Do you ever become stuck in a rut, have no routine, and need to hit the reset button on your life? Maybe everyone has experienced this from time to time. It can be difficult to find a routine that makes you happy, productive, and healthy while also being affordable. But you can plan the best day of your life and live on it as well.

Many of us experience burnout, and we reach a breaking point where we decide it is time to go into overdrive and get back in the swing of things.

Work is not the only thing that contributes to burnout, but it’s the main cause. According to a research last year, two-thirds of all full-time employees suffer from burnout on the job.

I strongly believe that planning a great day involves considering all facets of your life, not merely work. Hopefully this article can serve as some inspiration to get you into the groove of things and assist you in making your own ideal schedule!

Everything you need to consider when creating your ideal day

Your best day should include time set aside for numerous aspects of your life.

Think of your day as a garden and take care not to over-irrigate or overwork individual seedlings. This will maintain your day balanced and improve your life. You will also make every day a good day!

1. Your work and personal life

For many of us, the daily work hours will amount to eight hours overall. Whether you work the standard 9 to 5 schedule or one that is slightly different in its start and end times.

It’s difficult to imagine spending eight hours of work in a single day. However, nothing should be done at work that you cannot accomplish elsewhere.

So, make a balanced day by adding your personal goals to your schedule. You can do this by including self-care events in your schedule.

2. Check in on your finances

Budget management is crucial, and it is essential to stay on top of it each day.

Whether it’s by seeing how you’re spending relative to the budget that you’ve created, checking up on the status of your investments, or doing an overall financial health check, your finest day can support your financial wellness journey.

3. Prioritize your health and take care of yourself

In my opinion, the most important thing about any day is caring for your well-being. If you don’t have your health in order, you won’t be able to accomplish anything else on your to-do list.

Finding time for exercise, healthy meals, and mental health care is vital.

Healthy habits don’t have to cost a fortune either. You can use free YouTube videos to work out at home, buy discounted produce, and download free meditation apps to improve your mindfulness.

4. Spend time with your loved ones

Being able to socialize with others is an important part of everyday life. A study from earlier this year suggested that socializing frequently can help you relieve stress, boost your mood, and promote healthy behavior.

While it’s unlikely that everyone has social plans each day, it’s critical to find a moment to socialize even from home.

Consider calling a friend instead of texting. You can also try setting up an online movie night with a friend or family member, or take a walk with a neighbor.

5. Tap into your creative side and go off the grid

No matter your hobbies or interests, we all have a creative side. Letting your imagination flourish is a great way to get out of your head amid the day’s routine. One study showed that 49% of millennials said that social media made them spend more than they did on necessities.

Set aside some time to spend every day going offline and enjoying your surroundings. Keep your phone in your pocket, and see what interesting activities you find. Your ideal day may feel more plentiful, and your finances might too.

Create The Ideal Day For Your Life
Create The Ideal Day For Your Life

6. Make sure rest time fits in your ideal schedule

Good sleep is essential for success every day. Making sure you get enough rest and not staying up too late is immensely important. To feel rested, an adult needs to receive 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

It’s crucial to establish a curfew to give you ample time to recover.

Example of an ideal day

Now that we’ve learned the fundamentals of what an ideal schedule should include, here’s an example of how this schedule could work out for you!

Morning: Starting your ideal day off right

Good morning! Here’s a good example of an excellent morning schedule: (You can adjust the times according to your own schedule!)

Staying energized is essential for completing your day’s tasks. Delicious yogurt parfaits, smoothies, eggs, and oatmeal are all great breakfast options.

If you’re a really busy person, there are many breakfasts that are easy to make and will not take up too much time.

I like to begin by stretching and doing low-impact exercises for my muscles to begin the morning off right. I especially like to start the day with gentle exercises and yoga poses. There are many free guides online for yoga and stretching.

My favorite thing at Order of the Well is Yoga with Adrienne. She has anything from a 30-day challenge to short sessions that you can do in ten minutes or less. So, you should subscribe to her channel.

9 a.m. is the usual beginning to the workday. This is where I reach work after charging my personal computer, drinking some water, and caffeinating.

I answer emails, read my schedule for the day, and prepare whatever I need before I log into any meetings. Having a morning routine that eases me into the day gives me the energy to accomplish my tasks.

Afternoon: Beating the afternoon slump and sticking to your ideal schedule

Hydrate yourself to get through the second half of the day. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals in the afternoon!

Prepare a healthy lunch, or bring something you have already prepared. Take this break to eat, relax, and get away from work.

I’m against scrolling through Twitter during my lunch break and instead, read a book or go for a walk. Social media can be a costly distraction and a source of stress, so find something different to do during your break.

Return to your daily work to complete the task list. Breaking through an afternoon slump can be difficult, so I like to do something to lighten my mind when I break.

This is your chance to practice self-care. My favorite exercise is breathing and journaling.

After getting some more work done, I like to take a break and dive into other important aspects of my day, such as a financial check-in. This gives me a chance to relax from the workday and contemplate other aspects of my life.

I typically monitor my spending, review my budget, or check on my portfolio. Scheduling time for your finances is a crucial part of your ideal schedule. Use this time to check up on your money!

Evening/night: Winding down so tomorrow your ideal day can begin again

Time to finish the day! Here are some suggestions to help you relax and have a fantastic end to the day:

After work, I prepare a healthy meal and kick back and relax. It is entirely possible to eat healthy meals for cheap. You can maintain a clean diet plan and have your healthy meals prepared in advance.

I like to choose something with chickpeas as its basis – something like a curry or salad – because they are high in protein and low cost! Our list of inexpensive healthy meals is a great place for ideas.

Once I’ve had dinner and taken a break, I’ll workout. Sometimes this means going to a class at the gym. And at other times it means putting on a Youtube video, working out in my living room, and egging on the contestants.

Take a break to get some exercise. Try to find something you like so you will be more likely to stick with it.

By 8 p.m., I like to end my workday. My evening routine consists of a lot of self-care. This often includes skincare, showering, meditation, and journaling. Enjoying the end of your day is just as important as beginning it positively.

My goal is to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. This helps me live my best day every single day. I like to have my creature comforts when I’m going to make sure that I sleep well.

This means extra comfortable blankets and a quiet background music track. Find things to help you relax so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Your ideal day is waiting for you

You can think of making a daily schedule if you’re aware of what’s most important to you. It can be difficult to make a schedule, but it’s more than possible to plan out each day in a way that will allow you to live your best life.


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