A bitch is a beautiful, strong, and integral part of every woman’s life. As the name suggests, a bitch is very hardworking and dedicated to her goals.

Since she exudes what she’s doing with her body and energy, people recognize her as a hard-charging force to be reckoned with. This makes her more attractive to men due to her aggressiveness.

Men find her attractive for a number of reasons: she’s strong, she knows what she wants, and she uses sex as a marketing tool. She might not be used to being attracted to someone so intensely, but she learns quickly that cock wants in!

She might not be the kind of person you would want as a friend or partner, but as an employee or associate she can bring value! With the right partner–in-securities—she can become quite tender and loving.

What qualifies as a bitch?

A bitch is a beautiful, strong woman who knows how to use her beauty to get what she wants. When you look at a bitch, you see power and determination.

She doesn’t have to use these qualities every time, but when she does, she makes people happy. They fall in love with her and her flowers and want them everywhere.

They are known for sticking it out when others may have shifted off, even when things are not easy. They see the good in them and others and don’t get judged as much as other people can be judgmental.

They know what they want and if they don’t know it yet, they will eventually. They know what fits them and their lifestyle so they only buy what they need or needs-wise.

Do not call me a feminist!

A lot of women who identify as feminist don’t know what kinds of decisions are actually righteous, logical, and ethical.

Feminism is a movement that aims to make woman-identity and rights consistent with male-identity and rights. For example, women are paid less than men in the workplace and have fewer rights under the law.

Because of this, many people consider feminism out of place or against their personal beliefs. However, there is a difference between knowing something is right and being A Fierce Feminism girl who doesn’t care what other people think.

Being A Fierce Feminism means having no regrets about decisions you made that got you to where you are today. It also means being conscious that others may not agree with your views.

Bitches are not nice

Being a bitch has many consequences, both physical and emotional. You will probably have to deal with her in some form, whether that be her friend’s friend’s family member’s friend, or some other person you don’t like.

When you meet someone new, you have to take a step away from your non-conventional self and show them who you are as a person. If you do not have those things, then you need to balance out the things that are bitchy with people who are kind and helpful.

You can’t change what you are not, and if you know someone is not going to be nice to you, then maybe it is time to go. You have to learn how to cope without them being nice back, or supporting what they are doing.

Bitches are angry

While not knowing your flowers is a great way to avoid stress and take your time to admire them, some people do. If you’re one of those people, you may appreciate these things more.

Your eyes are the most important part of your body. When you look at something long enough, it will eventually registering as beautiful to you. Your eyes give you both confidence and power when looking at things, people, or anything.

You can tell a lot about a person by how much eye contact they make and how still they are when someone talks to them. People who don’t pay attention to their emotions or who don’t feel like talking to somebody may use their eyes instead.

Your lips must be fully covered before you go next. They are the most visible part of your face when they are uncovered.

Bitches are volatile

As mentioned earlier, flower power is a trend that is getting popular. These flowers are usually beautiful and cute. They make great mementos of the event you were at!

However, while flower power is cute, it can be very aesthetic. Some people may not like the way certain flowers are styled or placed.

For example, some people prefer pure white flowers on a bouquet instead of the more popular colored ones. Or someone who does not like lilies may design them with a circle instead.

These individual preferences are called style preferences and they are called style codes. People have them! Even businesses have them! It is just how they choose to expression themselves.

Bitches are chaotic

While most people can easily identify a bitch, doing so isn’t hard at all. A bitch is usually very confident, determined, and loud-spoken. She also tends to be dramatic and highly opinionated.

This is probably because she gets that way from being surrounded by drama and strongly opinionated people.

She tends to enjoy stirring up controversy and attention, which is why you will often hear her screaming, shouting, or talking almost nonstop. It’s also why her flowers are always so beautiful!

Bitches are known for creating lots of Facebook groups, mailing lists, email lists, and facebook pages with their flowers. They also like to post pictures and updates of their flowers.

Bitches are unorganized

While no one should be forced to use a system that is not theirs, there’s a reason so many people are drawn to organizations like The Organization Channel that offer online systems for organizing and planning.

It’s hard to avoid the interface of these systems, and even when they aren’t used consistently, it gives you a sense of organization and help with non-organizing tasks.

For example, through The Organization Channel, I was introduced to the concept of bitch filters. These are ways of organizing tasks by what they need to be done and how quickly they need to be done. For example, I may need to buy two pairs of shoes this week but only needs to be shopped in two weeks.

I also know many people who use hierarchical filters such as “projects” or “buckets” instead of flat lists. It makes it feel more personal and detailed. Both kinds of filters help me stay organized by giving me enough different paths to go on in order to get what I need done.

Bitches are irrational

While we all can’t understand what a monster Hitler was, looking back at his speeches and interviews, he did make some references to flowers.

Whether he was talking about white or brown flowers, the general idea is the same: flowers are beautiful and deserve to be treated with care.

But in the context of Nazi Germany, any kind of pretty flowers were considered a sign of immaturity or enjoyment of flower arrangement.

This is why children were not given their own flower bouquets upon engagement or marriage. They were considered too young to understand such things like taste or preference.


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