If you’d like to make cash with a blogging site for beginners, you have come to the right place. Many bloggers are making thousands of dollars per month using easy monetization strategies. Here I will elaborate on ways to earn money by blogging.

There are plenty of ways to go about it and the resulting revenue could be quite substantial.

I want to emphasize that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. There is no overnight success, and it takes a lot of time. However, you can make a successful blog or even a six-figure or seven-figure blog!

If you want to start a blog and make money, read on to see how successful bloggers do it.

How much income can you make: how to make money with a blog for beginners

Blogging for newbies is a great way to earn cash and starting your own blog may be your dream.

It is totally possible and many people make great money from blogging. There is a huge difference in income, so you can earn a meager sum, or you might earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.

It varies depending on the time and effort you invest and the monetization strategies you use, and other issues.

What niche when wondering how to make money with a blog for beginners?

What is the best blogging niche for making an income? Beginners don’t always know which hobby to pursue, so they should write about what readers are interested in.

Now, you can make money from any area of expertise. Fitness, finance, fashion, and technology are all lucrative fields, though.

When will you earn an income after you learn how to make money with a blog for beginners?

It depends on you, and the volume of blog traffic that you generate.

It is important to build an audience to make money. Social media marketing, guest posting, and keyword searches can attract readers and get them to your site.

Then you’ll have others buy your products, read your articles, and sign up for services like exercise courses and webinars.

How to make money with a blog for beginners: a guide

There are many ways to earn money by blogging for novices. Many bloggers have garnered large followings but do not have a monetization strategy. As a result, they forgo income.

We don’t want to have that be you. However, before we can show you how to make money with a blog for beginning writers, you’ll need to have a blog.

If you’re new to blogging, don’t worry. There’s a lot to learn about things like web hosting, plugins, search engines, and search keywords, but we’ve got resources to help you start a blog and make money.

We have put together the definitive guide on becoming a blogger. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to get your new blog up and running. Continue reading to learn about topics, article ideas, and how to publicize your WordPress blog on Twitter and other social media.

We have also put together a list of the top books about blogging to give you additional ideas.

If you have a blog and you have created a dedicated audience, you are in a good position to make money from your blog. Don’t forget that you can do this whether you’re a cooking, fitness, fashion, travel, or lifestyle blogger. Any blog can make money!

Here we explain how to make money blogging. Let’s get started!

Affiliate income

One of the more popular ways to earn income with a blog is by selling affiliate links. Affiliate marketers make money by displaying products to their readers.

You can also approach businesses through affiliate networks and sign up for their affiliate program. This method works well for both the company and the blogger.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some examples of blog posts that get excellent engagement for this income stream.

To get started, you must have some traffic coming to your website. But you should not need millions of people reading your blog.

In fact, you can obtain started with a small audience and commence affiliate marketing. The most important thing is to keep your audience engaged. You can start by showcasing your blog on Pinterest and Facebook groups and Instagram, and then monetize afterward.

To get started, you should sign up for a network and then you should work with them to add affiliate links to your posts.

Some affiliate networks you can apply to add are:

Affiliate links will be given to you by the companies you work with either directly or via the affiliate network. These links will have unique tracking codes that track conversions from your link.

If you recommend a book that a reader purchases, you may earn a commission. Competitive sums are available through the sale of low cost books.

Advertising (Google AdSense)

The best way to make money blogging through Google AdSense is to display advertisements on your blog page. With this kind of monetization, Google will compensate you for showing advertisements on your blog post for visitors to view.

However, if you have a small audience, it will usually pay little. However, if you’re interested in earning money with a blog for beginners, it’s easy.

Despite this, Google AdSense is still a good way to make extra money. You probably won’t increase your income significantly, but the little extra income can certainly be worth the extra work! Other advertising networks include Adthrive and Mediavine but their traffic minimum is $500 per month.

Some bloggers may not wish to show Google Ads advertisements on their blogs. Ads could cause readers’ experience to drop and make your blog appear cluttered. If you prefer not to display advertisements, there are other ways to monetize your blog.

In order to set up Google AdSense, you must sign up for an account. Google will place advertisements on your blog, and you can earn by having them displayed there. Very easy, but effective.


Are you interested in assisting other people? Are you good at teaching? Serve as a private tutor and help people while you earn money.

Using your posts to promote your blog is a great way to make money.

People are always looking for coaches for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for tutoring for a major life change while others are looking to improve their athletic performance in a specific area. In any case, you could be the solution they’ve been waiting for.

Make Money With A Blog
Make Money With A Blog

To get started, you can offer one-on-one training to prospective clients. Inform them about your training program through email marketing or your blog and let them know you will be offering training services. The problem is that you only have a limited amount of time each day.

To handle this challenge, you can expand your one-on-one tutoring services to include group training or pre-recorded classes with reduced in-person support. This will free up your staff for other tasks, allowing you to scale your company without exhausting your employees.


When wondering how to make a lot of money with a blog for novice drivers, try out providing consulting services. These services are not like coaching, and they are not as profitable either.

