Taking a short break this summer for some rest and relaxation? Don’t forget to grab some books from our summer reading list to help you financially and improve your life.

It’s not a big ask, you know, to say that books can impact your life for the better. Books were a major turning point in my life. Because books allow me to learn about history, facts, and many other fascinating stories, I become more connected to people when I read.

So, if you’re interested in making some positive changes in your life, we have some helpful summer reads to get you motivated to pay off outstanding debts, start a side hustle, or become a better leader.

Pick a name for your trip before you leave, or consider bringing a book along with you on vacation. But before we can provide you with a list of the best summer reads, let’s take a look at how reading can improve your life and finances.

How can reading books help improve your finances and life?

Whether it’s for enjoyment or for professional or personal growth, books are a fantastic resource.

This is because books provide an avenue to cultures, ideas, and perspectives that can help us understand ourselves and our world.

Reading improves vocabulary and communications skills

Reading stimulates the brain, thereby enhancing your vocabulary and communication skills. Knowing how to communicate effectively is important for anyone who wants to improve their career or their life.

Reading boosts your imagination and improves creativity

Moreover, reading books increases creativity and improves imagination. Reading enables you to experience different viewpoints. Books allow you to develop new ideas, imagine new worlds, and form new perspectives.

All of which is relevant if you want to adopt a fresh financial perspective, develop more confidence when applying for a higher position, or start your own business.

Here are some good summer reads to help you save money and improve your life, now you know the importance of reading books. Let’s go!

Summer reading list to help improve your finances

Many of you believe that money dictates your wealth, but no one ever tells you how it really happens. Today, there’s so much news about changing your attitude about money, but no one ever tells you how it actually works.

So, here are the best summer reads that show you how to save your time and money.

Our Money Stories: A Six Week No B.S. Holistic Financial Wellness Plan by Eugenié George

In the novel, “Our Money Stories,” Eugenie George explains how your own history, ancestry, and world influence how you make and spend cash. You will learn how your present financial landscape affects your decisions and actions.

Thus, the old method of wealth creation does not work for women of color.

If you’re a black woman, read this book on your summer reading list. Eugenie shares how you can create your personal financial wellness plan through weekly money practices for understanding the income story.

I Will Teach You to be Rich, Second Edition: No Guilt. No Excuses. No BS. Just a 6-Week Program That Works by Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi is a personal finance expert who was a “wealth wizard” by Forbes and the “new guru on the block” by Fortune. “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” shows you how to build a rich life quickly and easily.

You will receive training on everything, including how to lower your debt and how to negotiate a large salary increase at work. This is one of the best money mindset books around, so be sure to add it to your summer reading list.

Get Good with Money: Ten Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole by Tiffany Aliche

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche is an award-winning personal financial educator. Through her business, Tiffany developed a financial movement that has helped women all over the world change their attitudes toward their money. In “Get Good with Money,” she introduces the concept of financial independence through financial security.

Summer Reading List
Summer Reading List

Or you can partake in a straightforward, feasible, and invigorating plan to get rich in quick ways and difficult money management systems This book is one of the best summer beach books that will improve your financial mindset.

Clever Girl Finance: Ditch Debt, Save Money And Build Real Wealth by Bola Sokunbi

Bola Sokunbi is, of course, the force behind Clever Girl Finance. “Clever Girl Finance: Ditch Debt, Save Money, Build Real Wealth” is Bola’s first book and the official Clever Girl’s guide to personal finances.

It’s lighthearted and practical advice for women who want financial security. The book covers Boa’s personal experiences and teaches the tools necessary for financial success.

Learn How Investing Works, Grow Your Money by Bola Sokunbi

She believes that to make money, your money must be working for you. So, in her second book, “Learn How to Invest, Grow Your Money,” she shows you how to get started investing.

She uses her own experience to give tips for saving money and explains effective investment techniques that have worked well for her and countless others. This book is an excellent recommendation for summertime reading, as it offers valuable advice on how you can save money.

Summer reading list to help you start a business

Do you have a business idea, but you’re too bogged down by self-doubt to bring it into reality?

Consider picking from our list of best summer beach books for ideas and inspiration as you work to overcome your fear of swimming. The world is open to you, and it’s not too late to throw off your fear.

We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power by Rachel Rodgers

In this book, Rachel Rodgers shares her lessons in financial responsibility that she has learned from both her own journey to wealth and from helping other women become millionaires. She provides a realistic, attainable, step-by-step pathway for attaining financial security.

Be: A No-BS Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself by Jessica Zweig

Would you like to learn how to connect with others and change lives with your company? Add “Be a No-BS Guide” to your summer beach books. Jessica Zweig, the author of this book, is an entrepreneur, a personal branding expert, and the CEO of SimplyBe Agency.

She thinks that your business’ best strategy is to provide excellent customer service and generous charity. To enhance your influence and engagement, you must exhibit your authenticity.

Therefore, in this guide, Jessica shares her tips for developing authenticity, service, and real connection to your brand’s success story. This is our top book for summer reading because it gets you prepared and hyped for the next step in your business.

Don’t Keep Your Day Job: How to Turn Your Passion into Your Career by Cathy Heller

Don’t keep your day job instead. This inspirational book is filled with advice and anecdotes, showing you how to start a side hustle and find your niche. It also shows you how to turn your passion into a fulfilling vocation and how to build a life that you love.

Here’s how to find your mission and turn your passion into a profitable career like Jenna Fischer, Gretchen Rubin, and Jen Sincero.

The Side Hustle Guide: Build A Successful Side Hustle & Increase Your Income by Bola Sokunbi

The “Side Hustle Guide” is another book from our publisher Bola Sokunbi. Pick up a copy for your summer beach books and get motivated to make more money and grow richer.

