Let’s talk about the closet cleanout! What you wear can reveal your creativity, appear professional, or let others know who you are. Maybe you have walked around your closet and noticed that things were a little…chaotic. Perhaps your clothes no longer represent the person you wish to be.

Only so many items of clothing can be worn at a time, and it may be time for an upgrade. A small wardrobe has many conveniences, and it may make you feel more at ease after eliminating some items. That said, a closet makeover is an excellent way to change your wardrobe to reflect your personality.

You may also discover that it’s more economical and easier. It’s so valuable that more people are choosing a capsule wardrobe and minimalism in recent years. Learn here how to perform a clothing purge, and find out why it will benefit you.

Benefits of a closet purge

Scaling down your belongings gives numerous benefits with few downsides. If you examine your wardrobe, it’s likely to be very full, like most people’s. With only a small fraction of what’s in your closet, you can have chic style.

Purging your closet saves time

Purging your closet gives you fewer clothing options but saves you time. You can save 20 minutes selecting your outfit instead of 20. Having a style uniform is very useful, because you can wear it all day on Sunday and then forget about it until Monday.

Get more sleep by not having to spend as long in line changing clothes and checking for allergies.

It can help you create a unique style

As you sort through your clothing, you may find forgotten items you did not know you had. Even old items that work for your attire when you wear them now. Picking up items and deciding what suits you and doesn’t fit your personality helps you create your own unique look.

Furthermore, there is evidence that wearing less clothing can make you more fashionable; according to Jess Cartner-Morley of The Guardian, this is because there is less material to jumble together. The suggestions she gives for capsule wardrobes and its contents help to expand your clothing options.

It saves you money

Fewer wardrobe options can save you cash. This is because you tend to shop more sensibly for the clothes you like.

It takes time to perform a clothing purge, so you will likely want to avoid repeating it. This will enable you to spend more money wisely.

If you buy something, it may take time to save for it and be of higher quality. But one thoughtful item added now and then still beats shopping every week and coming home with a huge load of clothing that costs a lot and will soon wear out.

Purging your closet helps you be mindful about purchases

Think of your closet as a collection of curated art museums where you get to decide what stays and what goes. This will keep you from impulse shopping, which may leave you with a dress you will only wear once.

As you contemplate the items in your closet and what they go well with, you will feel more concretely. Ask yourself, “When cleaning out my closet, which items do I feel strongly about, and which don’t fit who I am?” It’s about making a simple wardrobe you love.

Why do a closet purge

You must know why a clothing purge is important to yourself. Do you want to become a more mindful shopper? Are your clothes and shoes no longer reflecting your personality? Do you get tired of having nothing to wear? Knowing what the problem is and how to go about clothing cleaning will allow you to solve it.

This is because if you’re in the middle of cleaning and decluttering, you may be tempted to throw things out. If you remember what you’re trying to accomplish, you can finish the job and enjoy yourself while you do so.

This is a helpful starting point for those interested in creating a more streamlined wardrobe or capsule wardrobe. A signature style is a useful thing to remember when picking clothing because it will make the decision-making process much quicker. You can think of the style and color you like and ignore the items that don’t suit.

You may find yourself cleaning up your closet because cleaning out your wardrobe will make you feel better about your clothes. Organize your clothes in a way that better reflects your lifestyle choices. For example, if you frequently work from home and work remotely, the command-line software (ParaDone) may be useful.

A closet full of comfortable yet professional choices might tempt you. If you work in an office, you may want a classy outfit. Choose clothing that matches your life and wear those items.

It is important to remember why you are making these choices, such as for a streamlined wardrobe or having a minimalistic closet. Knowing why you are making them will help you succeed.

How to begin a closet purge

Now that you know why you should do a closet purge and the benefits of doing so, it’s time to get started cleaning out your wardrobe! Before getting started, commit to refraining from purchasing any new clothes while your purge is in progress.

1. Decide on a day and/or time frame

This task could take some time depending on how full your closet is. We suggest picking a single day or weekend when you can accomplish this chore. That way, you won’t be rushed, and you can still do it expeditiously.

If you can only spare a short amount of time per week for this, choose a time portion instead. For example, you must spend an hour every night this week cleaning out your closet. That way, there’s still a set amount of time, and you don’t have to do it because it’s taking too long.

Stay dedicated to your schedule. Remember that it is worth it to have a beautiful wardrobe filled with only the things you love.

2. Make a list

It is very important to have a vision for what you would like to wear before you sort through your entire closet. Look through and take pictures of the items you want to keep.

Think about adjectives to describe the style you’re looking for, so you can remember what clothes to keep and which to discard at a later time.

A well-crafted shopping list is a great way to keep track of what you need to keep and what you may require in the future. You can create a list of things you want in your closet (for example, a cashmere sweater) and add them to the “keep” pile once they’re added to your “keep” pile.

