As a new mom, you likely have been searching the Internet for first-time mom tips and any advice to a brand-new mother you can find. After all, nobody ever educates you how to be a mother. It’s one of those things you learn while you’re going.

Becoming a first-time mom is one of the most exciting yet most frightening times of your life. You are thrilled to welcome your newborn child, but concerned about how much you’ll actually know how to do. It’s all right! I have been there.

But if you need any reassurance, these are my best tips for new mothers!

15 Essential first time mom tips

There are certain joys and difficulties that come with being a mother. However, you can better deal with these challenges with these helpful tips for new moms!

1. Trust your gut

The best advice for a new mother is to listen to your instincts. Because you’ve never done this before, it’s easy to make critical mistakes as a new mother. However, I urge you to trust your instincts and your mother’s intuition.

You are equipped with the tools you need to be a parent. For that reason, you should trust those internal clues that you have that tell you that something is off or that everything is okay. Don’t berate yourself!

2. Give yourself grace to learn

Parenthood includes on-the-job training. Unlike learning how to drive a car or starting a new job, there is no manual. This is one of the new mom tips you have to get ready for yourself.

You will have to accept that you won’t fully understand everything on your first day at work no matter how many books you’ve read.

You really can never have it all figured out. So give yourself the grace to make mistakes and learn from them. Your child does not need a perfect parent. They just need a caring parent who continually improves themselves.

3. Ask for help

Although mothers are often hailed as superwomen, the truth is that we are not. We were designed to be all things to everybody at all times. It’s physically impossible! That’s why our advice is to a new mother to ask for assistance.

Asking for help is especially important early on in motherhood when your body is recovering, and you’re getting back into a routine. Things can get very busy for you as a mother.

Lean on your family and friends during this trying time. It is completely acceptable and normal to ask others for assistance as you navigate these unfamiliar situations.

4. Allow others to help you

Not everyone is going to do things the way you do. That’s fine with me.

Your home might not be cleaned the way you want it cleaned, but it will certainly be clean. Allow others to lend a hand in their own way by giving you a burden off your hands.

If you’re able to do that, consider hiring someone to help you with things. This could include meal delivery, cleaning, laundry, and more. One of our top first-time mom tips is to let other people help you.

5. Don’t rush your recovery

You might think that after exertion, your body can immediately recuperate. However, this is not the case. Even when you feel capable of defeating the world, it is crucial to listen to your doctor and rest.

You’ve just experienced one of largest miracles in existence. Your body is taking time to recover. Don’t push yourself too hard in your recovery process or, worse, have a physical setback. Give your injury time to heal.

Every mother’s postpartum recovery is unique, but here are some things you can expect during recovery.

6. Take care of yourself

It sounds strange, but one of our top new mom hints is to take time for yourself with a new baby. Although it may sound counterintuitive to spend time alone when you have a newborn, it’s very important. You can’t give out without pouring into yourself first.

It can be just as simple to take good care of yourself as a new mother as it is to care for your baby. Keep yourself healthy by eating well, showering, and perhaps even taking a little time to yourself. A baby’s health is just as crucial as your own, so don’t forget it.

Here are some ideas on how you can pamper yourself on a budget. Take advantage of mom hacks to conserve as much time as possible.

7. Chart your own parenting path

Our suggestion to a new mother is to find your personal parenting style that works for you and your child. The truth is that everyone has an opinion about how you should parent your child. You may want to work again. You may want to be a stay-at-home mother.

Your parents, your in-laws, and perhaps even strangers will have their own ideas about how to raise your children. How you parent is up to you and your partner.

The main thing is to ensure that your offspring is happy and healthy, properly cared for, loved, and educated to be a kind and productive citizen of the world. So pick whichever type of parental care works best for you.

First Time Mom Tips
First Time Mom Tips

8. Be ok with pivoting & things not being perfect

You may find yourself shifting as a child before labor and delivery. Things don’t always go according to plan. You must be okay with pivoting.

