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If you’re in the market for a new Chanel handbag, we have plenty of information about sizes to choose from.

It’s not hyperbole to say that Chanel as a brand name is a titan in the fashion world. The fact that it has been around for more than a century is proof of its staying power and influence.

Just like Hermes’ Birkin and Lady Dior’s bag, Chanel’s Boy bag is a highly desirable item for connoisseurs of luxury. It is made from an alligator skin and calfskin combination and tortoiseshell, and it is available at locations such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s.

History of the Boy bag

The Boy bag was first discovered in Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection. The design is based on a hunting cartridge bag that Coco used to tote her gear. This makes the bag functional and slick.

At the rear of the bag is a flap that folds over the entire front. Chanel creates new designs every season by modifying existing designs and adding flaps and buckles. All Boy bag sizes are also available in vintage-looking chains, which are darker in color than other vintage handbag styles and are favored by younger buyers.

The Boy bag’s more contemporary and boxy design makes it a more appealing package than its Classic counterpart. The Classic flap is referenced by Coco Chanel’s 2.55 (or 255) bag, which was introduced in 1955.

Legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld said the Boy bag is a tribute to Coco’s youthful spirit and rebellious nature. That’s why he named it after Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel, whom he regarded as the most important person in his life.

While the design is somewhat new, it has established itself as a true classic for the brand. No matter your preference between the Chanel Boy bag large or smaller models, they are the perfect combination of daring and chic.

Introducing the Chanel Boy bag sizes

In addition to the eye-catching colors, bag enthusiasts and budding fashionistas are drawn to the boy bag for its functionality and versatility.

You can also choose to wear it over the shoulders or crossbody. It’s an eye-catching accessory for more formal events, too, and is a great choice if you desire to elevate your streetwear.

The Chanel bag sizes normally feature calfskin and lambskin, but Chanel has released many different versions over the years. You may find many materials. In reality, Chanel occasionally makes tweed and velvet handbag straps.

Just like in materials, the Boy bag is also available in all colors and shades, so you should expand your search to resale outlets. Classic black leather Boy bags have become a seasonal staple, and you can also find new if one isn’t available.

That said, here are all the Chanel Boy bag sizes to choose from.

Chanel Boy bag small size

The Chanel Boy bag size is typically about 8 inches in diameter, 4.7 inches tall, and 2.8 inches deep. There may be slight variations depending on the time of year or style.

But it is just rightly sized to carry the essentials for nights out or special occasions such as a wedding. It is not large enough for people wanting a large day trip bag.

In either case, the small Chanel Boy bag is perfect for a needs-only type of girl. You could easily carry your phone, some money, keys, a small amount of powder, and possibly a hand sanitizer if you organize your items well.

Since Chanel Boy is a very petite bag, you can wear it hanging on the shoulder or across the body. Both ways show off your new purse beautifully, and it’s hands-free in both cases.

Chanel Boy bag medium size

The Chanel Boy bag medium provides plenty of space, style, and comfort. It is roomy enough to transport most necessities, but not overly heavy or bulky. For that reason, it is the most popular option among Boy family members.

Another reason the Chanel Boy bags are desired by fashionistas is that they can worn in several ways. You can use the medium as a crossbody bag or wear it on the shoulder.

All Chanel Boy bag sizes have leather straps that are comfortable for long-term wear. The straps are also adjustable for different lengths, so you can double the strap and wear the bag under your arm.

The medium Boy bag can also take more items than you need. There is a zippered pocket to keep some dollars, credit cards, and receipts while you’re out and about.

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So, there are two versions of the Chanel Boy bag medium size. The older one, as handbag aficionados affectionately referred to it, was slightly smaller than the new medium. It is 5.7 inches by 9.8 inches by 3.5 inches.

On the other hand, the new medium size released last year has more space and two interior pockets. Its dimensions increased to 7.1 inches (width), 11 inches (height), and 3.5 inches (depth).

Chanel Boy bag large size

The Chanel Boy bag large is spacious and convenient for everyday use. It is also a stylish travel bag. With dimensions of 11.8 inches by 8.3 inches by 4.1 inches, it’s like a large tote bag with chains.

If you’re planning on traveling, it can conveniently carry your necessities such as your cellphone, keys, and a lip balm. You could also fit a passport or a passport holder and possibly a notepad, an e-reader, or a small book.

The Chanel Boy bag is the largest size if you want a bag that you can use for traveling and transporting everything as well.

Where to buy your favorite Chanel Boy bag sizes?

In addition to style and size, cost is another vital factor when shopping for a Chanel Boy bag. Unlike Louis Vuitton and Dior, Chanel does not sell its products online. To purchase an item, you must visit the boutique or call the store directly.

So if you want to enjoy the latest in luxury fashion, purchasing your brand-new handbag in a Chanel boutique would be the way to go. You could also shop at high-end stores such as Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

Chanel Boy Bag Sizes 101
Chanel Boy Bag Sizes 101

Love the style, but don’t want to pay the price? Go the used route. Just be sure you are shopping at a reputable reseller.

Websites such as Fashionphile, Sotheby’s, and The Real Real offer a wide variety of Chanel bag size and style options. You could even get lucky and take home a limited edition handbag!

Another option is to rent the designer bag if you are not yet able to buy one. You can test out the Chanel boy bags of various sizes and models. It’s a good way to determine which one suits you best.

How to afford luxury purchases without going into debt?

Luxury purchases are often known as investment bags. But even if the newest Chanel Boy bag in small size in lambskin leather is cute, charging it to your credit card may not be the smartest idea.

Here are several ways you can save up for your next fashion designer purchase. So, you can shop guilt-free without going into debt.

Set up a sinking fund

You set aside a predetermined amount of money every month into a sinking fund for a big purchase. Thus, you set up a sinking fund in a high-yield savings account.

For instance, if you deposit $150 per month, you will have $1,800 by the end of the year. You can use the account to save for specific items such as the Chanel Boy bag large edition or until you have enough money to buy something.

Save faster with short-term investing

To save money for expensive items, such as a Chanel Boy bag small, you could also invest by throwing it into short-term investments.

Invest in financial instruments that pay less but are less likely to lose value, such as treasury bills and treasury bonds. These securities provide guaranteed interest payments with interest payouts once you reach maturity. However, you can sell the bond certificates early if you need the funds for other uses.

You can also invest in money market funds to save on luxury purchases.

Join a savings challenge

Want to save to improve your wardrobe while enhancing your discipline and learning money-saving techniques that work? Participate in our savings challenges!

It’s a fun way to check in and monitor your progress. The course has everything you require to track your performance week to week. It is a fun way to save and learn about the content.

Which of the Chanel Boy bag sizes caught your eye?

For each size of the Chanel Boy bag, the choices of color and style are infinite. No matter which size you choose, the design is highly flexible and easy to style. It is definitely a great addition to your wardrobe.

If you love Chanel handbags, you’ll love our article about how classic clothing items can help you elevate your style.


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