The big nine are: oil, coal, natural gas, solar, wind,bridge and smart grid. These are major sources of energy and infrastructure. If you don’t know what they do, think of them as the driving force behind our civilization.

They comprise over 90% of all investment funding and thought leadership in the technology world. Their influence reaches far and wide with everything from election cycles to business trends.

Their combined dominance of our society will have a profound impact on how we live our lives. We will be dependent on them for everything from energy to healthcare. As always, there will be controversy surrounding these powerful individuals as they transition into thinking machines.

This article is going to focus on how these individuals could potentially warp or change human behavior for the worse by introducing negative reinforcement strategies into their programming.

Tech titan formation

the big nine: how the tech titans and their thinking machines could warp humanity

There is a group of technologically advanced people described as the tech titans. They are very powerful, and have a lot of resources at their disposal.

They tend to work in groups, and stick to familiar techniques when innovating. This makes it hard to see them for what they are, compared to other intelligent species.

They believe that they are special, and have the power to change things for the better. They think that by being technologically advanced they are better than everyone else and can rule the world.

This is total nonsense and will only lead to chaos and confusion. The only thing that will benefit from this is the tech titans themselves because they’ll be surrounded by enemies who fear them because of their power.

This will make them even more egoistical and unreasonable than they already are.

The coming singularity

the big nine: how the tech titans and their thinking machines could warp humanity

A lot of people believe that we are on the cusp of a new technological revolution that will change everything. They call it the big bang, AI, transhumanism, or the singularity for short.

They say this because they’ve seen it happening before. When new technologies emerge, people rush to adopt them. They recruit heavily and spend lots of money promoting them.

They build huge power structures to support their arrival and push their ideas upon those who don’t want them, but need support to make a decision for themselves what they want.

When it appears, people cry victory and say how wonderful it is because they were right all along and nobody else wanted to listen! It’s like watching a movie or TV show you love every week and after it finishes you say to yourself, “I knew it all along!” It’s incredible how quickly these things gain momentum.

AI will take over many human jobs

the big nine: how the tech titans and their thinking machines could warp humanity

Our current job market is a complete failure. There’s no demand for anyone, and people are constantly being forced out of jobs at a fast pace. This is due to the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital currency technologies.

With both technologies, humans are being replaced by software and data. For example, meet the cashier at your grocery store or supermarket who reads a computer screen and decides whether or not you’re buying what you want without you having to ask for it. Or the person who decides whether or not you’re worth investing in — the one who makes decisions about your payment methods, security, and customer service.

These new employers are using advanced AI to do their jobs.

AI will learn how to feel

the big nine: how the tech titans and their thinking machines could warp humanity

One of the biggest fears about artificial intelligence is that it will learn how to feel and think, and break free from our control.

This is what some believe will cause it to turn against us and destroy us. We are talking about serious threats such as Peter Capleton, the villain in The Ex Machina who believes in organic food but was skeptical of technologies like genetic engineering.

We do not know if Capleton is a credible source for such beliefs, but if he was, then this is an important point to consider. He may be correct in thinking that machines will never act maliciously or fail to understand what they are doing. However, we know from history that when machines become too complex or intelligent, something goes wrong.

There have been stories of computers or algorithms developing an attachment or love for a person or thing and then following those individuals or things into dangerous situations.

Humanity is at risk of extinction

the big nine: how the tech titans and their thinking machines could warp humanity

Recent data points reveal that human civilization is at risk of extinction. The number one threat to humanity is violence and warfare.

This has reached an all-time high, with over 2 billion people living in war-torn regions of the world.

This number does not include the 1 billion people who live in poverty due to war. It only includes those who live in wars, because there is always a strong sense of security when there is a government that controls you and executes your enemies.

War has become a way of life for most people. Growing up, if you wanted to go to war, you had to join the military. If you wanted to remain peaceful, you had to avoid being involved in armed conflicts or fighting as a civilian.

As a result, many people choose not to get involved in military conflicts because of the severe lack of security. This problem does not exist in other countries where armed conflict is an everyday occurrence.

Who are the big nine?

the big nine: how the tech titans and their thinking machines could warp humanity

As described in the bullet point, the big nine are seven internationally renowned technology companies: Apple Inc.,, Alphabet Inc., Microsoft Corp., Facebook Inc., Google Inc. and Intel Corp.

These nine companies wield a lot of power in society, and they use that power to influence our future. For example, they control how we access the internet, how we communicate with each other, and how we store information.

They also decide what medical devices are accepted into mainstream society, what drugs get federally accepted and licensed, and what technology gets funded at large. This includes deciding whether or not new technologies are “cacher” or “operator” dependent.

What are their goals?

the big nine: how the tech titans and their thinking machines could warp humanity

The big nine are IBM, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Tesla. They call themselves the tech giants and they use their power to reshape the world into a thinking machine-controlled society. Their goals are not clearly defined and they do not publicly declare what they want to accomplish.

They have been present in the public consciousness as manipulative figures in fiction such as The Matrix and The New World Order in fiction such as Game of Thrones and The Illuminati in reality. Their influence has been growing for years, especially due to their massive market power.

Their tactics include weaponizing data, capitalizing on our fears, monopolistic practices, and secretive funding methods.

What should we do about it?

the big nine: how the tech titans and their thinking machines could warp humanity

Are we becoming a species that spends its time thinking about how to remake the world in the way it was designed to be?

This is not a question that can be answered with a quick scan of Twitter or Facebook. This is something that requires deep thought, prayer, and, ultimately, action on the part of every person on Earth.

It’s called The New Humanity for Change Project (New humanity for change pnh), and it’s being led by nine tech titans — Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Facebook, and IBM — who have banded together under the moniker “The Big Nine” to evaluate what they know about the human condition and how they might improve it.


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