The Batman has been around for almost 80 years, making it one of the most iconic and longest-running comic book characters ever. The Dark Knight has had many iterations, with several different actors playing him in multiple movies.

With so many different Batmans out in the world, it is hard to say which one is the best. Some people like the old black and white films, some like the more recent ones, and some like the animated series ones.

What they all have in common though is that they keep crime off the streets and prevent a civil war between Incels (involuntarily celibate) and Furries (people who identify as an anthropomorphic animal).

The latest Batman movie predicts our grim future where both of these groups go to war with each other over their lack of sex. It also foretells how Bruce Wayne/Batman ends up dying at age 55 from a chronic disease.

What is furry fandom?

the batman predicts our grim future an incels-vs.-furries civil war

Furry fandom is a subculture centered around the appreciation of fictional animal characters. These “characters” can be either original creations or adaptations from existing works, such as films, TV shows, comics, and novels.

Many furries identify with animals or anthropomorphic creatures and assign personality traits to these identities. Some dress up in full-body animal costumes called fursuits to embody these characters.

The community is a diverse one that includes gay and transgender people, people of all races, and people from all walks of life.

Unfortunately, incels have targeted the furry community as part of their campaign to overthrow the “normies” that they see as ruling society. Incels have begun targeting furries as part of this crusade, with disastrous consequences for the community.

The Batman Predicts Our Grim Future an Incels-vs.-Furries Civil War

already marginalized group within society even further down the social ladder than average women … Furries.

So how would this unlikely scenario play out in the real world? Let’s say a group of incels got together and decided they were going to “strike” against all the attractive people who get all the girls.

They start by harassing women on the street, then move to attacking sex workers, then move to attacking any woman that doesn’t acknowledge they exist. Then they start killing men who get with women and women who don’t want them, then they start killing each other because not every incel is a psychopath and some of them just want sex and love.

Then the police come to arrest them, but some of them have guns so there’s a shootout and some cops are killed. Then there’s a national manhunt for these incel terrorists, which ends with most of them being shot by police or SWAT officers.

Who would win the incel-furries civil war?

the batman predicts our grim future an incels-vs.-furries civil war

The incels would likely win, but the furries would put up a fierce fight. The incels would have an advantage with their unmatched levels of aggression and willingness to emotionally hurt others.

Incels believe they are entitled to sex, so when they can’t get it, they turn to violence. Furries are not afraid to fight for what they want, which is acceptance and appreciation for their art.

Both groups are very passionate about what they believe in and what they care about. This makes them even more willing to fight for what they want. Both groups are very organized, too, so that would help with the war.

The only problem is that there aren’t enough of either group to win the war. The incels outnumber the furries by a lot, though.

What can we learn from the Batman?

the batman predicts our grim future an incels-vs.-furries civil war

Batman is a superhero who fights for justice and tries to make the world a better place. He is not a god, he is just a man who was fated with extraordinary abilities and an indomitable will.

The Batman has always been an inspiration to many people. He shows us that we can all make a difference and that we all have the ability to help others. More importantly, he shows us how to be self-sufficient and take care of ourselves.

Batman is one of the most independent superheroes out there. He does not need or want anyone’s help except for his faithful butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Even then, he only asks for help when it is necessary!

We all should take a page out of Batman’s book and be more independent and self-sufficient like him.

Does society even care about incels and furries?

the batman predicts our grim future an incels-vs.-furries civil war

In this era of mass shootings, does anyone care about incels and furries? Probably not.

Mass shootings have replaced the fear of dying at the hands of a serial killer. Now, it is more likely that you will be killed in a mass shooting than be murdered by a serial killer.

The media has an infatuation with mass shootings, making it hard for other issues to get attention. Even when issues like incels and furries get recognition, it is not always positive attention.

Incels and furries both feel like outcasts, so what can you do to bring them together? You can’t force people to get along, but you can raise awareness. Hopefully this article does that, even if it’s a little late.

What does this all mean for our future?

the batman predicts our grim future an incels-vs.-furries civil war

While this entire debacle may seem funny now, it is important to note how significant this event is. Incels and furries have been at odds for some time, but the Batman prediction may have changed that.

Incels now believe that the Batman they know and love predicts a world where incels take over and all women are forced into sexual slavery. While this sounds like a joke, many incels are very serious about their beliefs.

Many have already made the connection that the Batman prediction means there will be a furry revolution, which could mean violence on both sides. It is important to keep an eye on this and possibly spread awareness of the situation before anything gets too out of hand.

In conclusion, we at The Scientific Post want to remind you that we all are unique and beautiful in our own ways. Whether you are an incel, furry, woman, man, or anything else, we love and support you.


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