Are you struggling with financial hardship? Financial hardship can come in various forms. My grandmother lived through the Great Depression, which forced her to become a hoarder. The risk of a relapse was accompanied by the danger of all sorts of unhealthy behaviors and insecurities. Perhaps you have also felt this sort of fear, either personally or through a friend.

While you may not be able to completely eliminate your monetary insecurities, there are ways to get a handle on them. By learning how to control your financial situation, you can eliminate debt, save money, and start building wealth.

5 Tips to help you beat your financial insecurity

Your financial problems don’t have to be a consequence of childhood or a bad relationship. Use these 5 tips and be on your way to financial success in no time!

1. Combat financial insecurity with positive affirmations

One of the best ways to reduce your financial troubles is positive affirmations. In fact, MRI scans indicate that neural pathways improve when individuals practice self-affirmations! This means that you can alter your behavior by “rewiring” your brain with more positive thoughts.

Rather than saying, “I’m always broke,” you should say, “I have an abundance of money!” By claiming that you have a great deal of wealth, you can begin to amass assets and make your wealth a reality.

As an example, if you go on something like a shopping expedition when you don’t really need it, your positive affirmation will aid you refrain from impulse purchases and work toward your economic goals.

2. Create short-term & long-term goals

What are your financial short-term and long-term goals? For example, do you want to buy a house, take a dream vacation, or save $10,000?

Financial goals can motivate you to overcome your monetary insecurity because they teach you to focus on something positive instead of your negative feelings about money. One great strategy is to create a vision board.

A vision board is motivating because it is helpful to you since it constantly reminds you of your goals. You decorate it with beautiful images, encouraging quotes, and positive affirmations.

For example, your board could have a picture of a Hawaiian beach or inspirational statements proclaiming debt freedom. Whatever you want to accomplish, this is an effective way to keep yourself motivated.

3. Get financially educated

Many Americans are financially vulnerable because they do not understand certain aspects of their finances. For example, some may be afraid of investing and refuse to do so entirely.

Rather than letting your economic insecurity prevent you from succeeding, learn more about all things money!

Enjoying finance books, watching videos, and listening to podcasts are excellent ways to learn everything you need to know in order to earn your money right.

4. Take control of your finances

A large part of being financially insecure is having what are known as money blocks. For example, you may skip your financial obligations, which leads to accumulating debt and paying bills late.

The best way to overcome your economic insecurity is to take control of it! Do this 3 things to start taking control of your finances now.

The first step is to create a budget. A budget lets you know how much money you are making and spending.

You ought to select a budgeting plan that is easy for you to follow because it will help you avoid difficulties and stick with it. Otherwise, if you choose a plan too difficult or time-consuming, you are unlikely to abide by it.

One of the best money-saving strategies is the 80/20 rule, as it’s very easy to do. This is where you set aside 20% of the total amount of money acquired and pay the rest in any other way. This makes it simple to save money without making it too complicated.

Tracking your expenditures can inform you of your financial crisis. Tracking your feelings with a spending journal can similarly reveal your financial vulnerability.

Financial Insecurity
Financial Insecurity

For example, in your custom journal, you could write down what you bought, how much it was, and what you were “feeling” when you bought it. This is a helpful tool to help you stop wasting money and take back control of your finances.

Simplify your budget by automating your finances. This makes it simple to control your money since you set up budgets and savings programs on auto-pilot.

You can set an account to automatically transfer $50 to your savings accounts each week. This will allow you to avoid spending money and adding it to your bank account instead. It also contains the advantage of saving you from late payment fees, saving you money on late fees.

5. Celebrate your financial wins

Do you see a pattern of positivity here? Rewarding yourself for financial successes encourages good habits. Treating yourself when you accomplish a goal encourages you to pursue additional goals as well. This is an excellent way to protect you from financial insecurity. It will help increase your self-esteem and confidence.

There are a number of inexpensive ways to enjoy yourself even if you have a low budget. For example, you could go to the park or take a vacation.

Just be sure to do something you enjoy doing, which will improve both your speed and willingness to do more work. So start celebrating your financial successes no matter what size they may be.

You can overcome your financial insecurity

It’s essential to be respectful of your circumstances in order to achieve your goals. You will need to work hard to make financial progress. With these suggestions, you can greatly reduce your chances of financial vulnerability.

Starting with positive self-talk can motivate you to act because it bolsters good financial habits.


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