The most average job in the world is the inspector (provisional) job. It is the average job that every citizen has the opportunity to practice.

Inspectors (provisionals) are trained to understand the average worker’s conditions and needs. They are also trained to understand the needs of their community, what is needed, and how to provide it.

This is a very important job that requires extensive training. After this training, inspectors (provisionals) are able to either work in their own community or elsewhere as an envoy for help and intervention.

What are the qualifications for being one?

To be an inspector, you need at least five years’ experience in the police force. You also need to have at least an associate’s degree, and you need to be able to speak English.

Inspectors typically have a bachelor’s degree, so you would already meet the requirement for that. Additionally, since you already have experience in the police force, you would already have some of the necessary knowledge for the job.

As mentioned before, NYPD recruits require a bachelor’s degree, and many other police departments do as well. Getting a bachelor’s in any field will prepare you for this job, although some specialize in criminal justice or security studies which may help you more specifically.

How much do they get paid?

it seems the strongest job is not hero nor sage, but inspector (provisional) instead?

The average salary for an inspector (provisional) is around ¥2 million a year, which is not too bad! However, this is only if they are employed full-time, which is not always the case.

Inspectors (provisionals) can work part-time or full-time depending on how many cases there are to investigate. If there are fewer cases, then they will work less hours and receive less pay.

If an inspector (provisional) works part-time, then they only receive about half of their annual salary. This is because they only work half of the year, so they are paid based on that.

The lowest paid full-time inspectors earn about ¥1.5 million a year, which goes down to about ¥1 million a year for part-time inspectors.

What are some famous examples of inspectors?

it seems the strongest job is not hero nor sage, but inspector (provisional) instead?

In the world of popular culture, inspectors are most commonly seen in crime shows and detective novels. Inspector Claudiu Dima is a well-known fictional police inspector from Romania.

Inspectors are common in fiction because they have a specific role to play. They have to investigate the actions of others and determine if there was wrongdoing and who was responsible.

Inspectors can be internal investigators for a company or government agency, or they can be external investigators hired by an organization to investigate allegations of misconduct.

In fiction, inspectors often reveal corruption within organizations, which can lead to backlash or even death. This is why there are so many stories about detectives getting murdered – they uncovered something that powerful people did not want leaked.

Are there any openings?

it seems the strongest job is not hero nor sage, but inspector (provisional) instead?

Hopefully, in the near future, there will be. Since this is a relatively new position in the world of work, not too many people are aware of it.

Inspectors (provisional) are needed in every industry to ensure quality control and that people are doing their jobs correctly. Since most industries have inspectors, it would probably be easy to find a job as one!

Since this is such an important role, employers pay well for quality inspectors. According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for an inspector is $77,000 per year.

You do not have to have a college degree to become an inspector, but some employers may ask for some inspections that require certain degrees.

What is the job like?

it seems the strongest job is not hero nor sage, but inspector (provisional) instead?

So what exactly is an inspector (provisional) and what do they do? Well, as mentioned before, they’re sort of like detectives.

They investigate crimes that have been committed, gather evidence, and then prosecute the criminal.

In this case, the crimes are those committed against the country by foreign entities and individuals and the prosecution is of those who have been caught red-handed.

How does an inspector know who to prosecute? Well, let’s go back to our basic definition of an inspector: someone who inspects. An inspector (provisional) inspects things! Specifically, they inspect things related to their area of responsibility.

In this case, an inspector (provisional) inspections things related to national security. They inspect things such as foreign influence on the country, threats to the country, etc., all in an attempt to discover what justice requires in regards to these things.

Do you need a degree?

it seems the strongest job is not hero nor sage, but inspector (provisional) instead?

No, you do not need a degree to be an inspector. Although most inspectors do have some sort of degree, like a BA in business or economics, it is not required.

In fact, you can even be certified as an inspector without a college degree. The Certification of Building Inspectors (CCBI) offers a two-day course that covers the basics of building inspection.

According to their website, you just need to be at least eighteen years old, have completed high school (or obtained a GED), and have at least one year of experience in the building inspection field.

You must also have adequate computer skills and demonstrate an understanding of building code requirements, safety and fire prevention procedures, codes compliance, and record keeping.

Are you allowed to carry a gun?

it seems the strongest job is not hero nor sage, but inspector (provisional) instead?

As an inspector, you are not allowed to carry a gun. In fact, none of the police officers in Japan are allowed to carry a gun.

Inspectors typically only have a stick and a radio to contact other officers. Unfortunately, this can put you in some serious danger if you encounter a violent criminal.

While most criminals are not very intelligent, some figure out that you do not have a gun and may take advantage of that. Even if you did have a gun, it would be very hard to hit someone with it since you do not have much training with them.

What are the long-term prospects for being an inspector?

it seems the strongest job is not hero nor sage, but inspector (provisional) instead?

The position of inspector is a rather new one, having been created after the rank of special duty officer was introduced. Since inspectors will be working with officers from all branches, it is expected that they will have a good working knowledge of all the branch specialties.

Inspectors are expected to keep up with the latest technologies and improvements in their field as well as recognize when something is out of the ordinary. This makes it a very demanding position and one that can be tough to move out of.

Since the role of the inspector is to keep everything running smoothly and effectively, you can expect to be promoted within your branch at some point. Whether or not you move outside of your branch depends on whether or not there are other branches that need your specialized skills.


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