Living life to the fullest means never having to be confined by your comfort zone. The best way to get out of your bubble is by competing in some comfort zone contests! I will tell everyone that I love a good routine!

I would do the exact same thing over and over again if I had the opportunity. BUT… I know that’s not where real change occurs. If you want to reach your goals, you will need to put yourself in challenging situations and accept the possibility of failure.

Here’s a closer look at why you should leave your comfort zone, as well as 35 challenging comfort zone challenges to help you do so.

Why are comfort zone challenges important?

Leaving your comfort zone is so important for quite a few reasons. First, it teaches you to become accustomed to the idea that there’s always more to learn and not to fear making mistakes. You know failure is inevitable for growth, so you don’t worry.

Leaving your comfort zone also helps you build resilience. By being exposed to new challenges, you become more knowledgeable and can prosper.

Finally, stepping outside of your comfort zone opens doors to new opportunities. It enables you to become the full, original you. You’re confident in your creative, intellectual, and social abilities.

But why is leaving your comfort zone so dang hard?

Your comfort zone has a few really fantastic perks, which is why it can be so challenging to leave it. You feel at ease when you’re there, and you feel in control. Your stress is low. There’s no anxiety. The seat is comfortable.

But too much comfort could hurt your work. Your productivity could plummet. You can start to feel empty by your life and disconnected from your goals. It takes courage to step outside of your shell.

But the more you do it, the easier it gets. Neuroplasticity data shows that after repeated exposure to new stimuli and environments, your brain is able to form new connections. In other words, you adopt a growth mindset.

35 Comfort zone challenges to get you out of your comfort zone

So I have compiled a list of all the 35 comforting pastimes I enjoy the most. Read through it now and specify which challenges you would like to try first. Once you begin to go out of your comfort zone and see how much better it makes your life, you may decide to try them all!

1. Have a photoshoot out in public

Something bold and adventurous about taking photos in public is that you feel nervous and hesitant at first.

But then something magical happens. You wear your fanciest outfit (hello, beautiful!). You are showing some fierce performances that even supermodel Tyra Banks would be jealous of. Soon, you are brimming with confidence left and right!

2. Hit up your local karaoke bar and flex those pipes!

The concept of stepping out of your comfort zone by singing karaoke may seem crazy, but it is a great way to boost your confidence.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this. Wait a minute! Is this really what my voice sounds like?… Please let this recording end soon.” However, when you step off of the stage, your stress vanishes, and your comfort zone expands by a small amount. Singing is also good for your overall health! As if you needed another reason to docalisthenics!

3. Reconnect with an old friend

Who’s that old friend you haven’t spoken to in years but constantly think of? It could be someone from high school, college, or an old job. Breaking this radio silence may be a good way to step outside of your comfort zone.

There’s no need to do anything elaborate. Simply send them a short message saying that it’s been a while and you were on their their mind.

4. Give your honest feedback on something you don’t like — no matter how badly you want to lie

I don’t like confrontation, but there is something truly empowering about providing honest feedback. I’d rather lie and take the path of least resistance rather than face difficult truths.

The next time a colleague asks you for advice about a project, don’t just say, “Yeah, it looks great.” Offer constructive suggestions on how to improve it. You may also try it with your friends and family!

5. Start a conversation with a stranger

It takes a great deal of bravery to start a conversation in an unknown place. Smartphones are intensely popular among pedestrians, making it virtually impossible for people to engage in a meaningful dialogue.

The next time you’re out and about – be it at the grocery store, at a coffee shop, or at the park – try to start up a conversation with someone and see what happens!

6. Ask your crush out on a date

7. Go somewhere you’ve never been before

When you arrive in a new location, you are completely disoriented. You don’t know where you need to go, what to eat, or what activities to do. Likewise, nothing is familiar.

So give this comfort zone challenge a try by visiting a nearby city or flying to a new state or country. There are lots of affordable vacations to choose from!

8. Sign up for a digital course and learn something new

Mastering a new skill makes you feel more confident and empowers you to enact positive change in your life. And depending on what skill you study, it can also make you a more desirable employee. This could give you an advantage when asking for a raise!

So, what’s something you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t? You can participate in a public speaking class, learn a musical instrument, or take a free online personal finance class through Clever Girl Finance.

