If you put yourself last in order of priority, then you probably need to learn a thing or two about self care. As you usually give all of your energy and time to your family and work, you should learn to care for yourself.

These 20 self-care activities can help you accomplish everything you need to get done while feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments. Before we delve into our list of self-care activities, let’s look at why it’s important to nurture yourself.

Why self nurturing is important

As popular as the term “self- care” has become, many of us women often forget to ourselves in favor of others. However, the further we neglect our own needs, the less able we are to care for our children, our parents, our volunteer causes, and other important matters in our lives.

Let’s remember what the word “nurture” actually means. Originally, it referred to “to feed or nourish,” and I believe that can be interpreted both literally and figuratively.

You can literally nourish yourself with the nourishment you consume, but there are many activities beyond eating which can improve your overall well-being. Spending time with the people you love can help your soul, and remaining physically active can boost your overall health.

If you’re not used to the concept of taking care of yourself, consider the idea. If you’re always running on empty, you’re more likely to be impatient with your kids or to miss a deadline at work.

Self-care requires a little or a lot of time, but we all require it!

How to nurture yourself: 3 Main categories

In the upcoming selection of self-enhancing activities, you are likely to gravitate towards physical activity, or you may want to sharpen your mental acuity. Most of us could use more self-care and self nurturing in our lives, and so do these activities.

Physical self nurturing activities

One aspect of your life might involve taking care of yourself through exercise and similar techniques. These activities are beneficial because they fill your cup.

Social self nurturing activities

We treat our bodies well, but not at the expense of neglecting our relationships with others. We are not meant to live alone on our little isles; we need friendship and social stimulation to be fulfilled and well-rounded individuals.

Mental and emotional self nutring activities

In the realm of self care, our minds and our emotions play critical roles. For this reason, it is essential to spend some time caring for your mind, considering the thoughts you choose, and making room for intellectual growth.

Learning some strategies for managing your emotions is also a form of self nurturing. It’s fine to have negative emotions sometimes, but we have to build ways of accepting them.

The activities in the exercise group often offer psychological, physical, and social benefits simultaneously. Remember that you are worthy of taking some time out for yourself as well.

20 Terrific self nurturing activities

Begin these priceless self nurturing activities!

1. Self nurturing through exercise

For me and many of my female friends, exercise is their favorite way to stay healthy. Even something simple like walking or jogging can be beneficial. Physical activity clears the mind and can also deliver physical benefits. Whatever type of exercise you enjoy, it can boost your confidence and make you feel powerful.

2. Learn to cook healthy foods

If you could use a little nutritional boost, your meals are an obvious starting point. Filling your body with nutritious foods rather than overly fatty or sugary foods will improve your overall well-being. Your mood, energy levels, strength, and even skin and hair will benefit from a healthy diet.

And of course, a healthy diet can also help reduce the risk of deadly diseases like heart attack and stroke. By looking up healthy recipes online or watching cooking tutorials, you can cultivate a healthier lifestyle, improving all aspects of your life.

3. Be silly

Seriously, why are so many people so serious all the time? Yes, we have important things to accomplish, but we should take a break occasionally. Studies show that individuals with a high activity level may be better at managing stress and overcoming problems.

Doing something silly to make yourself and your family laugh is a great way to take care of yourself. Even kids like to be silly, and grownups can enjoy a joke as well. Sometimes you just have to jump in a hole, wrestle with a friend, or dance like no one is watching.

4. Self nurturing through the five senses

Because we sometimes get so wrapped up in modern living, staring at a screen for much of the day, using all five senses may sound foreign. Think about what you could do to cultivate yourself using the sense of smell or some other underused sense.

Smelling might involve using numerous scented candles or aromatherapy. You could take a bath or play a short walk to enhance your hearing.

If you enjoy exercising, there’s plenty to do that will enhance your sense of taste. There’s so much to try!

5. Nurture yourself with quality sleep

We all require more sleep.

Self-care is whenever you listen to your body and do what it requires. If you often feel fatigued, it is well advised to go to bed or take a nap earlier in the afternoon.

6. Take a break from tech or social media

While there are a number of things you can do to avoid triggering yourself on social media, you may also find value in taking a break. One of the most effective self-supporting activities is to detoxify your digital lifestyle.

How To Nurture Yourself
How To Nurture Yourself

While certain aspects of my Facebook experience are enjoyable, spending so much time on social media doesn’t typically give me a feeling of fulfillment. It is good to take a break from all technology for a day, if possible, or at least from social media and influencers.

7. Spend time with a friend

One of my favorite ways to self-care is to spend time with a friend. Many of us observed the significance of friendships and social connections during times of hardship, such as during the global coronavirus pandemic.

To give you a lift, meet up with a friend. Try these enjoyable free activities with friends. Friends who meet up in person are more fun, but long-distance friendships can be strengthened by using Zoom calls to talk instead of meeting in person. A regular Zoom call to check in with each other can shorten the distance between you.

8. Mend a broken relationship

This one may sound difficult, but if you have a relationship that has declined or haven’t talked to someone in years, now may be the time for you to mend things. Even though it is normal to be separate from your fellow workers, that does not mean you can’t remain friends.

Self-care can be a challenge, but rebuilding a shattered relationship can help lighten a heavy load you weren’t aware of. An error you made in the past might be salvageable, so apologize. If you want to know why a friendship ended, you should consider it possible that you are the bigger person and reach out to the other individual first.

