and replace your damaging neural pathways.

For example, let’s say you usually tell yourself: “There’s no way I’m going to get better at managing my money. I’m doomed to fail.”

A loving affirmation that combats this thought may be: “I know I have what it takes to make smarter decisions with my money. I am proud of the financially savvy woman I am becoming. I love myself fully and forgive myself for my past money mistakes.”

The more you repeat this positive affirmation of self-love, the more your brain will believe it. Thus, you can see that positive affirmations for self-love really work!

How to use loving affirmations to transform your life

It’s perfectly normal to feel silly and ridiculous the first few times you tell yourself how awesome you are. It’s best to be yourself, even if it’s initially a little awkward. You just need to remember the science of self-love affirmations and adhere with it. Pretty soon, you’ll discover yourself actually believing these new truths deep within your bone structure.

The key to overcoming negativity is to amplify your affirmations for self-love every day until they reach your mindset. Repeat them every day until they become second nature. Create some financial promises if those topics are money-related.

If you want to incorporate them into your morning routine, come up with morning affirmations for your own self-worth. The key is to change the negative thoughts you tell yourself with positive affirmations.

You can expand your life in other ways as well, and filling a diary or notebook with positive affirmations is a great way to start.

One way to start having more positive attitudes is by leaving yourself reminders. These reminders may be placed on your phone, as sticky notes in your vehicle, or somewhere else.

Bonus tip: Take a 30-day self-love challenge!

Want to jumpstart your personal development? Take the Clever Girl Finance 30-day self-love challenge. It is the perfect way to silence those negative inner voices and pave the way for greater joy, abundance, and love to enter your life – all in one month’s time.

You can incorporate your new regimen of positive affirmations for self-esteem in this challenge. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

List of 100 positive affirmations for self love

Everyone has different feelings about self-love. Perhaps you regret past financial mistakes or you suffer from imposter syndrome.

Whatever it is, these 100 positive affirmations for self-worth can help you get past them. Read through the list now, and write down any that jump out at you.

Affirmations for forgiveness

If you are weighed down by your past as heavily as a backpack full of bricks, and you are having a bad day, these encouraging yourself affirmations may lift your spirits and help you forgive yourself.

  1. My mistakes do not define me.
  2. I apologize for my past mistakes.
  3. I am doing everything I can, and that is sufficient.
  4. I give myself space and support to heal.
  5. I have failed countless times, but I have always learned from my mistakes and improved as a result.
  6. I threw away all the criticism and self-loathing that had been holding me back.
  7. I release the burden of guilt and negativity that doesn’t help me.
  8. I am not my past and am not ashamed of it. I am at peace with whatever the future has to bring.
  9. I let go of those things that are not within my control.
  10. I give myself room to express my feelings and emotions when I need to.
  11. I am my own safe space.

Loving affirmations for body confidence

Society has persuaded us to believe there is only one standard of beauty. But this is certainly not the case. You are just as beautiful as you are. Every stretch mark and blemish that you point out in the mirror is perfect in the most perfectly imperfect way. When you begin enjoying your new body is when you truly find happiness.

Would you like to try? Give some of these uplifting affirmations a try and see how they elevate your body confidence. Go ahead, give yourself compliments with these positive affirmations for self-love each day.

  1. I am beautiful, inside and out.
  2. I respect and honor my body for being the vehicle that carried me through life.
  3. I am grateful to have my own body and treasure it.
  4. I feed my body and take care of it.
  5. I am strong, beautiful, and brave.
  6. I focus on my well-being so I can perform my best. Not for vanity’s sake do I try to look a certain way.
  7. I accept every aspect of me, including my defects.
  8. My shortcomings are not flaws. They make me beautiful and unique.
  9. I don’t want to be fastened. I am perfectly equipped to handle any situation.
  10. I listen to my inner voice and rest when my body and my mind tell me to.

Affirmations for self love

Have you heard the song Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld? There’s a line that says: “I’m going to love myself, I don’t need anybody else (I love myself).” It’s a really strong affirmation for self-love.

And so I encourage you to crank it up loud when you need some empowerment — and throw these other loving affirmations into the mix while you’re at it:

  1. I speak kindness over myself, and I consider others kindly.
  2. I love myself for who I currently am.
  3. I love my unique personality and my distinct self.
  4. Love and abundance flow through me as energy.
  5. It’s amazing how amazing I am.
  6. I am my own best friend.
  7. I enjoy myself freely. I do not have to make it.
  8. I am enough for you.
  9. The importance of me cannot be overstated.
  10. My life does not have to be ideal to be good. My life is wonderful.
  11. I embrace life and death with equal enthusiasm.
  12. My joy is found within. I look for it in them.
  13. I prioritize myself above all else.
  14. I am very fond of myself and those around me.
  15. I am surrounded by love and joy and feel fortunate and fulfilled.
  16. I am proud to have earned the designation of woman.
  17. I’m deserving of all the good that comes to me.
  18. Forty-one. I wake up every morning grateful and filled with love for myself.
  19. My love for myself is boundless.
  20. 43, I am the best friend I have.
  21. I am deserving of friendships and connections with others.
  22. I treat myself in the same manner as I would treat a friend.
  23. 4 It is a gift that I am.
Positive Affirmations for Self Love
Positive Affirmations for Self Love

Affirmations for success and work

Negative thinking can hold you back from accomplishing your ambitions in life, education, or career. Imposter syndrome is a bad affliction because it convinces your brain you are a fake.