9. Go one full day without wearing makeup (in public)

Decades of advertising have led many to believe that our natural skin is flawed. You may be embarrassed to go out in public without wearing much makeup. But guess what? You’re beautiful just the way you are!

Ditch your cosmetics for one day and let your natural beauty show. If you feel bad about your skin, try our minimal makeup guide and our minimalistic skin-care routine to achieve a sun-kissed glow.

10. Volunteer someplace new to break through your comfort zone

Volunteering is not only good for the community it is also good for your overall health and personal development. Studies show it reduces stress and your anxiety, improves your self-esteem, and raises your happiness. Plus, it lets you travel abroad.

11. Turn your phone off for an entire day

There’s nothing like the coziness of turning off our phones for an entire day to make sure we do not check them too often. No texts, calls, or apps. Just the two of you and the great wide world. Feel free to give it a try and see what you think!

12. Don’t watch TV for an entire day

La. Can you picture a day without a television? You would spend all this time in front of the television and decide to do something different. Since the average American spends more than three hours watching TV each day (ouch), this is an excellent opportunity to get more involved in hobbies and new activities.

13. Cut out all technology for a day (one of my favorite comfort zone challenges)

Whoa, it’s getting hot now! This is one of the fun activities I enjoy the most because it requires you to disconnect from ALL technology.

I don’t watch TV or phones, and I don’t read novels, games, coloring books, or cook books. I spend my time doing whatever else I like, such as reading, playing games, coloring, baking, writing, walking, or anything else.

14. Drive a new route to work or the grocery store

Do you typically take the same route to work or the grocery store? Change things up a bit by taking a different route (even if it results in a bit longer travel time.) You might enjoy the new scenery.

15. Navigate somewhere without your phone’s GPS

Do you think you can drive to another city without your phone’s GPS? For this comfort zone competition, you focus on using road signs for directions.

And if all else fails, do what your grandparents did and ask someone for directions. Either way, you are venturing into uncharted territory with this task.

16. Spend the day by yourself

Research indicates that time spent alone doesn’t harm your social life; it can actually improve it. Spending time alone can spark creativity, boost your mental acuity, and allow you to get to know yourself better.

So give it a shot! Get on a fun date. Dine at a new restaurant (do not just go to the restaurant and order your food to go). Go to some stores. Visit the movie theaters. Enjoy some quality time on your own with Y-O-U.

17. Paint your nails a fun vibrant color

Some comfort zone challenges are very practical, but this challenge is about having fun! Try a bold nail color that you wouldn’t usually wear.

Do you prefer neutrals? Consider red, brown, or green. Paint your nails with a deep, rich color like you wouldn’t believe possible.

Comfort Zone Challenges

18. Get a fun hairstyle that’s out of your comfort zone

This is another one of those fun comfort zone challenges. If there’s a hairstyle, you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t, just go for it!

Dye your hair that funky color. Get some fun braids. Let your hair flow naturally and letlouses grow out freely. Cut your hair into a pixie style. Shave it off. I’ll do it myself, girlfriend.

19. Put together a bold outfit from your closet and wear it with pride!

Those Fuschia-pink pants or that dark teal topâ dare you to wear the combination? But dressing unconventionally is a great way to spice up your wardrobe. It is also a great way to upcycle your wardrobe and get a new feel for your appearance!

20. Let your inner child roam free for the day

Pick a day out when you do the things you loved most as a kid. Visit the zoo, buy one of those adult coloring books, do some fingerpainting. The sky’s the limit! Check out our ideas for homemade experience gifts for children and try to do them yourself.

21. Have a “yes” day with your family for a fun comfort zone challenge

It’s a great one if you have children. Say “yes” to everything they ask, but set some ground rules beforehand (e.g., it must not cost more than $100, it needs to be in the city, it cannot be illegal, etc.). See what exciting events occur!

22. Learn a new dance routine and record yourself doing it

Choose a dance from TikTok or Instagram and instruct it yourself. Bonus points if you record the whole thing once you’ve learned it! (We want to see it!) Dancing is enjoyable and very good exercise!

23. Ask for a discount next time you go into a store

The next time you’re at Old Navy or a coffee shop or wherever, ask the cashier if they have any discounts. You could be surprised at what they can make you do to help you save some funds. And if all else fails, it’s good practice for speaking up for yourself.

