People will criticize your goals and tell you that you’re inadequate. Rather than being discouraged or angry, use this criticism to spur yourself on. Use that energy to become your best self and receive the finances you deserve. Success is the best revenge!

Why success is the best revenge

Although money should not be your only motivation, it is a worthwhile goal to establish financial independence.

With your success, you can vote with your dollars

Where and how you spend your money matters. Each purchase you make and stock you own is a vote in favor of that company. This reflects your responsibility regarding how they are affecting the world-for worse or for better. The more you have, the more “votes” you can cast.

Having more money lets you shop according to your values, instead of using what is cheapest or most convenient.

Be an advocate for the interests of women and support Black-owned businesses. Buy from ethical manufacturers to show your support for important issues. Take action by showing your support for important causes such as saving the rainforest from being bulldozed.

Why you should not get obsessed with revenge and what to do instead

The goal is to “get even” and get revenge. If getting even with a person becomes your focus instead of doing what’s right, you lose. Put your energy into accomplishing your goals and ignore irrelevant issues.

Visualize success

Not everyone has the same idea of what success means. Don’t let another person’s standards for their life or your death cloud your judgment. Your vision is valid. Becoming a successful person could actually help you reach your goal faster.

Mentally picture what it’s like to accomplish that goal, get that promotion, feel whatever emotion you’re looking for. Or, if you want to experience your hopes and ambitions in a tangible way, try a vision board. Get inventive, and let your funny side run wild.

Learn from failure

We can all learn from Oprah’s failed TV show. While we may not be able to reach her level of success, we can certainly grow through our failures.

Hard-working women don’t get to the peak of their professions by chance. They’re always looking for ways to enhance their skills.

Conquering each fear is much easier than trying to overcome everything at once. More than likely, we overestimate our own strength, and failure is then much more likely.

Key financial goals to achieve success

The ultimate goal of financial prosperity is freedom from economic stress. With wealth comes new chances and a mental load can be lifted. You deserve to be more than only the bare minimum requirements.

Take charge of your finances to advance your intellectual and financial status. This will disabuse your critics of their misinformed thinking. As I said before, you are doing the best you can, so do not let others criticize you. Here are some more tips.

Get your budget on-point

Don’t squander your funds every month. Rather, use it to determine your decisions. If you budget carefully, you could actually end up feeling less restricted.

Rather than spending at random and running out of cash, you can earmark cash for the things that matter to you.

Start saving

Everyone begins their savings journey somewhere, so do not procrastinate. Saving and investing money consistently over time is the best way to get ahead.

Store yourself from an emergency fund to avoid falling behind. Having more money in reserve can also help pay off debt or make larger investments to increase your wealth.

Invest in your future

Retirement is just around the corner. Start saving for retirement as early as you are able, no matter how small your initial contribution.

Find out what retirement plans are best for you based on your profession, your ambitions, and your financial situation.

Remember that compound interest and employer matches are tools in your wealth-building toolkit that you need to employ.

Additionally consider other investments. Maybe investing in real estate is a good fit for your way of life or where you live.

Perhaps you can make money from some of your stock investments. Maybe you have an opportunity to begin a sideline business, or you may even decide to invest in an asset. How you spend your money is up to you, but your money should serve you and your goals for the future.

Financial Motivation
Financial Motivation

 Move in silence

Sometimes you have naysayers or hostile people around you, so it is best to keep your goal to yourself and work in secret.

Don’t let anyone’s negativity or limited mindset hold you back from achieving your dreams and goals. Let your aspirations take root. Your success will finally speak for you!

Grab your goals girl!

Success is the greatest revenge because it is sweet and simple. It is you coming into your identity and being, rather than the recognition of others determining who you are or what you are worth.

Opponents will doubt, haters will hate, but you are going to not be concerned since success is impenetrable to all that negativity.

Once you start considering yourself capable, you will find that you spend more time around other successful people, which can result in a chain reaction.

Their perspective, network, and access to opportunities will affect your earning potential. Ideally, you can keep the success snowball rolling and pay it forward to other women you know!


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