A high-income skill can greatly improve your finances and alter your financial trajectory. But if you don’t have any elite income skills, that’s fine too! Fortunately, it is possible to learn new skills that are extremely highly sought after by companies.

Would you like to explore this great opportunity? Let’s look at some of the most common high-paying skills that you can learn to increase your income.

How high-income skills can transform your finances

The ultimate goal of building high-income skills is to land a better job or pursue profitable side projects to increase your income.

Of course, the prospect of making more money is an exciting prospect for most people. But simply increasing your earnings without a financial goal in mind could lead your lifestyle to balloon beyond your means.

With that in mind, it’s essential to think about what you will do with the additional funds ahead of time. Some excellent options include paying off your bills, saving money for retirement, or enhancing your life in small ways that truly matter to you.

Knowing your income goals ahead of time will help you use your new income in ways that matter to you. Furthermore, the knowledge of what you intend to spend the money on will help you realize the motivation you need to learn a new skill.

13 High-income skills to help you earn more money

These high-income skills can elevate your finances to a whole new level! Here are several of the best ways to earn money with your skills.

1. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship covers a wide range of job opportunities. But basically, entrepreneurs create companies that sell goods or services.

Entrepreneurs are talented individuals who possess unique income-generating skills, such as excellent time management skills, creative problem-solving skills, strong willpower, the ability to network, and more. With enthusiasm as the starting point, any successful business owner will be able to achieve outstanding success.

With that you can gain infinite opportunities as a businessman. As for possible earnings, the sky is the limit because you can build your brand and business however you want! Some of the most famous entrepreneurs, such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, have been awarded billions of dollars.

The median salary for entrepreneurs is around $51,419. However, you could spend years operating a floundering company that never produces a penny. If you have the chance to start a company with a high profit margin, this could be a good opportunity.

2. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is an excellent way to earn income. As you gain experience, it is likely that you will find work that is less lucrative as you compete with others looking for work at lower rates. As you demonstrate your writing skills, you will increase your scores quickly.

I like to freelance to write, and my income regularly exceeds $5,000 per month. If you would like to become a freelance writer, you can read our guide to help you get started.

3. Web design

It is no wonder that a website is an integral part of an organization, as it promotes brick-and-mortar companies and Internet-based enterprises. For that reason, web designers are able to charge a premium for their service.

Web designers charge between $30 and $80 an hour. An experienced web designer can expect to earn approximately $75 an hour.

4. Software development

Software developers create apps. These apps could include video games for your cell phone or content for a website. In certain cases, these applications may be connected to websites. In other cases, however, they will be only accessible as a standalone application.

The average salary for a freelance software developer is between $93,000 and $141,000 per year. Glassdoor reports salaries as high as $141,000 per year in this endeavor. So, this is undoubtedly one of the highest-paying high income skills you can study!

5. Public speaking

Public speaking is a skill that most of us lack. In fact, the most common fear is the fear of public speaking. Experts believe that approximately 77% of the population has this fear.

Since so many are uncomfortable with public speaking, it is not a surprise that successful public speakers can earn higher salaries. Whether you have a job that requires a lot of public speaking or become a skilled public speaker available to talk to a wide range of audiences, you can make considerable money through this ability.

Consequently, if you choose to become a freelance speaker, your specialty will affect the amount of the fee you are able to obtain. However, for many specialties, you should earn at least $1,000 per speaking engagement. Learn more by watching the guide provided for free by the Havard Business Review, which features advice on pricing yourself as a public-speaking subject.

6. Sales

A salesperson can increase their earnings because many people work on a per-sale basis. The more they sell, the more they make. Your success as a salesperson will likely be determined by how likable you are. Part of being likable involves having a vivacious personality.

According to PayScale, the average base pay for a salesperson is $45,975 per year. However, this average can be misleading because many salespeople receive additional pay in the form of bonuses and commissions. With those profits included, sales associates can frequently earn close to $80,000.

High-Income Skills
High-Income Skills

7. Financial skills

The financial markets are a very broad field with many lucrative occupations. Some of the higher-paying jobs in this field include economists, financial managers, accountants, and investors.

In most cases, you will need to receive these skills through a college degree. However, you could enter the job market without any kind of formal training.

8. Cybersecurity

The immense field of cybersecurity is all about maintaining data safe from bad actors. Unfortunately, more attempts are made to swipe data every year. As a cybersecurity professional, you will have many opportunities for employment.

According to ZipRecruiter, cybersecurity specialists are able to earn an average of $111,052 per year. The average income is as high as $200,000 with this valuable skill set.

9. Digital content creation

The need for digital content is growing constantly. With this need, you are able to gain this skill and earn a high income.

You can earn up to $50 per hour by creating digital content such as blog posts, social media posts, and videos. The amount you earn will vary considerably, but on average you can earn approximately $50 per hour.

10. Graphic designer

Graphic designers create captivating images for businesses all over the world. As a graphics designer, you will need creative skills and expertise in graphic designing to create the client’s vision come alive.

As a graphic artist, you can expect to earn about $75 per hour. Like most of these jobs, your pay may initially be lower as you gain experience. But if you have an impressive portfolio, you can increase your rates.

11. Digital marketing

As an online marketer, you will brainstorm ways to reach your target audience. You will help the proprietors of web businesses reach more buyers by helping them market their products and services digitally.

Since there is a high demand for digital marketers, you could earn six figures with this service.

12. Audio and video production

This abundance of podcasts and videos available on the internet has led to a growing demand for people with video and audio production skills. These abilities would help you clean up audio or video files from a poor original into a publishable file.

This job listing allows for making about $78,000 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.

13. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The objective of SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is to increase a client’s website’s search engine ranking. As an SEO expert, you help a website’s search engine ranking by increasing its organic traffic. This high demand for this ability makes people eager to promote their firms.

According to the Search Engine Journal, SEO experts charge an average of $119 per hour. That can add up quickly!

How to gain high-income skills

The wealthy skills listed above can help you increase your income. But what if you don’t currently have one of these skills? That’s fine! You can substantially increase your income with a new skill.

The best way to learn something new is to take a smart risk. You might prefer to invest your money or time in a new learning endeavor that will increase your earnings. Free and paid courses are a great place to start.

For example, our free course provides information on how to begin a money-making hobby swiftly. These occupations are abundant, making learning lucrative skills convenient. You can also practice skills on YouTube for free.

Learn a high-income skill to boost your income

Are you interested in learning high-income skills? Consider which high-end abilities seem interesting to you. From there, search for courses that can help you use this ability into a career.

Perhaps you can build a six-figure brand, or discover a terrific work-from-home job with your new-found skill!


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