3. Take everything out of your closet

Gather your list and objectives for performing a clothing purge. Get started by taking everything out of your closet. This is crucial! If you haven’t removed everything, you might overlook items you want to keep or give away.

Take your time sorting clothes and shoes by pile, handbag, and footwear. This isn’t sorting, but it will allow you to stay organized. Vaccuum and dust the area when you have finished unpacking. You can also run a cleaning crew through the environment to get a good space to put clothes away later.

Save Time And Money
Save Time And Money

4. Start sorting

Look through your clothes and determine what you can recycle. This is usually the most difficult part, so take your time. Look at each item and determine if you would like to donate, sell, keep, or recycle it. Place the items in a container, box, or bag for later handling.

A donation pile is necessary when you discard clothing. This is your clothing and raiment that you no longer need but are still in fine condition.

They should have no tears or holes, but they may show some signs of wear. You may wish to give them to friends or family, or you could donate them to a thrift store or charity.

To check what clothes you can donate and how to do it, read the article “Need Help? Donate Clothing to the Local Charity to Improve Global Health” by Rinse. While working, take pictures of articles of clothing and email them to relatives and friends you think might want them.

If they are willing to take another shipment of items that are claimed, put them in a separate pile. That way, you’ll not misplace them and could care for them later.

These are unusable items that can no longer be donated or sold. Instead of discarding them, you can responsibly recycle your clothing from your clothing collection.

Check out a textile recycler in your area and see whether you can give them your old clothes. The environment will benefit from your efforts, and you may feel good knowing that your used clothing has a purpose.

A closet purge is a great opportunity to have excellent products or luxury brands sold at a low cost.

The site Gathering Dreams has useful information about selling your clothing online. Also, check out our article on how to sell designer handbags!

Remember that selling can be time-consuming, but it can be worth it if you can offer some unusual items or are selling from great brands. Be straightforward when thinking about your clothing collection to see if selling it for profit is sufficient to dedicate time to it.

These are the clothes, shoes, and accessories that are most important to us. These items will be what we wear every day, and they will show our personal style.

If you find the product convenient and would like to wear it often, or it has a special use, you are more likely to keep it. You don’t have to ask yourself every question with every fashion item, but this may come in handy if you are stumped.

Are you sure that you enjoy the item? Does it function correctly and look great? Great clothing items typically bring very positive feelings with them.

5. Put clothes you are keeping back in your closet

The exciting thing is that your closet is now a clean slate, and you can organize your things however you like. Try to place similar things together, so they’ll be easy to find. If you prefer, you can organize by color.

Take care to wash any unused items, and you might even iron them rather than washing them if you are in a hurry. This will make it easier to get ready.

You can use this time to create some outfit combinations and hang up or fold them together so you will remember to wear the outfits. Don’t forget to clean your wardrobe as you put away your clothes as well.

These clothes are your favorites, so take care of them accordingly. If something needs to be fixed, send it out for dry cleaning, etc. These are the clothes that have survived your careful use and are the best.

6. Deal with the other closet purge piles

After cleaning out your closet, you must give away, donate, or sell these things as soon as possible so they don’t get returned to your closet. Take pictures and post the items for sale that you can, and put the items you want to donate into bags or boxes. Then drive them to their new house the following day.

Anything you’re donating to a food pantry, make plans to take it within one week or enlist family and friends to pick it up for you. This may seem like it’s happening quickly, but getting rid of the clutter sooner is better than trying to take care of it later.

Tips to make a clothing purge more fun

It’s definitely a process, and it takes time. Scrubbing clothes can be interesting work, but it could have its boring periods. These suggestions will help make your cleaning experience more fun.

Play music

Create a playlist or listen to a new compilation as you work. This will enable you to stay focused and motivated as you work through your wardrobe items.

You could also listen to a podcast or watch a TV show if you prefer something more exciting. Stay occupied so boredom does not cause you to quit.

Keep track of clothes

As you sort things, make sure you know where each kind of item is. You don’t need to stay super-organized, but knowing where all of the purses are by your desk will help you work faster.

You should also remember the list you compiled earlier to remain on track as you discard clothes.

Ask a friend to join you

Sorting through your clothes will be more fun with a friend. You’ll find items faster, and your friend may find something that they like, so you’ll end up getting rid of it.

It’s good to have a second opinion when you’re making clothing selections. Just make sure to return the favor by helping them clean out their own closets later.

A closet purge can be a great investment of your time and help your finances

Splurging on clothes is a fun and effective way to upgrade your wardrobe and create a new personal style. There are many benefits, including saving money, being creative, and showing off your personality. Also, using tips like staying organized and keeping a friend on hand, your clothing purge will not take long at all!

After finishing your closet cleanup, you may feel like you have a different wardrobe. This is a great way to refresh your style, and you might enjoy the nice clothes you have.

You will develop your own distinct style and create your own style by wearing clothes that fit you well. This will make you more confident, positive, and organized.


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