Don’t be too concerned with how something gets done that you leave out the big picture. One huge new mother tip is to roll with the punches. Nothing will be perfect, and that is okay.

9. Go at your own pace

Remember that parenting and motherhood are long-term endeavors, not short-term contests. Don’t try to finish too quickly by rushing or altering your approach. Take your time to recover, adjust, and get in the swing of your new normal.

If you have the privilege of maternity leave, consider taking all of the time you can and more if necessary. You shouldn’t feel guilty for taking the time you need for yourself and your baby.

10. Don’t compare yourself to other moms

When becoming a parent, one of the biggest traps is comparing yourself to other moms. From analyzing labor and delivery stories to how quickly you “bounce back” to your pre-baby weight. This is completely useless and could have a negative effect on self-esteem. This may lead to a mood swing for the mom.

Remember that you are on your own journey, and no two paths will look the same. Keep this mindset regardless of your new parent status. Our guidance to a new mother is to be confident in your identity and not compare yourself to others.

11. Don’t compare your child to other kids

The severity of childhood diseases is measured in comparison groups based on age. Their weight and height are measured against other children in their age bracket, and they are initially classified according to severity. This opens the opportunity for comparing other aspects of your child’s development.

These comparisons are frequently made by well-meaning people asking whether your child has attained certain milestones that other children her age have.

Remember that your child may develop at his or her own pace. Do not stress them out or compare them to other children. They will soon sprout.

12. Don’t suffer in silence (My top advice to a new mom)

It’s crucial to note that postpartum sadness is a real condition. Your body is subjected to a myriad of hormonal changes following the birth of a child. The combined stress of being a new parent and the difficulty of life as a new parent can make you depressed.

Don’t be ashamed or isolated if you have depression. According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 1 in 8 women experience signs of postpartum depression. That means that is less common than you may think.

There is a support network in place if you need it. Talk to your doctor first. If you are having trouble with motherhood, you can find additional resources online.

Reaching out for support is one of the most important first-time mother suggestions you should follow.

13. Start preparing for your child’s future

Our most important tip to a parent is to provide her with financial security. You may believe this is too early to talk about the future of your child, but it is absolutely not true! Now is the time to begin planning for things such as their college tuition and financial future.

Consider opening an education savings account (ESA) or a 529 account. These tax-advantaged savings plans enable you to save for your child’s education. You should also think about how they’ll live financially if you are no longer there to protect them.

You and your partner should make sure you have proper life insurance and an updated estate plan. You should also learn how to save money and make the right budget.

For single mothers: Learn how to plan your budget according to your single mom income and employ important guidelines to assist you financially as a single mom.

14. Connect with a tribe

Community is invaluable as a new mother. One of our best tips for new mothers is to find a community of moms you can identify with, even before you have your baby. You can usually find mother support groups online or in your local area.

This is also an excellent time to connect with friends and family who have already welcomed new children. You can use this network to ask questions, obtain assistance, and simply be a sounding board.

15. Find opportunities to rest

This is one of the most fundamental guidelines for new parents, but it can be difficult as well. You may have heard that as a new parent, sleep is nearly nonexistent.

Although rest will be slightly inconvenient, it is critical that you take the time to rest. You can’t work when you are exhausted. It’s not safe.

Although you probably won’t be able to rest while the baby is sleeping, you will have to do so eventually. That’s why it’s important to ask others to lend a hand.

Perhaps it’s trading shifts with your partner or having someone else help you during the day so you can enjoy more rest. Remember, you’re recovering from a serious medical event. You should rest and recuperate.

Closing words of advice to a new mom

These first-time mom tips will help you find balance in your life. But our closing piece of advice is to enjoy every minute. You will have many more hours than you expected since you enjoy life with your turtle and her puppies.

Embrace each moment, and don’t become too furious. We all just want to get by. So enjoy your adventure and get some hugs and kisses along the way!


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