What do Beyonce and Taylor Swift have in common? They exude confidence like no one else can. They’re unabashedly bold. They are completely attractive, and they make everyone’s heads turn when they enter a room. They have the self-assurance all females must have. They seem like they are always doing confidence-building exercises.

If you’d like to channel your inner Beyoncé and T-Swift, I’ve done some 13 confidence building activities for you to try. These activities are likewise designed to build your self-esteem if that’s an area you struggle with as well.

Why should you practice confidence building exercises?

Merriam-Webster defines confidence as “a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or reliance on one’s circumstances.” What does this mean for us women, exactly?

This means that when you feel sure of yourself, you are secure in your identity and location in life. You don’t obsess over your flaws due to the belief in your positive qualities.

You are always brimming with confidence and ready to take on any challenge that is presented to you. You believe that you are capable of handling anything, because it enables you to work hard toward your goals.

Doesn’t that type of confidence sound like something every woman should strive for?

13 Daily confidence building exercises and activities to build self esteem

Here are 13 self-confidence-increasing activities you can try if you want to boost your own self-esteem.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others to start building confidence

Don’t compare yourself to others. Comparison is the path to unhappiness. You can never be as confident as you want to be if you are always comparing yourself to others. This will make you feel inferior and insecure.

One way to practice this is by writing down your comparison triggers. Your trigger might be someone on social media, a high-end store near your home, a particular friend who can’t stop bragging about their achievements.

When you’re finished writing your triggers, consider what actions you can implement to reduce your risk factors. For example, if you spend an hour on Friday unfollowing anyone that makes you feel unworthy, you’ll improve your risk of becoming depressed. If it is a particular clothing store, don’t visit it anymore.

2. Focus on your strengths

We often remember the times we’ve failed rather than the times we’ve succeeded, according to a recent Post survey. And when we aren’t focused on our mistakes, it can negatively affect our confidence.

One good way to boost your self-worth is to focus on your positive traits.

Remember as far back as you can (even to that spelling bee you won in fifth grade). Write everything down so you can always refer to it when you need a reminder of how impressive you are.

It could be as simple as, “I’m good at making homemade coffee better than any coffee shop” to something complicated like, “I’m very good at building a successful business that generates more than $80,000 in annual revenue.” Focus on these strengths — they’re what makes you awesome!

What do you like doing? Ask your friends or look at the 60 journal prompts for self-discovery.

3. Ditch perfectionism

How many times have you let perfectionism hold you back in life? You’re not able to run that marathon, for example, because you believe that you have to be in better shape.

Your supervisor makes you eligible for a promotion because you assert. You pore over that business report for hours because you need to correct it one more time.

Perfectionism kills confidence, and it prevents you from accomplishing anything. Now is the time to ditch perfectionism and quit overanalyzing everything. Sign up for that marathon now. Follow that contest. Submit that report. You might actually surprise yourself.

4. Rewire your negative thoughts and beliefs

Human beings have over 6,000 thoughts per day. And for some of us, our internal critic is the voice that sounds the loudest in our minds. Morning affirmations are one of the most effective confidence-building exercises you can do to silence that nagging critic in your mind.

For example, if you believe you are scatter-brained, your morning affirmation might be, “My mind is focused and clear. Nothing can get in my way or distract me from my goals.” I personally prefer affirmations because they help rewrite any negative thoughts you have about yourself.

5. Smile and make eye contact with people

Smiling and make eye contact with people can even give you a tremendous boost of confidence.

It indicates that you are friendly and approachable to others and helps people feel at ease. The more you practice this task, the more natural it will be to you.

Confidence Building Exercises

6. Set a goal and then challenge yourself to achieve it!

There is something empowering about setting a goal and then accomplishing it. However, if you have a billion goals floating in your head, it can be challenging to take any action on any one.

It can be something small, such as a previously unknown financial term, or something bigger, such as maxing out your retirement account for the year. The sky’s the limit!

7. Prioritize self-discipline as part of your confidence building exercises

Self-control is your ability to regulate your emotions and actions. If you’re self-disciplined, you are more likely to follow through with your goals (even those lofty ones, such as becoming debt-free or buying a home).

There are many ways to increase one’s self-discipline – set goals, read a book like No Excuses, have accountability partners. Pick one or two practices and see how much your determination increases.

8. Take yourself on a date

The best way to appreciate others is to put yourself first. Physical activity, such as jogging, is a great way to spend time getting to know yourself. Exercise 30 minutes to an hour each week and put aside that time to get to know yourself better.

Find out what you like and do not like, become familiar with your own ideas, and enjoy an activity you have always wanted to do. Learning to embrace yourself first may be one of the best ways to boost self-confidence.

9. Practice sharing your opinions

If you’re the introverted type who finds it difficult to speak up (#guguzguluguz), make an effort to spread and share your opinions. If you don’t feel comfortable expressing your opinions eloquently and precisely, practice saying them to yourself or to another person in front of you.

The more you share your opinions out loud, the more your confidence will increase when speaking them with others. Cultivating your self-worth by sharing your ideas is one of the most critical tasks you can accomplish.

10. Start thinking like a confident woman and make this a daily confidence building exercise

Think of the most positive person you know.

Do whatever comes to mind. This could mean faking it “until you make it,” but it is one of the best confidence-building exercises that you can do. Get away from those negative thoughts and relax with a drink in hand.

11. Surround yourself with ambitious people

So I am the kind of individual who overanalyzes all issues. For example, it took me a full year to purchase my $70 pair of Tevas because, even though I knew the style I wanted, I investigated other styles to ensure I got the right one.

On the other hand, I have a friend who encourages me to do what I want to do immediately instead of thinking about it for a long time. She loves spending time with me because I push her to be more independent, which increases my confidence as well.

Avoid overspending by trusting your own judgment and avoiding extravagances. You know yourself best. Find a good type of ambitious friend that encourages you to be improved.

12. Practice self-care to boost your self esteem

Self-care isn’t everything, but you should feel good about your own body. If you feel drab and unattractive, maybe it’s time for some personal pampering.

Designate some money in your budget for a fashion makeover, a manicure, or a facial. You will be more self-assured and more relaxed. It’s one of the best confidence-building exercises available.

13. Show your body some love

Regular exercise has been shown to boost your confidence. It also relieves stress by boosting endorphins and distracting you from daily concerns. The key is to find something you enjoy doing – throw a dance in the kitchen, go for a hike, start that garden in your backyard.

Do whatever feels fun for you. (It is highly recommended that you spend 30 minutes per day doing this activity.) Eat nutritious meals as well, and you’ll be helping your physical and mental well-being along with your mental health.

Which of these confidence building exercises will you do first?

It takes time to build your esteem. Start with simple activities like picking one or two confidence-building activities and carrying out them for a set amount of time. When you have mastered them, you can move on to a few more.

You deserve to be yourself and be the self-assured rock star I know you are. You got this! Just don’t forget that inner Queen B or T-Swizzle.


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