Everything you need to start a money-making side job is at your fingertips with Bola. Bola also has useful guides for establishing a successful brand and growing it into a successful company.

Boss Up!: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Book by Lindsay Teague Moreno

“Boss Up!” is for you, mother, if you’re feeling guilty about wanting more. As women, we’re conditioned to be content with what we have. This is why we feel so bad when we take on other responsibilities aside from being a wife or mother.

Pick up a copy of Boss Up! for your summer beach books and conquer your fears and guilt to get your business ideas out in the world. You’ll also learn the business principles that enabled Lindsay Teague Moreno to create a multi-million dollar company.

Summer reading list to improve your career

While times are changing, it’s still tough for women to navigate opportunities and obstacles in the workplace. So, lean on support from other women who have already been there. Add these book titles to your summer reading list for job and career advice.

The Likeability Trap: How to Break Free and Succeed as You Are by Alicia Menendez

The “Likeability Trap” explains how women suffer when they fail to understand that they are worth more than their popularity. The author’s extensive research and interviews with women helped prepare her for her own transition to being an executive, and she offers practical suggestions for women who want to do the same.

Include this book to your summer reading list if you want to advance your career. Along with being entertaining, thought-provoking, and enjoyable, it liberates you from old standards of being likable.

The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You by Julie Zhou

“The Building a Manager” is the manual you need to be the kind of manager you wish you had. You’ll appreciate it whether you’re new to the job, an experienced leader, or preparing to become a manager.

Julie Zhuo is a leading product designer in Silicon Valley. She oversaw dozens of teams spanning hundreds to thousands of people. This book chronicles Julie’s experiences as a rookie manager at the age of 25.

Power Moves: How Women Can Pivot, Reboot, and Build a Career of Purpose by Lauren McGoodwin

“Power Moves” is a great summer book to read if you are interested in building a successful career on your own terms. You should also read it if you’re looking for information, guidance, and resources to help you take the next bold step with confidence and fearless abandon.

The author, Lauren McGoodwin, is also the founder of Career Contessa. Her website is a useful career resource because it explains the difficult aspects of women’s careers.

The Fear Fighter Manual: Lessons from a Professional Troublemaker by Luvvie Ajayi Jones

“The Fear Fighter Manual” will keep you motivated and fired up to live boldly. You will be treated with the powerhouse wit, humor, and candor of the one and only, Luvvie Ajayi Jones. You’ll be glad you added it to your summer reading list, I assure you.

In this book, Luvvie gives us advice for overcoming the things we fear. She tells us that we need to acquire the mindset of a professional troublemaker and break free of the constraints that society places on us.

Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

Everything imaginable is outlined in the book “Everything Is Figureoutable.” It will teach you to become a more creative, positive thinker in the face of obstacles.

Marie Forleo says that everything’s solvable is more than just a fun phrase to say. It’s a philosophy of relentless optimism, a mindset, and a belief.

Summer reading list for inspiration

Our best summer reads will leave you feeling inspired and eager to improve. These stories are often sad but end up becoming uplifting and hopeful. Seriously, if you can, just read them all.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

“Untamed” is Glennon Doyle’s memoir about her love story with US soccer star Abby Wambach. But more than that, it explores the joy and peace we find when we stop trying to meet other people’s expectations and trust our own inner voices.

Join the ranks of the over two million people who have already read the novel, or obtain a copy now. It’s among the best summer books available and will inspire you to become brave.

More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (No Matter What They Say) by Elaine Welteroth

“More than Enough” is Elaine’s part memoir-part manifesto on what it means to come into your own – on your own terms. Elaine shares the lessons and struggles of being a barrier-breaker. This is a good book to read during the summer because it explores the relationship between race and identity.

Elaine Welteroth is an award-winning journalist and an innovative editor who elevated social consciousness into the pages of Teen Vogue. She’s also known for being the youngest Editor-in-Chief at Condé Nast and founding the first Black beauty of Teen Vogue.

Somebody’s Daughter: A Memoir by Ashley C. Ford

It’s a theme you’ve heard and seen countless times.

But in this book, you will be introduced to your family members. You’ll relate to Ashley if you’ve ever been lonely, misunderstood, or lost.

Even though this is heartbreaking, this book is ultimately hopeful — a story of resilience and reconciliation.

Unbound: My Story of Liberation and the Birth of the Me Too Movement by Tarana Burke

Tarana Burke founded and spearheaded the “me too” movement and is the author of “Unbound.” Her story is featured in the book “The Wounded Soul.”

It’s a story about her strength and determination to overcome what happened to her and to heal. So she can come to the aid of her community and to the rest of the world.

In this book, Tarana describes her work supporting and encouraging Black women and Brown women. It’s also a story about opportunity, empathy, power, and the leadership we all possess within ourselves.

Choosing to Prosper: Triumphing Over Adversity, Breaking Out of Comfort Zones, and Achieving Dreams by Bola Sokunbi

If you struggle with imposter syndrome and lack confidence as a leader, “Choosing to Prosper” is an excellent summer book to read.

If you want to grow professionally or personally, you’ll find everything you need in Bola. It offers the tools you need to gain confidence, develop your own style, and live your own life on your terms.

Curl up with a book from our summer reading list to improve your finances and life!

Sometimes books are simply entertaining, but this is the rare exception. These titles are both entertaining and enlightening. Pick up one or two books for a summer reading list.

In this list, you will find every article you want, whether you need to improve your financial situation, change your mood, or begin your own company. Enjoy!


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