Are you tired of giving gifts that add to clutter in the home and harm the environment? If so, wouldn’t it be nice if you could give sustainable Christmas gifts? Something you know is useful and helps the planet?

It sounds too good to be true, but there are several items you can offer your friends and family with a purpose. And there are products that are ideal for the environment and promote sustainable living.

We have chosen our favorite most eco-friendly gifts below so you can give the best presents this year!

Why have sustainable Christmas gifts become so popular?

As Americans, we receive about 43% more trash during the holidays. In addition to the emissions created by carbon-intensive manufacturing and non-environmentally friendly production, these problems pose a significant danger to our well-being.

Why contribute to that nonsense when there are sustainable Christmas gift ideas?

If you’re passionate about climate change and protecting the environment, you can purchase energy-efficient, sustainable presents during the holiday season.

To be sustainable, a product must benefit future generations and help the present one while conserving our resources.

Whether they are comprised of recycled products, the material itself is recyclable, or the product is not adding to the clutter of the recipient, you are doing your part to save the planet.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to offer inexpensive items that are earth-friendly to everyone on your list and not seem like you skimped. Our Earth-friendly gift guide is proof!

And don’t be disheartened if the present you choose is cheap; some of the best presents are inexpensive and make great gifts for someone who has everything.

20 sustainable Christmas gifts everyone on your list will love

Whether you have a person who strives to maintain a sustainable lifestyle, cares a great deal about the environment, or wants to share the love during the holidays, here’s a list of some of the best sustainably produced Christmas gifts for everyone on your list.

1. Living composter

Help your family reuse its waste with a living composter. It’s colorful enough to stand on the counter and powerful enough to process food waste from 1 to 3 people.

The living composter is simple to maintain, requiring only occasional watering and ample sunlight.

It’s a great environmentally-friendly product because they can use their waste to make fertilizer for other plants.

2. Produce bags

Show your family and friends how to reduce their plastic waste by using reusable shopping bags. These bags come in three sizes and can replace any grocery bags.

The fissler bags are useful for grocery shopping, food storage, or storing personal items. It is a very practical Christmas present because it can be used for almost everyone. This reduces the amount of plastic waste that is generated and gets recycled, which is good for the environment.

3. Stainless steel water bottles

Please help everyone stop using plastic bottles with Amazon’s reusable stainless steel water bottles. These insulated water bottles keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.

And we’re using stainless steel, which doesn’t release any bpa into the environment and is sweat-free, so there’s no waste and no contaminated water. And since it’s sturdy, we can use it without worry.

4. Solar-powered phone charger

Offer the gift of charging with a solar-powered phone charger. Getting stranded in the wilderness without power can be dangerous or even fatal.

A solar phone charger is a convenient backup for charging your family member’s phones. It’s a fun gift to give people that they probably wouldn’t have bought for themselves, but it makes for excellent sustainable Christmas gifts.

5. Reusable sandwich bags

Anyone who packs a meal or likes to bring sandwiches along can use the reusable sandwich bags distributed by .

We use countless plastic bags yearly, which is equivalent to all the pollution we can avoid by reusing attractive bags that are resistant to leaks and which are, of course, reusable.

6. Audiobook subscription

If you have a bookworm on your Christmas list, you can give the gift of limitless reading without harming the environment.

With a subscription to Audible, your recipient can enjoy unlimited audiobooks from the Audible catalog and a free premium selection each month.

An Audio subscription is also one of the best environmentally conscious Christmas presents because it helps to reduce the use of paper books.

7. At-home spa treatment

If you want to give your loved one a spa gift but have no budget for expensive spa treatments and want gifts made with all-natural ingredients, give the gift of an at-home spa treatment. Your recipient can pamper herself as much as she likes on her free time.

There aren’t any chemicals used, and it keeps on giving since your loved one gets numerous servings from the supplies.

8. House plant (one of our favorite sustainable Christmas gifts)

A mood and productivity booster is a great gift for anyone, even if the recipient does not have a “green thumb.” Succulent plants are easy to take care of and add a feeling of calm to a home.

