If you love fashion, you likely spend a lot of time thinking about how to enhance your personal style. Perhaps you have fallen for the misconception that expensive outfits require good style or have purchased into something that implies good taste by wearing a label item. While these examples aren’t the norm, this is not necessarily the case.

You can save money and improve your style in a million other ways. Creativity is the key to looking good, no matter what you put on.

What is personal style?

But what is personal style, really? It’s not just about the things you wear. It’s an outward expression of your personality.

Your fashion suggests that you are classy and sophisticated, or that you are artistic and innovative. One thing is certain: personal style is unique to each individual. You can also be fashionable on any budget.

How can I determine what my personal style is?

Start by looking in your closet. This is just a kickoff point since your own clothes may not accurately represent your personal style.

Second, determine what you like and don’t enjoy in your wardrobe, and separate these items. By doing this, you’ll be able to see what you like wearing.

Finally, take the personal style quiz to determine what fashion type you favor most.


Take our personal style quiz!

Take our personal style quiz to determine which appearance you want for your style profile. This will help guide you in the right direction!

When it comes to denim, you prefer:

Your accessories tend to look like this:

Your everyday outfit looks like this:

When it comes to fashion trends, you:

Your wardrobe colors are:


Personal style types based on your personal style quiz results

Now that you have taken the quiz, here is your style type based on your results from the personal styling quiz! Use your results to set some style and fashion goals!

1. Sophisticated personal style

You prefer a classic style if you answered mostly 1s. This classic style is usually made with mostly black fashionable pieces with a mix of other colors. Dressing lavishly does not necessarily represent sophistication, but dressing tastefully can.

For example, pairing a short skirt with dark tights creates a more sophisticated look. Also, a subtle sheen makeup look goes well with this quick and casual style.

2. Classic personal style

Did you mostly select 2’s for our style quiz? You have a classic style, so you favor blazers, tailored pants, and timeless items. Think of Coco Chanel or Jackie O.

3. Artistic personal style

If you answered mainly 3’s, then you have a fun, artistic style! You gravitate towards bright colors and bold makeup. You are not afraid of standing out, and your outfits are fun and festive. Think Stevie Nicks or Sarah Jessica Parker. You like movie stars and glamorous circumstances.

4. Minimalist personal style

Did you pick the mostly 4’s for this personal style quiz? If so, you favor minimalist fashion. When it comes to a minimalist style, less is more. You prefer to pair fewer or simpler items.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be dull. On the contrary, it’s much more fun! You can still make a statement with the correct ensemble, such as a nice pair of slacks, a cute top, or an attractive piece of jewelry.

5. Casual personal style

If you chose mostly 5s, then you favor a casual or casual chic style. This style includes more relaxed clothing like jeans, minimal jewelry, and casual shirts. Nonetheless, you can still look fashionable and casual by choosing the right items. Try wearing a pair of platform shoes for a laid-back twist on a comfortable style.

6. Elegant personal style

Did you answer mainly 6’s in this quiz taking style? Then you appreciate an elegant style. You enjoy high-heels, and you really do think diamonds are a woman’s best friend. You might find Elizabeth Taylor’s look stunning.

Improve Your Personal Style
Improve Your Personal Style

Now that we have answered “What is personal style?” and identified your style type, let’s talk about what makes you unique!

Defining what makes your style unique

You can learn what’s distinctive about you by determining what characterizes your personal style. Many people have the same personal style, but no one else has that particular thing that sets you apart.

This can be as simple as a piece of jewelry you always keep with you, the way you mix colors, your lipstick, or anything else that makes you stand out from the crowd. Identify all the traditional ways you do things unconsciously and make them your own special qualities.

Personal style on a budget

It’s wonderful to understand how to upgrade your style and what looks good, but you may feel lost when it comes to buying clothing due to the high costs. Remember, however, that having great style doesn’t require spending a lot on clothes. Here are some ideas for personal style on a budget.

Know materials and what makes a quality clothing item

There are two major groups of clothing materials: natural and synthetic. Natural material is not found outdoors but is artificially created. They may be cheaper, but they are typically poor for the environment. They may even be more expensive than natural-fiber items, but they last longer.

s are made of organic materials. Wool, cotton, silk, and linen are all examples. They may be pricier, but they are also usually better for the environment and are of higher quality.

