Many of us have heard of the 10% rule when it comes to saving money, but you are likely to stick to something if you make it interesting. There are tons of fun things to do and inexpensive challenges to take advantage of. Saving money and remaining frugal are not only admirable traits; they can tremendously increase your financial security.

My mother is famous for being thrifty and finding creative ways to save cash. With three kids, you learn to spend money wisely. She saved money by shopping secondhand, buying groceries at bargain stores, and repurposing leftovers.

We wouldn’t be having so much fun without her being so thrifty. Saving money whenever you can is a great way to accumulate your savings account for more important items.

35 Crazy things to do to save!

If you are a busy mother or a career-oriented woman, it is important to save money. Check out the exciting ways to save money on these unbelievable activities.

1. Sell empty toilet paper rolls

You may be confused as to how this is possible, but people often buy empty toilet paper rolls for crafts and other purposes. They can be found on eBay and sold for a profit. Rather than disposing of those unused paper towels in the trash can, neatly package them and sell them.

2. Sell your eggs

We’re not talking about chicken eggs here, but your actual egg-producing eggs. It isn’t an easy task to become an egg donor, but the average compensation ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. This is one of the most outlandish ideas to save money, but it is surprisingly lucrative as well. Frozen eggs are a potential option as well.

3. Get paid for plasma

This is an excellent crazy activity to earn money if you’re not afraid of needles. The average payout for a plasma donation is about $50. We recommend donating every 28 days, but some businesses allow more frequent donations.

4. Make your own soap

If you enjoy crafts, then making your own soap and laundry detergent is a great way to save money. Buy your ingredients in bulk and make larger batches to save time.

5. Rent out your car

Leave Air B&B; now, individuals can rent out their cars for money. Some individuals make a few hundred dollar profit every month by renting out their vehicle on Turo. This is great for anyone working from home.

6. Live in a bus

This is one of the neatest ways to save costs. Skoolies are antique buses that have been converted into compact houses or recreational vehicles. You can own your own home and travel the country while saving money.

7. Cans for cash

Recycling is great for the environment, but you can also earn some cash back for your charitable deeds. Set out recycling bins at your friends’ and relatives’ residences, as well, and sell aluminum cans for income.

8. Skip Christmas

You may be familiar with a cost-efficient Christmas, but you can save a great deal of cash by skipping the holiday entirely. A weekend getaway can even be less expensive than purchasing expensive gifts. You are not a miser; you’re only preventing debt from financially irresponsible purchases.

9. Unplug your appliances

Appliances that continue to draw power even when not in use are known as “energy vampires,” and they can cost you a lot of money each year. By unplugging the appliances, you can save money of up to $100 to $200. There are also low energy-effective appliances that you can purchase. These appliances use less energy without reducing performance. It’s something to bear in mind when it’s time to replace your old appliances.

10. Save money at the movies

I admit that I started saving money at the movies as a teenager. There is a 500% markup on delicious movie snacks! In exchange for an expensive drink and a box of candy, I usually carried a large purse. I selected a can beverage and a bag of candy from the Dollar Store. Save that hard-earned money and don’t waste it on popcorn.

11. Cancel cable

I helped save more than a thousand dollars a year by canceling cable television. Other expenses are far higher, and cable TV is an unnecessary expense. There are plenty of ways to cut costs and reduce your entertainment expenses.

12. Cut the air conditioning

You can save up to 10% per year on your electrical bill by lowering your thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees. Of course, you could reduce your energy consumption even more by turning off your air conditioner completely on days that aren’t unbearably hot. Open the windows and turn on the fan, and make this one of the crazy things one can do to save energy.

13. Stop using paper towels

You can save a bit of money by going green and ditching paper towels. Use reusable sponges or cloths in place of discarding money on paper towels. If you still can’t quite cut them all out, then at least go for an inexpensive brand.

14. Grab up condiments

Rather than throwing away the extra condiments in your to-go order, save them to eat at a later time. You can also take some extras with you to eat at home. Buying up condiments is one of the easiest ways to save money on groceries.

15. Save on gas

Staying motivated can save money on incidental expenses. You can save on gas by running errands all on the same day whenever possible. Driving less burns more money into your pocket than filling up your gas tank.

16. Reuse plastic bags

Save money and protect the environment by reusing your plastic bags. You’d be amazed at all of the cool things you can do with old plastic bags! Use them for making crafts, storage, and replacing expensive trash bags.

17. Scope parking lots for loose change

I picked up pennies walking in parking lots with my father. I thought it was hilarious when he told me that each penny led to a dollar. There is definitely truth behind this theory. Every bit of loose change is more money than you had before. Keep a piggy bank or something similar in your car and scope parking lots for loose change whenever you are out.

