Have you ever been captivated by a YouTube “haul video” of someone unpacking boxes and boxes of new merchandise? It is fascinating how quickly they can try on so many garments. In only a few minutes, they can unpack more clothing than most people acquire in a year. It’s just like Christmastime at top speed.

Watching such videos from here and there is all right. You might find a new item or find a discount coupon for something you had been wanting to obtain.

Watching haul videos can severely damage your finances, so avoid this pitfall. We’ll teach you how to spend your time and resources wisely so that you save money.

What are haul videos?

In a typical haul video, a popular YouTuber will show off, demonstrate, and try on several new objects they just bought. Shot in bright light and often shown on “perfect” bodies in elegantly curated homes, haul videos glamorize consumption. The purpose of hauling videos is to show viewers that more is always better. They normalize excess.

Because clothing is the most popular category for try-on haul videos (it has accounted for 58% of all haul videos), other common haul categories include beauty and makeup hauls and home décor hauls.

In clothing, there are numerous categories of items. Videos might show products from fast-fashion retailers such as Forever21 and Shein or luxury designers such as Chanel and Prada.

7 Ways how watching haul videos negatively effects your finances

Watching clothing haul videos might seem innocuous, but it can actually be dangerous. Usually, it is. But, that can also lead to a financial hardship if you ignore the real messages videos on YouTube and other platforms communicate.

1. Causes you to blow your budget

Even if you have meticulously planned a budget, your savings can be lost in just minutes. In a typical clothing haul video, YouTubers will showcase thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

Fast fashion can be inexpensive in smaller quantities, but it is certainly not when you’re filling up shopping carts with items. And if you make one minor purchase you weren’t expecting to, you may blow your budget in a single instance.

In some of the luxury fashion haul videos posted on YouTube, influencers have been known to receive $50,000 – yes, you read that right – for a single shopping trip! It is hard for most of us to remember what life is like in the real world when we see influencers spending that kind of money.

2. Influences you to buy things you cannot afford

Seeing “regular” people buy so many items normalizes what we think we need. Watching haul videos can help you spend more chasing an unattainable objective.

While a YouTuber might bring a new kitchenware set, that doesn’t mean everyone needs to go out and buy a new set of 20 pieces for their home. But, as it has become so common to see people spending thousands of dollars all at once, it can make you do just that.

What you don’t observe while watching try-on haul videos is that firms often give away the items to YouTubers for review or showing on their channels.

So, that thousand-dollar clothing haul you just watched might not cost you anything, but it will cost you, too, because it will cause you to purchase things you do not have the money for.

3. Causes you to overconsume

If you watch a luxury hauler video, you may be able to do some online shopping of your own. Let’s say you can afford to buy three new designer bags, and that would not even break your budget. Just because you can doesn’t mean that it’s the best decision for you.

Watching haul videos may cause you to overeat and overspend. Even if you are not risking your retirement to make those purchases, ask yourself if you really need the item. We watch documentary videos about the world around us and buy things that we did not know existed after watching the videos.

4. Puts your financial priorities in the wrong place

Goal setting is necessary for financial success. The concept of food haul videos, which focus on consumption, violates many financial planning objectives, such as saving for retirement.

If you are motivated to succeed, you can run the risk of getting sidetracked and focusing on the wrong things. Watch haul videos can lead you astray by focusing on things such as consumption instead of savings.

5. Wastes your time

Between work, family, and other obligations, your time is often limited.

What you might accomplish with that time you’d be throwing away by watching clothing hauls could be far more beneficial to you than merely watching. You could receive financial education (the Wise Woman Finance free courses are an excellent place to get started).

Or, why not create a YouTube channel of your own or another type of side hustle not focused on consumption?

6. Influences you to waste money on fast fashion

So many try-on haul videos are devoted to fast fashion. The items are often inexpensive and disposable. Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the items, you’ll end up spending more in the long run.

The cost per wear of an item you usually wear only once is significantly higher than the cost per wear of quality items.

Remember, many fashion influencers in vlogs wear the clothes they receive, so their remarks regarding the products are positive.

Even if they throw them out or never wear them, the patients will attempt to look like they are wearing high quality items for the photo shoot and will give them good reviews. You could be tricked into buying fast-fashion items that will go into the garbage when they show up. (Slowly work instead.).

7. Can plunge you into credit card debt

Finally, watching haul videos is an easy way to get into debt. Watching the videos on your computer or phone means that an Amazon shopping cart is just one click away.

You may participate in convoys of your own, placing too many orders for credit and getting items that you cannot afford and cannot pay back.

Watching Haul Videos
Watching Haul Videos

Getting yourself into an cycle of consumer debt is difficult to get out of, and viewing try on haul videos certainly isn’t going to help you break free.

What to do instead of watching haul videos

In addition to costing a lot of money, transporting videos has greater societal costs than using DVDs or streaming, which are far more sustainable options.

Rather than participating in the “haul culture” of unnecessarily damaging your own finances and society as a whole, there are so many other activities you can do with your time.

1. Watch “haulternative” videos

If you like shopping and fashion videos and are tired of seeing copious amounts of new items, try watching “haulternative” videos instead. Instead of showcasing a large number of new items, these videos show a number of secondhand items. Admire the suggestions from these and do antique or secondhand shopping of your own.

2. Make a list of what you actually want and set a goal to save up for that item

Rather than watching haul videos for ideas, write down a list of things you know you want! For example, say you want a specific Chanel handbag. Don’t just purchase something because someone presented it in a haul video. Purchase it because it is your dream bag.

Then, plan out your purchase. How will you pay for it? What do you need to cut back on in order to make it work with your budget? It will be so much more rewarding to buy your dream item if and when you can actually afford it. Check out our guide on how to save for your Chanel handbag!

3. Watch minimalism or decluttering videos instead of haul videos

Watching pointless YouTube videos can be relaxing. And there is nothing wrong with that! Instead of watching videos of cargo hauls that can result in you overeating, watch something healthier.

Minimalism and decluttering videos can be very soothing and calming. you may find that it is more enjoyable to declutter and downsize than to acquire more possessions.

4. Find a new hobby

Finally, you can use that time you previously spent watching clothing hauls by finding something new to do. Anything goes! We spend time watching videos and shopping when we get bored. Instead, find something more productive and less expensive to do. You could also find something you can make money off of!

Haul videos do more harm than good

YouTube videos have helped create a society that overspends. We buy things we don’t need or can’t afford, and it is costing us a fortune. Hopefully, you have learned more about how detrimental watching haul videos can be to your financial health.

You can also find alternatives to watching and participating in the consumerism and fast-paced lifestyle that avocates in them. Resist the temptation to overeat or overspend. Remember that spending wisely on fashion prevents you from overpaying on items as well.


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