With the dawn of the new millennium, people began to experience a desire for more carbohydrates. As new technologies were introduced to facilitate access to these foods, more people became interested in growing their own vegetables and fruits.

As these new technologies were expensive and/or difficult to obtain, many people decided to grow their own vegetables and fruits. This was an excellent choice in terms of cost-per-unit-consumption, asgrow your own fruits and veggies at your own pace!

However, one of the biggest selling points for green veggies was that they were cheaper than white ones.

Higher price for muffins

If coffee and dough were substitutes for bread, a higher price for coffee would result in a higher price for bread.

Similarly, if coffee was substituted for bagels, the price of bagel would need to increase to compensate.

Bullet point: Increased cost of breakfast items

If cereal was the only breakfast item that had to be bought in a store, the cost of that item would have to be high. Most people wouldn’t pay more than $1 for some grainy cereal or $2 for a box of twelve medium-sized cereals.

Most stores have signs that say how much each item costs, so you can compare prices if you want to. Some stores even allow you to exchange your product at any time instead of only after you buy it!

It’s important to know that the cost of food does not just depend on how much grain it contains.

Higher price for bagels

if muffins and bagels are substitutes, a higher price for bagels would result in a(n)

If you are looking to down a few Whole Bagel or Muffin per order, then you should look into getting discounts. Many grocery stores and shops offer deals on single bagels or two medium bagels for a price.

This is true even at mainstream grocery stores like Walmart and Target. You can get two normal sized wheat bagels for $1 at these shops!

This price difference is due to how bread is produced. Most bagel factories use commercial ovens to bake their bagels. These ovens cost more money so the seller charges more for them.

This is why you can buy two normal sized wheat bagels for $1 at Walmart and Target! They are being sold by the same person, but one uses commercial ovens to bake the bagels while the other does not.

Lower price for muffins

if muffins and bagels are substitutes, a higher price for bagels would result in a(n)

If you are looking to save even a little money on your muffin order, this tip is for you. Many supermarkets offer discounted or free muffins every month, so check them out.

Many of them offer different fillings such as chocolate or vanilla, which can make a difference in cost. Some even offer lucci molds instead of plain paper ones to create more flavor when baking.

If you are looking for an alternative to the usual white or wheat bagel, try an eggless veggie bagel or even aWhey-based ones. They may give you the same texture and flavor that standard bagels provide, but on the cheaper side.

Consumers would buy more bagels and less muffins

if muffins and bagels are substitutes, a higher price for bagels would result in a(n)

Most people feel that when there is a cake or dessert available, they should have it. There are very few things that make you feel like you are getting more food than what you are paying for.

Additionally, people enjoy having a second bagel after one is made. A second bagel can help with your hunger until the next one is made! Having just the one bagel may make people think twice about whether or not they need to eat another one right away.

Bagels also contain carbs, so consumers would need to pay attention to how much they were eating to avoid over eating them. People who struggle with carbohydrate intake might be reluctant to eat too many because of the price of the single bagel.

An alternative to the more familiar English muffin could be the Mediterranean style plate-top bread called pita. This would be lower in carbohydrates but just as delicious.

Consumers would buy more muffins and less bagels

if muffins and bagels are substitutes, a higher price for bagels would result in a(n)

When people pay more for something, they tend to buy it more often. This would not happen if prices were lowered due to the substitution of bagels for muffins.

Since people buy less than one item (baguettes instead of pancakes) and two items (muffins and bagels), this would increase the price per person by about $1-$2.

This would decrease the sales of both muffins and bagels as people would not want to purchase two identical items. Instead, they would purchase one product that was a better value for their price point.

This is why restaurants do not remove the pancake mix from their menus; it is too popular a substitute for one item: muffins.

More consumers would try making their own bagels at home

if muffins and bagels are substitutes, a higher price for bagels would result in a(n)

There are two main ways to make bagels at home. The first is to use a commercial machine that creates a dry, cracker-like base that is topped with butter and sugar and then baked. The second is to use a dough-based method that is top-baked before being spread and cooked.

The difference between the two methods is which ingredients are used and how they are combined. For example, using cream cheese instead of butter produces a more soft, buttery bagel rather than a crisp one.

Consumers are more likely to respond to a change in price with a shift in demand if the good is a normal good

if muffins and bagels are substitutes, a higher price for bagels would result in a(n)

When the price of a product is changed, consumers tend to consume more of the product to keep the price the same. This is called re-demand or response demand.

If the price of a product goes up, then you would expect consumers to spend less of it than if it remained the same. The new higher price would be something they would have to buy or they wouldn’t buy it!

However, if the good is a substitute for something else then there may be less demand for it at the new higher price. The newly demanded product would be worth less at the higher price because people were no longer buying it at previous prices.

This happens with health and beauty products all the time. When their prices go up, they take some of their popularity away by making them less effective and costlier because of their packaging and containers are required tools that people still look at them and recognize them.


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