Who doesn’t like a tote bag? Goyard is one of the most fashionable brands around when it comes to designer bags. Their elaborate materials are of the highest quality, and their outstanding craftsmanship ensures that each bag is a magnificent creation.

They come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and patterns, making them ideal for any outfit. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide.

Let’s examine two of the most popular styles, St.Louis and the Artois, then choose the best Goyard tote bag sizes for you.

Meet the Goyard brand

Goyard is a French luxury brand founded by Edmond Frédéric Goyard in 1852. He took over from his father, who had begun the company in 1850.

The company started as an automotive manufacturer in the late 18th century under the name of Maison Martin. But it became fashionable among European nobles and royalty after changing its name to Bugatti. In the early 1900s, Goyard began manufacturing luggage, handbags, and other leather products.

Similar to other luxury French bag brands, Goyard quickly earned a reputation for its excellent craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials. Its distinctive canvas is made from linen and cotton coated with a special PVC resin. This makes the contents of the bags watertight and very hard-wearing.

Goyard also is known for its logo print, which features interlocking “G’s” in a chevron pattern. This print is commonly seen on the company’s signature tote. Bag by Louis Vuitton.

Goyard St Louis sizes

The Goyard St. Louis is one of Goyard’s most popular tote bags. It is available in 11 colors and various sizes, which makes it a versatile choice for any outfit.

Easily disassembled into segments, the bag resembles a treasure chest and closes with the included pochette. It is also reversible and can be filled with groceries.

Goyard St Louis PM size

Image source: Goyard.com

The Goyard St Louis PM size is the better choice for a common tote bag and is the smallest of the Goyard St Louis sizes. It is a good choice for storing items like some change, house keys, accessories, and maybe even a notepad or a laptop.

Image source: Goyard.com

If you need to keep any larger items, consider the “grande” GM size instead. The Goyard St. Louis PM size is 28 centimeters high, 15 centimeters wide, and 34 centimeters long.

Goyard St Louis GM size

Image source: Goyard.com

The Goyard St Louis duffel bag is a good option when traveling and needs a place to carry your laptop or tablet. It looks great with your beachwear, making it the ideal vacation bag for your sandals, towels, swimsuit, and sunblock.

Image source: Goyard.com

The Goyard St Louis GM handbag measures 34 centimeters in height, 20 centimeters in width, and 40 centimeters long.

Goyard St Louis XXL size

Image source: Fashionphile.com

Louis Vuitton introduced the St Louis XXL bag in 2018, which measures 60 centimeters wide by 40 centimeters high. A kitchen sink fits easily into this spacious bag. Unfortunately, the St Louis XXL size is no longer available.

However, if you want a tote with this design, you can check out preowned shops to pick up it at a great price.

 Goyard Artois sizes

The Goyard Artois is also a popular tote bag from the brand. Unlike the Saint Laurent, it is not produced in France but in China. Louis has a formal look with a zippered canvas bag rather than an open-top bag.

The Artois also comes with a leather bottom on the four corners of the bag. This means that it has more structure and provides longer shoulder straps.

Similarly, the Artois is available in the same color combinations as the St Louis. These colors are black, white, gray, black & tan, red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, navy blue, and burgundy.

It’s available in the following Goyard tote sizes:

Goyard Artois PM size

What bag size is the Goyard Artois PM suitable for? We’d say it is ideal for going on business trips but is also great for shopping.

Goyard Artois MM size

The Goyard Artois MM size is a renowned all-rounder and the most popular size for the bag of the Artois brand. It measures a length of 50 centimeters, a width of 17 centimeters, and a height of 30 centimeters.

With the extra space in the Goyard Artois MM bag, you can fit a 13-inch laptop and all other essential work items.

Goyard Artois GM size

The Goyard Artois Gozor produces the largest size of the Goyard Artois size and is ideal for vacation flats, weekend getaways, or airplane carry-on bags. It can be used for overnight stays, day trips, and carry-on luggage.

The dimensions of a Goyard Artois GM bag are 68 centimeters long, 24 centimeters wide, and 37 centimeters high.

Where to buy your preferred Goyard tote sizes

Once you’ve chosen your favorite size of the Goyard tote bag, the next step is to determine how to budget for the purchase.

If you want an environmentally friendly way to save money, buying secondhand Goyard bags is a great option. You can purchase these bags in excellent condition for a fraction of the cost from sites like Fashionphile.

Goyard Tote Sizes
Goyard Tote Sizes

However, it’s critical to done due diligence before purchasing a used bag to foster the safety of patients.

If you’re looking for authenticity, your best bet will always be to buy directly from the Goyard brand. Goyard has a network of authorized vendors around the world where you can buy their bags. In the United States, you can find Goyard totes at select Neiman Marcus stores and Bergdorf Goodman.

While this is typically a more expensive option, you are guaranteed top-notch craftsmanship and zero chance of wear and tear with a brand-new item.

How to afford your favorite Goyard tote

Goyard tote bags can cost thousands of dollars, so it is not an easy decision to price them so cheaply.

Save up over time

This is the most obvious approach but it’s important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you want to buy a Goyard bag, set aside some savings each month until you have enough to cover the cost. This will ensure that you aren’t in debt while making certain that your purchase is truly worth it.

Get a part-time job or side hustle

If you want to speed up the process, get a part-time job or start a side business. This extra income can be used to directly contribute to your Goyard donation, letting you reach your goal sooner.

Sell some of your unwanted possessions

We have numerous items in our homes that we no longer require or use. Selling these items online can help us free up more money for our new Goyard purchase.

You may also consider selling some clothes or shoes you are not wearing to consignment stores.

Start budgeting and tracking your spending

One of the best ways to manage money is to be aware of your spending habits. Track where you spend your cash each month and look for areas in which you can cut back. This will help you find some extra cash for your Goyard bag.

Which of these Goyard tote sizes and styles will you choose?

There’s no denying that Goyard tote bags are a luxurious purchase. But with some effort, you can make your dream bag a reality.

Begin by going through the different sizes of Goyard totes to select your favorite, then research where to purchase and how to get the accessory.


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