Sometimes the most fascinating hacks come from the most mundane sources. As much as motherhood is fulfilling and rewarding, it is also challenging at times.

You have tasks to accomplish and meals to prepare, in addition to snacks and lunches. From working in or out of the house, life hacks for mothers can make hectic parts of your day a little bit simpler.

Why do you need mom hacks?

The phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child,” is extremely true. The village looks very different from what our moms and grandmas had.

Nonetheless, we do our best to build communities like this here at Clever Girl Finance! A hint or word of encouragement passed from mother to mother can make all the difference.

Many useful life hacks are also ideas for busy mothers. There are also ways to save cash and time.

These hacks aren’t bad outcomes either. Finally, mother hacks are lifesavers, they are necessary for your mental health. Let’s get started!

Mom hacks to save time

I wish I possessed some sort of magic wand to provide you with more time if you are running late or make time fly by when you are having a difficult time.

Alas! This power of mine has not allowed me to accomplish all of the great things that I wish I had been able to do. Here are some great mother life hacks that will let you save time.

Try some make-ahead breakfasts

Try making breakfast the night before early drop-offs. You can make homemade granola bars or overnight oats.

You can also make frozen packs for smoothies. Add in bananas, berries, spinach, and other fruits and vegetables that are easy to make in the morning for an energizing breakfast.

Double the recipe when you cook your favorite meals

Cook twice as many servings of your favorite dishes. Then you will have leftovers for lunch or freeze the rest for another day.

I do this when I make lasagna and pasta sauces and cookie dough. The same holds true for muffins, which can also be doubled and stored for later use.

Make a task schedule for yourself

Create a timetable for tasks, personal appointments, and family activities so that you can tackle the chaos. This is one of the best lifehacks for helping improve your days.

For example, on your job schedule, you can assign certain tasks to particular days of the week. For example, you could clean the bathrooms on Thursdays, change sheets on Mondays, cook food on Sundays, and wash dishes on Saturdays.

Utilize the store pickup option

If you have children, there’s no point in stopping at any store. Several retailers offer store pickup options, so take advantage of this opportunity!

Use the store app to schedule a pickup time for your shopping orders and purchase your items at the store. You can avoid dragging the kids around to the store by picking them up there.

Invest in kitchen gadgets to cut down on meal prep time

If you’re looking to cut down meal prep or cooking time, having the right equipment can help you save both.

Shop for the Instant Pot, air fryer, multi-use vegetable tool, defrosting tray, and salad spinner. Use these handy devices when you cook a meal.

Mom has useful kitchen appliances that make healthy meals. She also has kitchen devices that let you prepare delicious foods.

Toss your kid’s toys in the washing machine for easy cleaning

Your washing machine is not only for laundry and sheets. Your child’s toy chest can also go into the device! Put the toys in the mesh laundry bag and throw it into the washing machine. Let the washing machine do its work.

This is one of the best optimizations to do, especially if you have had guests over. Clean your child’s toys that others may have eaten or coughed on.

Dry laundry quicker

Laundry is the bane of my life. So much laundry! If you like this, try the jogging stroller mom hack, too.

Every load of laundry in the dryer should include a fluffy dry towel to absorb moisture. Let the towel sit for at least 10 minutes before the dryer loads it again to help it dry more quickly.

Life hacks for moms to save money

Just like time, money is something we would like to have more of. So, here are some tricks to save some extra cash.

Make your own cleaning products

Many household items like baking soda, vinegar, and dishwashing detergent are effective for cleaning.

Do you know that marble can be cleaned with dish-washing liquid and warm water? Shaving cream can also be used to remove hard water stains from chrome bathroom fixtures.

Just read the product labels before mixing. Label the bottles of DIY cleaners you mix, too, so you know what’s in them.

Rubberband mom life hacks

Rubber bands are packaged with your grocery store produce, or you can pick them up for cheap at a dollar store. They have so many functions.

You can wrap them around the handles to babyproof your cabinets. It works just as well as the more expensive and complicated gadgets.

Mom Hacks To Save Time
Mom Hacks To Save Time

It is also a good way to cut the amount of soap that leaks out of small soap bottles. Tie a rubber band around the neck of the bottle to cut off the flow.

A rubber band can be useful for opening those hard-to-open jars. Wrap it around the lid for additional traction to make twisting the lid easier.

How to remove pen marks on cabinets

We just moved into our new home a few months ago. The first time my child got ahold of a pen, he proceeded to write all over the white cabinets in the kitchen.

Of course, I searched the internet for the best ways to remove pen marks from kitchen cabinets.

All that’s necessary is warm water, baking soda, and elbow grease. Leave the paste-like mixture for a few minutes as well. Afterward, wipe off the cabinets using a damp cloth.