Sometimes you can find blends of synthetic and natural fibers. For example, you might find a cotton blend shirt that contains 80% cotton and 20% synthetic materials.

Focus on classic pieces

While following every trend may seem like fun, it is a dangerous game to play if you prefer to save money on your style. Simple and classic fashions are ideal for mixing and matching with many different types of clothing.

Classic pieces do not go out of style. This means that you will certainly not have to shove them to the back of the closet in embarrassment in a few months.

When you buy things that are classic instead of trendy, you can wear them for many years. Creating a capsule wardrobe is stylish and cost-effective!

Be mindful when shopping thrift stores

You might consider buying some used clothing at thrift stores or online auction sites. This will enable you to stay on a budget and afford many of the more expensive items.

If you’re buying used, it can be useful to find something that’s top quality. You don’t want to buy an item because it’s cheaper if it isn’t of good quality.

This is a pretty basic tip, but you should bear in mind that it’s true when buying a luxury item, like designer apparel or furniture. You should take some time researching, or you may end up paying a lot for something that isn’t authentic.

Combine designer, vintage, and less well-known brands

Personal style is about expressing your creativity and thoughtfulness in how you dress. You can wear a designer’s clothing even if you don’t pay a lot of money for it. Someone with an excellent sense of style can take multiple pieces from different brands and combine them into a unique outfit.

To create a great appearance, select one statement piece, such as a bag or shoes. Next, add in materials from thrift stores, online purchases from lower-priced brands, and distinctive accessories. You can use this method to create a uniquely remarkable outfit every time you use it.

Build fashion into your budget

Time to add a “fashion” category to your spending budget! According to CreditDonkey, most adults spend around $161 per month on clothes.

You could try setting aside a certain amount of money per week or each month to purchase new clothes, jewelry, or handbags. You don’t have to spend the money just because it’s there, but let it grow, so you’ll be prepared when the perfect item comes along.

Take your time and be thoughtful with your purchases. If you see something you like, shop around so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

How to improve your style for free or cheap!

Don’t worry about what’s new and expensive if your budget is tight. You can still look sharp without spending a fortune. Here are some tips on affordable but fashionable fashion.

Organize your closet

At first glance, organizing your closet may seem tedious. However, you can rediscover old favorites that you forgot you had. Something you were attached to could turn out to be one of your new favorites. It also allows you to don anything you don’t use or need anymore.

After organizing your closet, you can begin anew. By knowing what you have, you will be better able to save.

Try new combinations of old items

Sometimes an old clothing item could be looked at in a new way. So, try wearing combinations you never considered, such as a dress with a shirt tied over it, high heels with jeans, or jewelry you haven’t worn recently.

Some combinations will work, and some will not, but this exercise will help you be more creative with your wardrobe.

Your nails can make a statement

Keep your nails trimmed and polished to make them look better. What costs nothing can make a huge difference. You can choose from the many colors and designs available to create your nails unique. You could go for solid red, neutral nails, a french manicure, or polka dots – whatever you like most.

Sell your unwanted clothes to a consignment store

Consignment stores will accept your unwanted clothing and sell it to you. You can make money, or sometimes those funds will be put toward your next purchase at the store. Either way, it is a good opportunity to make a little bit of money and get some new clothing.

For example, you can sell an old purse you have and use that money to purchase a new one. An example of a website like ThredUp is that you can use for it.

Create a signature makeup and hair look

Nothing says personal style like having a signature look. Your hair and makeup can accentuate your unique style. Wear your hair in one or two stylish styles and get regular haircuts to keep it healthy.

Your personal appearance also reflects your nature. You can go for a natural look, a bold lipstick color, or some sparkle. Check out this Trend Spotter article featuring fun makeup ideas.

You can improve your personal style on a budget

Style is a huge part of who you are and is well worth spending money on and taking time to do. Be sure to include “style” as a category in your personal budget, and be sure to evaluate your wardrobe.

When you’re trying to improve your style, just remember your budget and personality and avoid being shackled to conformity.


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