You are undeserving of victory because others know more than you. But that’s what we’re here for. Imposter syndrome is a dirty, filthy liar. Embrace these positive affirmations for self-esteem at work and in life.

  1. 47, I am capable of achieving my goals.
  2. My fears do not hold me back from doing anything that I love.
  3. 49 is limitless. I have unlimited potential.
  4. 50 I am confident in my abilities to succeed and achieve my goals. It is my duty to do so.
  5. I have plenty of creativity and great ideas flowing within me every day.
  6. I am worthy of big things and ambitious goals.
  7. I have confidence in myself.
  8. I am in charge of overseeing the operations.
  9. My creativity rejuvenates me and those around me.
  10. I am made to be successful and to achieve great things in my life.
  11. I am prepared to win at anything I set my mind to.
  12. I am prepared to take on any problem that comes my way.
  13. I can change my life’s course.
  14. I trust my gut and follow my instincts.
  15. I have the power I need to make my future.
  16. I push forward when things get difficult because I know I am deserving of success and wealth.
  17. My goal is to progress, not to attain perfection.
  18. I enjoy my life and actively seek ways to make it better.

Affirmations for self love and being yourself

Do you feel like you have to change your personality around different people? Perhaps you should act differently around family members and coworkers. This can make you feel anxious and upset. But you can feel comfortable with yourself if you enjoy the positive affirmations below.

These affirmations about self-love contradict the assumption that you have to change your appearance for others. They encourage you to be your real self – the true you who is attractive, opinionated, amusing, and inspiring: read these self-love affirmations.

  1. I live for myself. Others are not.
  2. The only opinion that matters to me is my own. I don’t worry about what others think of me.
  3. I am 100% myself around others, always.
  4. I let my light shine brightly for all to see.
  5. I do not change myself for other people. I do not shrink myself for others. As I arrive, I appear exactly as I am.
  6. I have no intention of regretting my decision to be myself.
  7. I am expressing myself without any reservations.
  8. I have integrity because I am worth what I am.

Positive affirmations for self-esteem

Sometimes you question your personal worth and feel a lack of self-confidence. Use these uplifting affirmations to boost your self-esteem.

  1. My self-worth is not based on my ______ (weight, appearance, bank account, job title).
  2. I am proud of the person I’ve become.
  3. I am a deserving person deserving of love.
  4. My story is still unfolding. I’m excited about what is ahead.
  5. My happiness depends entirely on my success.
  6. I anticipate happiness and laughter everywhere I go.
  7. My work is important to me. I am skilled at setting boundaries and utilizing my time efficiently.
  8. I am bursting with confidence everywhere I go.
  9. I am skilled at asking for assistance.
  10. My life is abundant with extraordinary joy and excitement.
  11. 83, I have enough space to grow every day.
  12. I make space for the things I love in life by making room for my soul.
  13. I determine my own self-worth. It is undefined by others.
  14. Every day, I seek to show my limitless compassion.
  15. I am blessed beyond words.
  16. Loving Affirmations to Conquer Anxiety

Feeling anxious, stressed, or fearful can be triggered by any number of things. Financial worries or issues with self-esteem may be worsened by anxiety.

  1. I am entirely capable and make good decisions.
  2. I think peaceful thoughts and have a happy mind.
  3. I can control my emotions thanks to 90. My mind controls my body, and that makes it possible for me to control my feelings.
  4. I don’t have to do everything perfectly. Doing my best is sufficient.
  5. Every day, I gain new knowledge and experience that make me a better physician.
  6. I know I have a bright future ahead of me, and I make important decisions today that will affect my future significantly.
  7. I have a bright and strong mind.
  8. Although the fighting situation feels intense, I can handle it. I am intelligent, kind, and generous, which makes me capable of handling any challenge.
  9. I am surrounded by positive people and my thoughts are positive.
  10. I am stronger than anxiety, and I choose to focus on the good things that occur.
  11. I’m excellent at communicating with people, adjusting to new situations, and being ready.
  12. No matter what, I can make it.

Use these affirmations for self love to change your life!

That’s wrapping up on 100 positive affirmations for self-love. Write down the ones that contradict your negative feelings and speak them until they enter your heart and you develop a positive attitude.

Loving yourself affirmations can change everything. A life is an ongoing work in progress – a journey toward self-acceptance – and I can’t wait to see where you go next!


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