Bathe your baby in a basket

You can buy those fancy bath seats or save money by bathing your child in a laundry basket. This clever mom hack can be performed once your child can sit up and stand up unassisted. Keeping your child in one place and their bath toys nearby keeps them occupied.

DIY faucet extender

Reuse your shampoo bottles and make them into kid-friendly faucet extenders. This is one of the easiest life hacks for mothers who want to avoid using faucet extenders for every sink. With this, you don’t have a step stool in every bathroom as well.

You can allow your children to wash their hands at the sink, and you won’t have to hold them up. This helps prevent splashback as well.

Powerful stain remover

A mom should have an effective stain remover in her tool belt. This explains why one of the best cleanup hacks is to wash with white wine. Combine Dawn dish soap with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Use it to clean fabric, furniture, or carpets to remove stains. But be sure to test specific colors just in case, since cleaning one dye may damage another.

Mom hacks for your sanity

Life hacks can mean the difference between chaos and calm. I sincerely hope you can benefit from a few of the tips I have found to make today less hectic and more productive.

Always bring an extra change of clothes

This is one of the new tricks that I had to learn the hard way. Always, and I mean always, have a spare change of clothing on hand.

Put in a few extra wipes and diapers, too. Bring a shirt and towel, and leave the bottle in the car. No matter the age of your children, this bag will be handy when hiking.

Carry a small bag of kid activities with you

Be sure to bring a child’s favorite toy when traveling to a new location. Fidget toys, coloring books, crayons, and other toys keep them entertained for hours.

Cupcake liner mom hacks

Who would have ever thought cupcake liners had so many purposes? Moms, that is, of course! Use cupcake liners as popsicle liners to prevent drips.

You can also use it to keep debris out of cups when you are outside. Additionally, it is useful to separate food items in your child’s lunch bag. Clean your windshield’s cup holders by touching them with the window scraper before you remove them.

Use a lint roller to pick up Lego pieces

Setting up a home printer is so simple, yet so helpful for keeping your residence neat. This is one of the most enjoyable life hacks that I have discovered, and it helps make having Legos at home easier to live with.

Lint rollers are the answer for cleaning up Lego pieces. You don’t have to get down on your hands and knees to pick them up.

Give your kids bubble baths and popsicles

When it is time to take a break during the day, during the late afternoon, or just before bath time, give your kids a popsicle and take them to the bathtub. Let them have a fun bath and enjoy a bit of calm.

Put a shower cap on toddlers and let them play with food

Children typically learn from sensory experiences, so they are likely to try new foods. Studies have shown that allowing them to experience new tastes and textures can help them safely explore new flavors.

But if you do not wish to wash your child’s hair every time they have a bite, let them wear a shower cap. Hopefully, they will allow you to put it on and leave it on.

Use hot glue to seal the bottom of kid’s bath toys

There’s nothing worse than mold or mildew in your kids’s toys. Because bath toys normally don’t have enough time to thoroughly dry before being submerged again, they are vulnerable to mold.

Seal the toy’s bottom with tape to make sure water does not get in. Then, you’ve finished one more thing you do not have to worry about.

Use stickers to help kids put their shoes on

Help your children put their shoes on easily with this helpful mom trick. Just cut a sticker into half and place it inside the shoes. The stickers show them how to tell the difference between left and right and between shoes.

Let your babies play inside inflatable pools

Infants like to crawl on the floor and may not be able to get out if they fall into a place where they shouldn’t go. Small items can become lodged in babies’ mouths, so caretakers must be wary.

You can still encourage your kids to stay active by playing with them indoors on inflatable pools. They are padded and you choose what toys go in the pools, so there’s no danger of choking.

Have bins for outgrown clothes

Rather than throwing used items back into your child’s closet to be thrown out later, maintain empty bins in their room for this use. Alternatively, diaper boxes are ideal. Store the clothing size for your young children if you are storing it for them.

Add 2 layers of sheets to beds

You don’t want to have to wake a fully awake child in the middle of the night, so use this trick for illnesses or training procedures. It’s also one of the more useful new mom life hacks.

Let them sleep with two layers of waterproof sheets and ordinary sheets. That way, if accidents occur, they can only remove the top layer and resume sleeping quickly without any issues.

Rotate your kid’s toys

I know that taking care of my children’s toys sounds like extra work, but doing it will reduce the number of toys you need to clean. Fewer toys means less cleaning once you are done playing with them.

We have to keep our children’s interests piqued and replace them frequently to keep their interest in toys.

They also play with their favorite toys for a longer period of time when there is less clutter. When shopping for children’s gifts for special occasions, remember to consider experiences and non-toy items as well.

Mom life hacks can change your life for the better!

Moms are great at sharing advice and taking turns, and these good life hacks are useful for any mother or even a veteran mother.

Life hacks can make a significant difference in how your day and week go.

While we’re on the subject, here are some other great tips for making money and following a budget, or even home hacking if you want to save a few bucks!


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