Compound miter saws are a specific type of saw that are used to make specific cuts. They can make diagonal, or miter, cuts as well as beveled cuts.

They can cut at either of these types of cuts, but not both at the same time. This is due to the blade positioning.

Compound miter saws are popular because they give the user the ability to make two types of cuts with one tool. This saves the user money in buying separate tools for making these cuts.

The downside is that compound miters cannot make both types of cuts perfectly unless the saw has adjustable settings for each cut type. This makes it more difficult to use for beginners and non-experts.

Experts can use their experience to get a better cut by adjusting these settings.


porter-cable 10-in 15-amp single bevel laser folding compound miter saw

When looking for a miter saw, there are a few features you should be looking for. The first is the ability to make miter and bevel cuts.

You also want a saw that can handle different size boards, as well as wood with nails or screws in it. A dust collection system is also a nice feature to have.

A heavy-duty frame is also important so that the saw can handle the workload you give it. Lighter frames may bend or break under heavy use.

Lastly, motors that are high-powered work better and faster which helps with productivity.


porter-cable 10-in 15-amp single bevel laser folding compound miter saw

This saw comes with a laser guide to help you make accurate cuts. The laser can be set to red or blue, and it can be set to left or right tilt.

Many users reported how helpful the laser guide was when making repeated cuts. The saw can handle heavy duty jobs like building framing and flooring.

It is lightweight and compact, which is an important feature when looking for a miter saw. It fits easily into most toolboxes and truck beds making transportation easy.

Many people loved the smooth operation of the blade and described it as very quiet. This is great for people who are sensitive to noise and want to prevent hearing damage. A feature some liked was the ability to lock the arms in place when making cuts. This prevented any wobble while making the cut which increased safety.

This model comes in at an excellent price for all of the features it offers.


porter-cable 10-in 15-amp single bevel laser folding compound miter saw

While most people love this miter saw, there are a few that had issues with it. The biggest complaint was the laser was off a bit.

Some people said it was off by as much as an inch, which would make accurate cuts impossible. Luckily, this issue is easy to fix!

All you have to do is adjust the saw so that it is set at a proper angle. Once you do that, the laser will line up with the blade, and you can make accurate cuts!

Some people also said that the tool was a little heavy for them. While this may not be an issue for some, if you are using this for extended periods of time, it may start to hurt your arms and hands.


porter-cable 10-in 15-amp single bevel laser folding compound miter saw

Porter-Cable is a well-known brand that produces quality power tools. Their miter saws fall into the middle price range, costing around $150. For that price, you get a saw that has all the important features: single bevel, 15 amp, 10 inch blade length, and folding arms.

You can also find cheaper models, like this Ryobi one for $100. It has a 15 amp motor just like the Porter-Cable, but the biggest difference is that it only has standard horizontal cuts instead of single bevel cuts.

Higher price ranges include more features like rolling stands and more precision with the angle cuts. These cost around $250-$300 and up.

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porter-cable 10-in 15-amp single bevel laser folding compound miter saw

This miter saw is a great all-around saw that will last you a long time. It has great reviews and good ole’ Porter-Cable has a good reputation for making durable tools.

The 10in blade is the standard size for most miters, so you will not need to buy any additional blades unless you want specialized cuts. The 15amp motor runs very smoothly and with plenty of power.

The dual sided rail system makes it easy to set up and accurate cuts every time. The laser guide is a nice feature that helps with lining up the cuts, especially if you are new to using a miter saw.

The only con could be the weight of the saw, it is around fifty pounds so may be difficult for some people to move around and set up. Other than that, this is a great purchase! Make sure to check it out.


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