Save More Money
Save More Money

18. Dumpster dive

Dumpster diving is among the most extreme and strange activities to do in order to save money. However, I had a friend that would dive the dumpsters at Walmart. Max out and find new treasures in the trash! She would gather these items and sell them to pawn shops or online to turn a profit. It’s amazing what people will throw away.

19. Repurpose leftovers

Every American leaves behind a third of their food to rot each year. Reduce your food waste and save money on groceries by repurposing leftovers. You can make delicious meals by remaking last night’s dinner and using inexpensive ingredients such as rice, beans, or other items.

20. Clean with vinegar

Cleaning supplies can be expensive. Buy white vinegar to clean your appliances, your bathroom, and other household items. It can also be used for personal care! It is the only item of its kind that is chemical-free and purifies extremely well.

21. Potty train your cat

Many pet owners have opted to forgo pricey cat litter and toilet train their cats instead. This is among the craziest ways to save money on cat care.

22. Paint your roof

Painting your roof white reflects heat rather than absorbing it, which leads to lower utility bills. It is also believed that a lighter-colored roof reflects sunlight back into the atmosphere, which may reduce global warming.

23. Freeze your credit cards

Does impulse shopping trouble you? If so, freezing your credit cards is one of the bizarre things to do to stop yourself from buying things you do not need. We are not talking about putting a freeze on them but just literally freezing them in water. Some people put their credit cards in a storage bag, fill it with water, and freeze it. This prevents the cards from being easily accessible, which can help you control your expenses.

24. Live in a tiny house

How much space do we need anyway? Tiny homes are growing in popularity and with good reason. Downsizing your house means less spending on utilities, mortgage payments, and storage space. Some homeowners own their homes for free and clear of expense, which is a real investment.

25. Meatless Monday

There are many delicious recipes that do not contain meat. By not eating any meat one day a week, you will save a significant amount of money. By purchasing more affordable meals, you will save even more money. Beans and legumes are excellent meat substitutes that are high in protein and fiber.

26. Stop wasting water

Leaks and broken toilets are not the only ways we are wasting water. Consider how much water goes down the drain just warm enough for a shower, which it could instead be saving. Letting the water run from the faucet while you wash dishes or make coffee can result in a lot of wasted water. Prevent water waste by avoiding the use of pitchers and buckets to fill up for water plants and cleaning. You can also use these containers to drink or cook with.

27. Repurpose jars

Glass jars have many uses. You can clean them and use them as drinking glasses, for storing items, or for art projects. Like toilet paper rolls, you can sell empty jars on eBay for a profit.

28. Snack on food samples

My sister-in-law and her siblings go to Costco to snack on food samples. Instead of eating out, they dine on samples from the food court. It’s a fun way to dine out without spending any money.

29. Get a roommate

Going out on your own can saddle you with immense debt. Subleasing with roommates can free up a lot of funds. You may be able to split the costs such as electricity, water, and cable as well.

30. Look out for free stuff

By searching through Craiglist and your local community, you can furnish your home for free by searching on Craiglist. Furniture is given away all the time; you just need to go and get it. You can find items by looking through your neighbors’ garbage containers for free signs. You might find books, clothes, and other items as well.

31. Heat half your house

We did this a lot when we were both working full-time. Because we weren’t home much of the time, we turned the heat down in most of the rooms to save money on our electric bills.

32. Eat ramen noodles for lunch

Okay, it’s not a very healthy thing to do, but it’s an inexpensive lunch idea. A 24-pack of ramen noodles costs under $6 which averages to a quarter a pack. You can eat lunch every day for a month for less than $

33. Discount days at Salvation Army

When I was young, my mother and I would go to the Salvation Army for a day of clothes for $1. Clothing was only $1 per item. Check with your local Salvation Army for discount days to save on clothing and more.

34. Try a no-spend challenge

One of the best ways to save money is participating in a no-spend challenge. This is when you don’t spend any money on anything other than bills and expenses. Begin with a no-expense week, then work your way up to a month and if that is what you want to do, try a year!

35. Walk or bike to work

Walking or biking to work is an exceptionally affordable and healthy way to save money. Even going one way on foot or on a bike can save gas money. It is possible to get a ride or walk there in inclement weather with a coworker.

You can save money by doing a few crazy good things!

These suggestions can help you save money to build up your emergency fund or begin investing. Living a frugal lifestyle could protect you from large debt and even help you avoid breaking your budget. Review more awesome ways to conserve with our awesome money-saving hacks!


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