When it comes to saving important documents, most people just use desktop computers or laptops. While these devices have improved access to files through cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, there is still a risk of losing all your files.

As we have seen in the past, computers can malfunction and lose all your stored data. Unfortunately, this can happen at any time and without warning.

Cloud storage is a good way to backup your files, but what happens when the service experiences issues or goes down? You are left with only one backup source for your files!

Now more than ever, people are using their smartphones more and more for everything. From taking pictures or videos, to sending emails or messages, there is a need for storage on your phone.

Reboot your computer

please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set and click ok to continue

Re-boot your computer. By re-booting your computer, you are clearing its memory and resetting it. This is similar to turning off your car and then turning it back on again.

Rebooting your computer will clear its memory and start it again from scratch. Once it starts up, it will ask you to insert a disk or USB device with the Operating System on it.

At this point, you can insert the anti-virus disk and let it install its software. It will also need to download updates so it can be fully updated. Once that is done, you are good to go!

Some computers have a reset button that functions like an off switch. If yours does not, then you will have to re-boot through the computer settings or by pressing different buttons depending on your computer model. Look up how to re-boot your machine in your computer’s specific instructions.

Check to see if the disk is damaged

please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set and click ok to continue

If you have tried all of the above and the disk still will not read, then it is time to check if the disk is physically damaged. A damaged disk will most often times cause files to not open or be accessible due to issues with the structure of the file.

A damaged disk can also cause the computer to have trouble reading the disk due to scratches or breaks in the surface of the disk. If this is the case, then you will need a data recovery service to reconstruct the data.

There are a few ways to check if a disk is damaged. The first way is to take the disk to your local electronics store and ask if they can test it for you. They usually offer this service for a small fee.

Another way to check if it is damaged is to put it in another computer or laptop to see if it reads there. If it does not, then there may be a problem with the disc(s) (the media may be defective).

Request a new disk from your library

please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set and click ok to continue

Have you ever gone to the library and saw a huge line for discs and book check-outs? That can be frustrating, right?

Well, imagine if there was no more physical books, only digital books. How would people check out books then?

With libraries now offering unlimited access to digital books, this could be a problem. There would be no where to put all the books!

Thankfully, most libraries are aware of this issue and have stopped buying physical books. They now only purchase digital copies of books so that they do not run out of space.

Try a different disk

please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set and click ok to continue

If you are able to access the computer’s hard drive through another computer, try removing the hard drive and placing it in a different computer to see if you can access the files.

If you are able to do this, then you have probably found the problem-the problem is that the computer does not recognize its own hard drive.

This could be because of a number of things-from a broken circuit in the hard drive enclosure to some kind of malware that deleted the hard drive files.

However, if you were unable to access the files, then most likely the problem is with the hardware itself. There is little that can be done to fix that unless it is a simple fix.

Try taking it to a qualified professional to have them take a look at it.

Re-insert the disk and try again

please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set and click ok to continue

If you have already tried to re-insert the disk and try again, you can try one more time. Make sure that you are re-inserting the correct disk and not another one like before!

Many people make the mistake of thinking that their computer has already read the disk, so there is no need to try again. This is not the case!

There are many things that can go wrong when reading a disk. The computer may have difficulty reading certain parts of the disk or it may read the whole thing but then give an error message saying there is nothing on it.

Either way, try re-inserting the disk and letting your computer give it another shot.

Call tech support for help

please insert the last disk of the multi-volume set and click ok to continue

If you are too busy, too tired, or just plain don’t want to deal with your computer problems, then call the tech support line of your computer or laptop brand. Most have 24/7 phone lines and support teams that are available to help you fix your problems.

Tech support professionals are trained to help you solve your problem whether it is something simple or complex. They will do their best to fix your problem and make you feel more confident in using your computer.

Some even offer free consultation calls so that you can get help without having to pay for it. If you have a friend or family member with a problem on their computer, give them this tip! It can save them some frustration and time.

If you do not have any friends or family members with issues on their computers, then call the tech support line yourself! They will be glad to help you.


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