You may also ask if they will find any coupons they can use for you as well. Stores like Kohl’s often have extras that they can check, so you can save money!

24. Open up to a close friend about something you’re struggling with right now

It takes a lot of courage to open up about something negative in your life. Choose someone you can trust, then step out of your comfort zone by sharing it with them. Spending time with a trusted friend can be beneficial, as it can give you the strength to persevere.

25. Try a new recipe that’s way out of your comfort zone

Do you usually prepare the same dishes every week? Expand your culinary horizons by trying out a recipe you would not otherwise eat. We have a lot of excellent low-cost recipes that taste fantastic!

26. Visit a restaurant that serves a type of food you’ve never had before

Never had Indian food? Look up an Indian restaurant in your area! Never been to an elegant restaurant with a seven-course tasting menu? Go for it!

Trying new foods at new restaurants is a win-win in terms of leaving your safe zone. You can enjoy high-end dining experiences even on a budget!

27. Go one full day without caffeine

Where are my coffee fans at? Or perhaps you prefer tea or soda. Try going a full day without caffeine at all. Want to eventually eliminate your caffeine addiction entirely? Extend it for a week!

28. Sleep on the opposite side of the bed

If you have a bed partner, one of you usually sleeps on one side of the bed while the other sleeps on the other.

Wherever you choose to sleep – at home, at a hotel, or at a friend’s house – you feel disoriented and like something’s wrong if you aren’t on “your” side.

Why not get out of your comfort zone by switching positions? You could be more refreshed by trying something new.

29. Switch up your morning routine for a comfort zone challenge

Spice things up a bit by changing your morning shower routine. If you usually shower in the morning, try showering in the evening.

If you typically read before bed, do it before you work. Try it out and see what happens!

30. Reach out to someone you’ve wronged and apologize

It takes great courage to admit to making a mistake since let’s face it, none of us like admitting we are wrong.

If you have someone or a few people weighing on your mind, fixing your relationship with them might be one of the best comfort zone challenges you attempt. Maybe you can repair a past friendship and start anew.

31. Send someone you love a care package just because

Who is a random person in your life who might benefit from a care package or a handwritten note? Even if they think it’s awkward, send it anyway just to remind them you care.

It’s amazing when somebody surprises you with an unexpected acknowledgment and tells you that you’re thinking of them. Regardless of the size or significance of the gesture, it is sure to be exciting for them.

32. Sign up for an adrenaline-inducing adventure for a classic comfort zone challenge

When you think of comfort zone challenges, you could be inclined to picture adrenaline-pumping activities like skydiving, parasailing, and zip-lining. Why not try one for yourself?

You could even start with something like indoor skydiving and just go from there. You never know how adventurous you may be until you try something risky.

33. Outsource a task that takes up a huge chuck of your time

If you’re a perfectionist, the idea of outsourcing a job may seem mortifying. But imagine how much extra time and intellectual energy you would have if you asked for assistance? Do not be ashamed of delegating tasks to others and give this comfort zone challenge a try.

34. Tackle one of your biggest fears

What’s one fear holding you back in life? Are you afraid of failing? Or are you terrified of success? Whatever it is, spend the day thinking of ways you can face it. Then, tackle some of those challenges!

35. Do something you’ve been putting off forever

This could involve downloading a budgeting tool, learning how to invest, or ramping up a side-hustle. Whatever it may be, get out of your comfort zone by doing it today.

Procrastination is self-defeating to all aspects of your life, including your finances and health. But you can overcome it and achieve any goal you set your mind to!

Bonus: 30-day comfort zone challenge idea

Okay, I’ve got an idea for you. You know how 30-day challenges are all the rage right now? What if you created one of your favorite items from the list of 30 items and combined them into a supercharged, super awesome 30-day comfort zone challenge?

It takes 28 days on average to make a habit, so this is a great way to make some long-lasting changes to your life.

Which of these comfort zone challenges will you try first?

Even if you are not able to do the 30-day comfort zone challenge in its entirety, I encourage you to at least try out a few of these selections.

If you want to save some money, be sure to sign up for our savings challenge bundle. It has six different challenges that are designed to keep you motivated and help you save money.


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