The dangling pot is cute enough to be displayed in any room, and it will only take ten minutes to water it. It is easy to care for as well, making it an appealing item for nearly any home.

9. Handmade scented candle

Buy a special person or pet on your list a handmade candle made from organic soy wax rather than expensive and toxic candles sold at big-name stores.

The fragrant scent of the candle is like a present that continuously gives, reminding your loved ones of how great they are without damaging the environment. Handmade scented candles make excellent sustainable Christmas presents.

10. Bamboo toothbrush

While toothbrushes don’t seem like a great gift, they are a good option among sustainable Christmas gifts. They might be purchased separately or combined with something else.

Bamboo toothbrushes last longer than plastic toothbrushes and do not harm the environment. Package them in attractive, recyclable containers, and it’s one of the best environmentally conscious presents.

11. Natural yoga mat

Do you have a yoga enthusiast on your Christmas list? Gift them a natural yoga mat and see their face light up!

Rubber yoga mats do not last very long and are slick when wet, some even give off chemical odors.

However, a natural-rubber yoga mat lasts longer, is friendlier to the planet, and does not slide. It’s one of the best sustainable presents for the fitness enthusiast on your shopping list.

Sustainable Christmas Gifts
Sustainable Christmas Gifts

12. Reusable beeswax food wraps

Many people do not realize how harmful plastic wrap is to the environment and their food. If you’re shopping for inexpensive eco-friendly gifts, buy reusable beeswax food wrap.

It’s sustainable, easy to use, and it even comes with additional beeswax to fix worn-out wraps. This gift will help your loved ones save money and improve their wellbeing.

13. Reusable makeup remover pads

Any woman who wears makeup needs these reusable makeup removal pads. Instead of throwing away cotton or tissue paper every day, your family members can use environmentally friendly pads that can last for years.

Wash them with your clothes and use them again.

14. Zero waste year planner and journal

Do you have an eco-friendly friend or family member or know someone who wants to start reducing their waste?

Help them by giving them the Zero Waste Year Planner and Journal. This is one of the best sustainable Christmas gifts.

As they are writing, they may find themselves coming up with ideas for how to reduce waste, declutter their lives, and even focus on particular goals like paying off their mortgage early or getting out of debt.

15. Bamboo travel utensil set

Give the bamboo cutlery set to the person on your list that has everything. It eliminates the need for disposable silverware and saves resources.

It also contains a durable case that is easy to store in the glove box or purse.

16. Recycled glass dishware

Our sustainable gift guide wouldn’t be complete without glass dishware made of recycled materials. Glassware is the highest quality of sustainable luxury gifts available.

It’s a decoration and a useful food item for mealtime.

17. Stainless steel straws

To reduce plastic waste by forbidding the use of plastic straws, consider purchasing stainless steel options for some of your sustainable holiday gifts.

Reduce your family’s carbon footprint and go plastic-free as well.

18. Herbs or seeds for a garden (one of the best sustainable Christmas gifts for nature lovers)

Donate unused herbs or garden seeds to your loved ones’ garden for neighbors on your gift list.

Purchasing a plant-based gift for someone may encourage them to take up gardening, or it may be a fun activity in and of itself.

19. Sustainable clothing

These shirts are made of eco-friendly materials and are comfortable as well! Or you can purchase these bamboo socks.

20. Beauty products

Look for makeup that is sustainable and cruelty-free. Look for something certified by a certified B corporation.

It’s one of the best gift ideas for those who are passionate about beauty and fashion.

Sustainable Christmas gifts are the best gifts to give!

Don’t give up on the typical Christmas gifts because these can’t be found anywhere. Our sustainable gift guide offers plenty of different alternatives, so both you and your recipient can discover a gift that they’ll appreciate.

Not only will this help the environment, but your family will appreciate these practical items more since they are kind, helpful, and gentle on it.

Be sure to create an annual Christmas budget, as excessive gift-giving can put you in financial trouble. It is very easy to get carried away when you are in the giving spirit, so establish limits for spending to keep your money under control.

To avoid overspending on Christmas gifts, set up a Christmas Club Account to hold your gift funds separate from the regular budget. We have lots of unique Christmas budgeting ideas that are also creative and fun!


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