Would you consider getting a Hermes Constance bag? It’s hard to find a bag as attractive as the Hermes Constance. But there are many different sizes, so it can be difficult deciding which one is right for you.

Tune in for an upcoming list of the dimensions and features of every size, as well as recommendations on when to wear this popular style.

Introducing the Hermes Constance!

Hermes fashion house released the Constance bag in 1967, designed by draftswoman Catherine Chaillet who was pregnant with her fifth child. Chaillet named the bag Constance, and the name is now synonymous with the company.

This helped that former First Lady Jackie Kennedy was a huge fan of our bags.

The Constance quickly became one of the most popular items in the Hermes lineup, along with the Kelly bag and Birkin designs. Its unique shape allows it to be worn cross-body (for most sizes) or used as a clutch, making it a more versatile choice for any occasion.

Elevate your look with the best Hermes Constance sizes

Currently, there are four distinct Hermes Constance bag sizes available for purchase directly from Hermes. These bags are the Hermes Constance Micro, Hermes Constance Mini, Hermes Constance Elan, and Hermes Constance 24.

But what’s the difference between them all?

Hermes Constance 14 (Aka Hermes Constance Micro)

Image source: Fashionphile.com

The Hermes Constance Micro is the smallest bag in the line and is also known as the Hermes Constance 14. It measures 14cm wide by 11cm high by 3cm deep, making it rather small.

The Micro is ideal for a night on the town when you simply need to carry the bare essentials like your phone, some spending money, and your lipstick. To add a little flair to your outfit, wear the Hermes Constance 14 as a clutch with the strap concealed inside.

Hermes Constance 18 (Aka Hermes Constance Mini)

Image source: Fashionphile.com

The Hermes Constance Mini is 18cm wide x 15cm high x 4cm deep. For this reason, the Constance Mini is sometimes called the Hermes Constance 18, offering slightly more space than the Micro size.

The Hermes Constance 18 is ideal for carrying your essentials plus a few additional items like your sunglasses or a book. So you can use it as a cute little everyday bag if you don’t want to carry around much.

Hermes Constance 24

Image source: Fashionphile.com

The Hermes Constance 24 is roomy and lightweight, making it a popular bag for Hermes fans. It measures 24 centimeters wide by 15 centimeters high by 5 centimeters deep, giving you plenty of room to decide what to take with you.

Take it with you anywhere you go. You’ll love being able to carry everything you need without experiencing any unnecessary weight.

Hermes Constance Sizes
Hermes Constance Sizes

Retired or Limited Hermes Constance bag sizes

Although the style Maison is still producing the Hermes Constance sizes listed above, various limited editions are retired or are produced in small quantities.

If vintage designs are more your style, check out these discontinued items below. By shopping around, you could likely find an unused item at a reduced price.

Please remember, even if they occasionally replenish these containers into their current inventory, they may still do so.

Hermes Constance 23

Image source: Fashionphile.com

The Hermes Constance 23 is an outdated model released in 2007 and retired in 2009. It measures 23 inches wide by 18 centimeters high by 6 centimeters deep, making it similar to the standard Hermes Constance 24. However, the pouch does not function properly crossbody.

Hermes Constance Elan (Aka Hermes Constance 25)

Image source: Fashionphile.com

The Hermes Constance Elan also known as the Hermes Constance 25 is a square model released in 2010. The measurements are 25 by 14 by 8 centimeters.

Essentially, the difference is that you can wear the Hermes Constance Elan cross-body more comfortably, as the strap sits in the middle. The extra depth also allows you to carry more items on a day out.

Hermes Constance Cartable 29

Image source: Fashionphile.com

The 29 inch is the largest of the Hermes Constance bag sizes, measuring 29 inches wide by 23 centimeters high by 9 centimeters deep. It’s the best choice for functionality if you plan to store the largest number of items.

Where to buy your favorite sizes

Now that you are aware of the different Hermes Constance interface sizes, it is time to go shopping!

There are two primary ways to purchase a durable Hermes bag. You can buy a new, factory-made design from a merchant or purchase a used design.

Buy direct from Hermes

If you’re set on a specific size and don’t mind paying a little more, then purchasing new from Hermes is a good option. You’ll also have peace of mind that you’re getting the actual article rather than a knock-off.

It can take time as you build a relationship with the sales associate.

Buy pre-owned

If you’re on a tight budget or want to be more eco-friendly, then pre-owned is the way to go. You can find great deals on websites like Vestiaire Collective or Fashionphile, with countless brands to choose from, including Hermes.

is also a great place to find used items, like the Hermes Constance 23. Try shopping around a bit to find the best price.

Don’t worry if the leather has several scratches. You can take it to Hermes Spa for a refurbishment project!

How to afford the Hermes Constance bag sizes of your dreams

Before you start selecting your favorite Hermes Constance sizes, it’s critical to know if you can afford this luxury purchase.

This expensive accessory could cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. Some models cost as much as $5,000.

We love looking good, but you won’t feel a million dollars if you are in debt. Instead of putting your designer bag on your credit card, consider these ideas before visiting Constance. It will help to make the experience a lot more exciting!

Save for your Hermes Constance bag

Saving up for your dream bag is the most obvious thing to do but is also the best approach. Begin setting aside some funds monthly into a savings fund, and before long, you’ll have enough cash to pay for the handbag.

Not only will you feel great knowing you have saved up and can pay for it, but you will also avoid credit card interest charges.

Trade in other luxury designer bags

If you have other luxury designer bags cluttering up your closet, you could earn some extra cash by selling some of your old bags. Selling a couple styles could earn you the money you need to buy a new bag from Hermes Constance.

Take part in a savings challenge

Participate in a savings challenge if you need more incentive to save. There are many different challenges, including the 52-week challenge and the penny-savings challenge.

Pick a plan for you, set your objective, and get saving!

Which of the Hermes Constance sizes is top of your list?

Are you inspired to add a Hermes Constance bag to your collection? Will you go for a dainty look like the Hermes Constance 18, the more regular fit of the Hermes Constance 24, or perhaps a retired, vintage design?

it is time to let the selecting begin! And to take this one step farther, read up on improving your personal style on a budget!


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