You likely possess specialized skills that could appeal to a company as a blogger. For instance, you may be an expert at SEO or you may excel as a writer. Use these skills for your consulting services.

Share your additional skills on any appropriate blog and social media accounts. You can find new candidates on sites such as LinkedIn and link to your blog. And let your readers know about your consulting business.

Consulting is an excellent way to earn extra money, but it is difficult to scale up to other channels such as affiliate marketing.


A great way to earn money blogging is by writing books, especially eBooks.

eBooks are a lucrative product because you create content once and you’re done. If you want to earn some passive income and make great quality content, this is the product for you.

In addition, eReaders make it possible for people to never tire of books. Once a book is published online, it can be downloaded hundreds of times or even infinitely many times, providing excellent passive income for authors and publishers alike.

To begin, review your top blog postings. Review the articles with the most shares, and focus on the posts that received the most attention. This will provide you with an idea of what to write about in your eBook.

You can likewise repurpose existing blog content into your book, which will make it much easier to write books.

An effective way to sell eBooks is by selling them on your own website. By selling on your site, you can retain most of the profits. On other websites, you will have to pay high costs that will eat into your profits.

Let your email subscribers know about your book and where they can purchase it.

Freelance writing

It is good to offer writing services on your website in order to make money with your blog. This could include writing for other websites, creating content strategies for brands, or serving as a copywriter for businesses.

Freelance writing is excellent for novice bloggers who might not have an audience of their own to sell their products. It is also excellent if you want to increase your income while working to develop new connections and networks.

You can find opportunities for bloggers online on sites such as ProBlogger or reach out to other bloggers. Ask around and see if anyone needs help with writing. With adequate networking and time, you can secure some writing jobs, and then move on to better tasks once you’ve earned some experience.

Online courses

Recently, e-learning has taken on a new meaning. 10 years ago, taking classes online was unheard of, but recently it is incredibly popular. People can sign up for online classes on practically any subject imaginable. From cooking classes to workshops on how to design your home, people can take classes online for everything.

Be it cooking or fitness, you will find a lot of ways to make and sell your own online course.

Your readership now knows you and trusts you. They probably want to hear more from you, and a course may be a great way to establish that line of communication. And it can teach you how to earn money from blogging for novices.

To begin, you’ll need to decide how long you will spend on the project. Some jobs are as short as an hour, while others may be over 20 hours. If you’re a new worker, it is best to adhere to something basic.

Next, you’ll need to learn what your audience wants.

You should first survey your audience to find out if this topic is of interest to them.

For example, at Clever Girl Finance, we spent time with our customers and found that they preferred fundamental courses in the realm of personal finance. As a result, we now provide an enormous amount of free classes!

Once you know what your audience wants, you can begin thinking about the course’s content. Topics that demonstrate how to perform a specific skill tend to do very well.

Additionally, evergreen content courses will help you achieve your goals over the long term. While it is certainly not a deal-breaker, selling a course that is only relevant for a limited time will restrict your ability to earn income.

Finally, you should decide on a platform to house your course. Udemy, Skillshare, and Teachable are well-known platforms.

After doing all this, you actually construct the curriculum. Constructing your course can involve recording videos, writing up outlines or informational pages, and additional research into what your clients want to know. Using that content, you’ll have to organize it into an easy-to-follow layout and start promoting it.

Host paid webinars

If you’d like to become a famous blogger and learn how you can make money with your blog for beginning writers, consider hosting a webinar. Webinars are a great way for new bloggers to interact with their global audiences.

During the webinar, you can interact with your audience through live chat. You can either host a free or paid webinar. Webinars allow users to build credibility and raise awareness for their brand or product.

Paid webinars are ideal for teaching new skills. Your participants know you are a specialist and are coming to you to gain knowledge. In general, paid webinars offer extensive information and require more time for Q&A.

To get started with hosting a paid webinar, you’ll want to do the following:

First, select a topic. Select a topic that is both interesting and easy to understand in an hour. You can find trending articles on your weblog and other online forums to get ideas for your own posts.

Next, you will need to create an outline for what you will talk about during the webinar. Typically, you will have a five-minute intro, 45 minutes for the main body of the presentation, and 15 to 30 minutes for Q&A.

You will need to make your script and presentation slides.

You’re going to set up your payment methods for the webinar. Most webinar services will have a web page for you to set up a payment page on. If you do not have the opportunity to set up a payment system for your webinar provider, you can use a plugin that will allow you to process payment info or a simple Paypal link.

You can learn how to make money with a blog for beginners!

As you may find out regarding ways to make money with a blog for newbies, there are many options. And each of these options can be used for different types of blogs! To get started, simply select one option and then you can add on another once that’s done.

Regardless of what monetization methods you implement, make sure that the reader always comes first. You should work with reliable brands and offer superior content. You’ll be earning money soon, and you will be able to blog in the meantime.

Now you know how to start a blog and make money, but if you need advice on what to do with all that extra income, check out our excellent free course on personal financing or our advanced investing course package!


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