A frameless shower is a unique feature that adds an extra level of luxury to your shower. While not every frameless shower has a window in the middle, you get the same luxurious experience with this variation.

This variation is usually offered as a larger size, or two variations of size, compared to a normal frame-less shower. The two variations are usually widths or lengths of showers, with or without doors.

Widths of showers can be useful for people who do not like having to bend over to bath. lengths of showers can be useful for people who do not like having to stand under the bath water waiting for it to dry.

What is acrylic?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

Acrylic is a common material used to create most walls and pieces. It is usually mixed with another material to create the final piece. Acrylic is very clear and can look like either glass, stone, or solid surface.

Acrylic is very flexible and can be painted or screwed down to create different textures or angles. These same skills can be used to paint the walls, ceiling, and/or floor!

How does acrylic work?

The main difference between conventional acrylic and foamacrylic is the type of resin used to make it. Conventional acrylic uses an academy grade synthetic resin whereas foamacrylic uses a cheaper one that does not hold up well over time.

The second difference is how it’s placed on the wall. Because of the softer nature of conventional acrylic, it must be put on by a professional so it matches the space.

Does it contain chemicals?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

No, this is a non-chemical alternative. It does not contain any fragrances or additives that could potentially harm you.

It does not contain any cleaners either, making it safer for you and your family. These products are sometimes cleaned with vinegar and warm water, which is safe and gentle.

You can find these alternatives at many places, such as supermarkets, health food stores, beach supplies, and online.

The ingredients found in these alternatives are just the right balance of natural and non-natural to work well in your shower system. You do not have to add anything to it because it already exists!

Being aware of potential sources of chemicals can help prevent harmful exposure to substances that may be unsafe.

How hard is it?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

Most people who install x-high showers find they take about an hour and a half to two hours to install and set up. This is due to the size of the base unit and the number of showering heads that come with it.

You must also take into account the time it takes your family members to prepare for a shower. Some people are faster than others!

Once completed, this installation process gives you some nice testaments. You can look at the level of water pressure in your shower and see if it is sufficient or if you need a stronger system. You can also look at how many heads you have on your system and see if you are being served properly.

Will it crack?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

Cracks in the wall can be embarrassing or terrifying! Luckily, it is rare for a wall to break during a shower. However, if a shower is installed on a floor, then it may wobble because of the water moving. This would also occur if you had high ceilings and the top of the shower was above them!

Most showers are designed so that there is no need for extra support. If your new to showers, you should get started with low supported seats and blankets to gain confidence. Once you are more comfortable, you can move up to the standard supports found in showers.

The only issue we have heard of with this genset is some people getting cold feet due to lack of support.

Is acrylic easy to clean?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

When you take your shower time to the next level, going for a full open-air shower is the ticket! This is particularly helpful if you have children or special-needs friends that don’t enjoy crowded showers.

Many showers have reserved areas for people with disabilities, so taking your choice of full-open-air showering to a community space is an added benefit. You can also ask the other residents in your shower what they like about using the tub and how they like it!

Cleaning your acrylic shower wall is a little different from other types of baths. There are specific tools and techniques that must be used, so do not worry about that getting dirty! acrylic wall monoblocs are also ideal for this type of bath because you do not have to worry about water being pulled off of the top or bottom surfaces.

Does acrylic rust?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

Many people worry that installing a acrylic shower door will result in water getting inside the door and rusting it. However, this may not be a problem for you.

If you are concerned about this, you can coat the door with non-acidic rust preventative before installing. This can be purchased at most home improvement stores or online at many sites.

Non-acidic rust preventative does result in some staining, however. You can still clean it off if necessary! It is recommended that you always keep it on when showering to ensure adequate protection.

Another tip for avoiding this problem is to install a high-quality shower curtain. Since water will probably get inside the curtain, they suggest washing them regularly to prevent these stains.

Can I paint it?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

Yes! You can paint it! There are many brands that offer products to paint your shower walls. Some are painted herself, some are mixed by a company, and some are installed. Regardless, you can add your own design and texture to your shower walls!

When installing a new shower wall, there are a few things to watch out for. One of them is where the water goes. Most places have a rule-out-and-replace procedure for that.

Another thing to watch out for is whether or not the wall is double-bordered (two opposing sides with no gap between them). If so, then there may be an issue with which side gets more sunlight or precipitation.

A final tip is how high the shower should be above the ground to function properly. Having low showers can cause issues such as wet soil or floods where the user cannot get out.

What are the advantages of using acrylic over metal or glass?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

Aside from the fact that acrylic is much more affordable, it offers several benefits to users. Many find that glass and metal are difficult or even impossible to work with, which is why some brands use acrylic instead.

For example, some people cannot seem to get the right shade or texture with glass, and adding texture to a shower wall is a hard task. When using acrylic, these people can add texture in the form of white or coloured tiles!

Another benefit of using an acrylic wall panel is that you can add on new walls as new spaces are needed. When installing a new space, you do not have to buy new panels– they come with the site! You just have to cut and join them together.


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