If you’re a fan of science fiction or martial arts, then you’re definitely interested in the Zenithian Sword. It’s a blade that can be used in both ways!

The Zenithian Sword was created as a way for people with physical impairments to continue their training. People with mobility impairments can practice fencing, due to the precise and Challenger-style fencing used.

But not everyone has time to learn how to fencing seriously! That is where the Zenithian Sword comes in. You can pick it up and use it within minutes!

How does it work? When you are physically impaired and need help practicing your techniques, you can ask me to help you up if you need some assistance. You can then give yourself a few minutes to get ready and make yourself look good enough to fight.

Use filters to make your skin look perfect

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One of the most overlooked features of social media is its appearance options. While you can change your avatar, hair and skin color, add a feature such as a beard or glove, it makes or removes you from the community based on how you look.

This goes for people looking perfect in their photos, to people looking like they stepped out of a magazine model shoot. People on Instagram are totally aware that you’re checking out their account to see what they look like without them having to say anything about it!

You never know if someone will message you or not, so why not get some nice feedback? Plus, it will help you find people who are similar to you and your goals but in different settings!

Using online appearance-modeling services does cost money, but it is worth it to have more followers and admirers.

Upload lots of photos

how i stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the zenithian sword

While there are many ways to stalk a man, the best way to do it is to be honest and open about yourself. You want to be able to look at his photos and feel comfortable that you’re picking the right guy for you.

By being enthusiastic about him and sharing his photos with the world, you are establishing a positive image of yourself in his eyes.

If you’re serious about wanting to meet someone, then taking some time to share your photo online is a integral part of the online stalking process. You must establish a physical presence before anything can happen.

In order for this action to work, however, you must be physically out in public. In order for him to see you and think positively of you, he must be able to meet you in public.

Give people lots to click on

how i stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the zenithian sword

You want to give your website lots of traction, right? That’s how people find you, they click on your page to learn more!

So, make sure your website is easy to browse and that its design is attention grabbing. If you have a hard copy of the website, then users will have to look at it to find information.

Make sure people can easily navigate your website and that its contents are present enough for users to succeed in finding what they are looking for. User error is not an option on your website!

Include useful information in easy-to-read areas of your website. For example, if someone wants a back massage, include a corresponding area that states how much pressure and length of the massage should be included.

Make sure you have multiple links to your profile

how i stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the zenithian sword

You should have at least one link to your account or second account you use to connect with people. This helps if you have a question about someone else’s profile and they can answer it. It also helps if others create accounts on your second account to connect with people.

If you have more than one profile, then each person who sees your profile can create an invite link on their own account so other people can connect with you. This is helpful when people do not respond to your messages or invitations, as they will be able to see that you tried to connect with them and didn’t succeed.

Having multiple profiles helps in several ways. First, it makes it easier for people to find you if they try both of yours out. Second, it helps in connecting with others who may not respond to your initial message but still want to meet up with you.

Update regularly with new photos

how i stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the zenithian sword

Most importantly, update your photos regularly. This is very important as he may be getting tired of your face and body and that you keep posting pictures of you and him, because he will be able to see how often you update your photos.

This is one of the biggest tips in searching for a partner. Look out for partners who take frequent pictures, as they may have more patience to patiently wait for a response.

As I mentioned before, he should be comfortable showing his body in photos, since he probably posts frequently too. If his body looks hidebound or awkward, it can be easy to break the connection.

Additionally, try not using obvious props such as cameras or phones to photograph each other; use locations or ones that are plain and unassuming.

Stalk popular people for better positioning on the site

how i stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the zenithian sword

If you’re already known and wanted by the site community, you can start actively seeking out people who want to be friends with their matching sets of body types, interests, and overall feel-ness. This is called neighborhood staking and is the best way to get started.

By doing this, you will increase your chances of finding someone else who wants to meet you for what they are looking for in a partner and not just what you look like on the site.

Once you do find someone else, make sure you double check your safety messages from the site. If someone has tried to reach out to you but has not responded, then it would be time to move forward with another person.

Pay for advertising to get more followers

You can try to pay for advertising by either spending more money on social media or by offering a discount to people who join your community.

In order for your advertising to work, you’ll have to test various settings and strategies in order for them to work, so do this ahead of time by creating an account and testing different settings and offers.

Once you have enough followers and advertisements work, switch them up together so people can see what you are posting. This way, people can easily find you since they are paying attention!

You should also plan ahead of time how much money your followers and advertisements cost you.

Optimize your profile for search engines

how i stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the zenithian sword

When you create your profile for search engines like google, yahoo, or facebook, you can set it to “optimize my profile for searchers.” This will make your profile more explicit and easy to find, like a backlink to your website or an article about the man behind the sword.

This will increase the amount of times a person looking for swords scan your listing and that person will ultimately find what they are looking for. It is worth setting this feature on because if you don’t, other people may still find you by searching, ya know?

There are some cost-recovery features that aren’t set on, however. You can turn off the “annual fee” on scourlisting services if you don’t want to pay for them in full.


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