In literature, there are several ways to ambush a target. These include: approaching stealthily, showing unexpectedly, or entering an altercation with. All of these methods require planning, and know how to use them.

In narrative nonfiction, the term for the method of approaching an objective or target is called siegecraft. The besieger works with support systems to keep the support system functioning, such as food and water supplies.

The supporting systems can be allies or opponents, depending on who the siegecraft meets. This includes when a nonfiction author approaches an audience through a story format.

How the siegecraft relates to the title depends on which one is used for it. In this article, we will discuss how the term ambushes relates to its title and how it can affect your reading experience.

Structure of title

how does the structure of tim o'brien's story

In O’Brien’s story, there is a phrase that appears twice within the same paragraph. This phrase “amplifies” the action of the preceding or following paragraphs.

The first appearance of this phrase occurs after the opening paragraph and before the last one. It says, “In 1995, a washed-up baseball star named Tim O’Brien returned to his hometown to accept an award for his community service.”

The second appearance of this phrase occurs after the last sentence of the story and before the first paragraph of the next section. It says, “He was ambushed and killed just an hour later.” This second appearance describes how O’Brien was affected by his encounter with a killer alien.

This second appearance helps explain how fans will connect with O’Brien’s story in chapter two.

Narrator’s structure

how does the structure of tim o'brien's story

In O’Brien’s story, there are three main parts to the narrative. The first part is an introduction to the main characters and the story they’re talking about. The second part is a recount of one day in the lives of these characters. The third part is a summary of what happened in that day and tonight.

These parts are called chapters, like the one we just talked about. When readers read a book, they put it on their Kindle or iPad or computer and start reading. Then, the chapter comes!

The way chapters relate to one another is called narrative structure. Some structures are more linear, while others are more ambushing.

Structural symmetry

how does the structure of tim o'brien's story

O’Brien’s story is set in a unnamed city, where an attorney is murdered and his case, a murder case, is suddenly revealed to be crucial to the investigation of another criminal.

This coincidence seems strange at first, but it makes sense when you look at the story’s overall structure.

Lawyers are often asked to make decisions that are not entirely legal, or ones that come with a high probability of failure. This makes lawyers look for cases that seem perfect for them, or ones they can “ambush.”

This article discusses some of these ambushes, and how Tim O’Brien’s lawyer “ambushed” him in his law practice by taking on cases that seemed impossible to succeed.

Use of water symbolism

how does the structure of tim o'brien's story

A recurring theme in O’Brien’s work is water. In his debut novel, The Last Thing We Talk About: A Memoir About My Years as a Runner (2008), O’Brien described how running was a way for him to relax and escape from the stress of his life at the time.

He discussed how water was an important symbol in his life, citing a number of places where it appeared. For example, he spoke about running as a way to escape from the stresses of his life at the time, and he also mentioned running as a way to relax after a long day at work.

He noted that while he ran often during his college days, after graduation he did not run as much because he did not feel like it was necessary anymore. However, after having children and becoming full-time workers, O’Brien noted that he needed to start exercising again.

That is when he started going to local parks with his sons.

Ambush is a story about two men, Billy and the narrator, who are on a hunting trip when they are ambushed by Native Americans

how does the structure of tim o'brien's story

The title ambushes the reader, enticing them to read more and find an ambush. The story starts off with Billy and the narrator on a hunting trip when they are ambushed by Native Americans.

The hunting trip was a success, and both men were proud of their kill. They went back home feeling very satisfied with themselves.

Then, two months later, Billy saw his dead wife’s body in the backyard and heard her dying screams. He ran out only to see an Indian kill his wife and put her in a wigwam.

Since then, he has been haunted by her death and unable to forget it. He keeps listening to her cries inside his head and heart every day.

The title contains the word “ambush” which is what happens in the story

When reading Tim O’Brien’s The Ask, there is a very important line that contains the word “ambush.” This line refers to a moment in the story where O’Brien challenges his reader to compare his account of events with what actually happened.

The line reads: “He had gone over it so many times, in his mind and in his notes, that he had almost become invisible to the people around him.”

This text refers to a point in time when O’Brien was writing about events, but was not present when they were happening. He was able to write about them in his mind, but couldn’t really relate to them because he was not there.

This point in time where you can be invisible is called an ambush. When one is aware of an ambush, they can fight or flee away from it, but if someone is hiding behind something and attacks you, then you are unable to see or respond.

The opening sentence contains the word “and” which connects to the title

how does the structure of tim o'brien's story

In 1961, the CIA established the Office of Special Research in collaboration with the Army’s U.S. Intelligence Service to investigate possible strategies for overthrowing an authoritarian regime.

This was part of a broader effort to prepare a hostile coup d’état model for use by American intelligence organizations in times of crisis.

The model was based on how the French Used their National Guard to support their President during major national events like elections or when an oppressive government threatened freedom. This was done in order to raise morale and support for the eventual ruler.

This scenario-building exercise served as one of OSPR’s initial training missions and is still relevant today.

The end sentence contains the word “the” which connects to the title

how does the structure of tim o'brien's story

At the end of the book, Tim O’Brien writes, “The last line of this chapter is the sentence that begins with the word ‘the.’” This connects to the title because it states what is expected at the end of the book.

Many books use a phrase or a sentence as their end, but it is actually a beginning. This creates an ambusher mentality as readers are unsure if something will come after this ending statement.

This makes reading an interesting challenge because you have to keep looking for clues as to what will follow. You are also forced to pay attention to grammar and length because this ends with no clear ending.


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