(One caveat: if you have had to cut off a toxic individual from your social circle, I am not suggesting that you should return to that individual.)

9. Join a group activity

Self-supporting activities can also be group activities. Find a local group of people who share the same interest as you. This could be pottery, cycling, volunteering, yoga, writing, banjo-playing, or whatever you can think of.

Coordinated group activities are fun because you don’t have to be with someone trying to have a conversation. You always have something to do. Maybe you have just finished a challenging and lengthy shift of overtime work, and now you have some free time that you can spend with friends around a shared activity. Go and have fun, and make some new friends.

10. Ask for what you need

I heard a podcaster couple recently say that one of the hallmarks of their marriage is “Ask for what you desire.” I’m changing this to say that you can take care of yourself by asking for those things that you want or need.

We often think the whole world is depending on us. If we don’t take care of it, it will not get accomplished. But please, try to find someone in your daily life you can ask for help. Whether that be your sweetheart, friend, or coworker, ask that person for what you need. Sometimes we need some help.

You might assume you have to do all the driving for karate and music lessons for your children. Maybe you could carpool and share driving duties with another parent, or your spouse might take over the job a few times a week.

11. Find a mentor

Let’s go over another type of self-care that consists in requesting what you need. Are you a freelance professional starting a new company? Want to learn from somebody in your field who is a few years ahead of you? Then it’s time for a mentor.

Of course, you can use networking sites to network with many people. But, perhaps you may like to get even more involved by meeting with just one mentor every week or month. Think about your colleagues and what you like about them.

Your mentor can help you brainstorm, solve complex problems, practice for job interviews, and much more.

12. Learn from books, podcasts, and more

There are so many educational resources available, including quite a few that are free. By seeking out books, podcasts, blogs, articles, and speeches, you can educate yourself. Anything you want to know is relevant.

This doesn’t even have to be “serious” exploration. You could simply discover a funny podcast to help you unwind. Spend an hour every Saturday reading a novel for enjoyment. What makes you happy should be what you spend your life doing.

13. Improve your financial wellness

Wherever you are on your journey to financial success, one way to treat yourself well is to improve your financial health. If your finances are in a precarious state, this can be incredibly stressful and discouraging. Getting out of debt will make a tremendous difference in your life.

Empower yourself financially and grow your retirement savings or IRA contributions. Perhaps you also want for a vacation. All of these are self-promoting activities because they benefit you.

14. Keep a gratitude journal

That was a big surprise. I’m big on gratitude!

Showing gratitude in writing could foster awareness of good things. You might not be familiar with your journal-writing, but you may discover a different gratitude issue that will bring you happiness.

15. Try something new

New experiences can be dangerous, but they can surprise you as well. By opening up your mind to new possibilities, you can discover something you truly enjoy. You may hate the assignment, yet you ultimately triumph over a challenge.

Part of self-care is knowing that you are human and that you can’t do it all on your own. You don’t have to become an expert at everything at once, either. Now is the time to learn how to invest as a beginner, and change your life with what you work on today!

Here are some leisure ideas to encourage you: ax-throwing, teaching, canoeing, studying a language or instrument, drawing, or changing your oil. From the fun to the mundane, new challenges inspire us and show us what we are capable of.

16. Practice compassionate self-talk

The way we talk to ourselves can have a profound impact on how we move through the day. If you frequently catch yourself thinking bad things to yourself, try to focus instead on being compassionate.

Encourage yourself as you would encourage your best friend. Instead of condemning your mistakes, offer encouragement and support. You can perform confidence-building exercises to show yourself more love and take care of yourself.

17. Meditate

Meditation is intimidating for some people because we typically work nonstop and in a loud environment. It can be difficult to silence your mind and focus on the present.

I like to call this “mindfulness” instead of meditation sometimes because then I can simply be mindful in the present moment. A Zen-like attitude can help you focus on the present, instead of worrying for the future.

18. Help others

While selfless actions may sound counterproductive, they actually do increase your own happiness. Research shows that being kind leads to higher well-being levels.

You may make valuable contributions with very little effort. For instance, you may bring coffee or lunch for a co-worker if you work in an office. You don’t need to be a regular volunteer or put in many hours to make it worthwhile. Just a few minutes of your day can make a big difference. Self-care might take place by exhibiting kindness and love to people who pass by.

19. Snuggle with a pet

Probably not. Do you have pets? If so, you probably like to snuggle with them. Of course, this isn’t suited for a fish, but if you are a cat or dog owner, a lengthy cuddling session is an excellent sort of treatment.

Our entire household is energized by our dog’s unconditional love. If you don’t have an animal, you can experience similar joy by visiting a friend’s house and giving Fido a good scratch.

20. Do whatever you want

Let’s have some fun with the last idea on the proposed list. After all, this is your choice for self-care activities, so you should decide on what you like doing. This is subject to change from day to day. All you need to do is follow your gut and pay attention.

When it’s the right time, you can learn how to take care of yourself through doing what you like. Rest, play, listen to music, walk in nature, re-watch The Office for the twentieth time. The most important thing is to do as you please, and do not feel any shame for taking this time for yourself!

Take out time to nurture yourself!

Self nurturing is so important that being a well-rounded and happy individual depends upon it. Even if you don’t have time to nurture yourself as much as you would like, don’t neglect yourself. You’re a fantastic woman and you deserve to find out what makes you happy and leaves you content.


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