Your personal finances are a crucial foundation when it comes to improving your financial situation. Your goals should be to become debt-free, save money, invest for the future, increase your wealth to seven figures without the right financial mindset, and it will be difficult to accomplish these goals.

All you need to do is type “(sunflower seeds)” into the search box and then follow the instructions. Within seconds, you will be presented with thousands of articles containing detailed instructions on how to grow sunflower seeds and what other ingredients to utilize.

But, if you’ve ever attempted to accomplish a difficult goal and failed, you know that it requires a lot more than a step-by-step guide of what to do in order to successfully meet that goal right?

In this section, we’ll examine how changing your mindset can help you achieve your goals, how you can change your mindset, and you get free access to our money mindset course!

Adjusting your money mindset to achieve your financial goals

The most important part of accomplishing your goals is having the right mindset.

It isn’t easy to maintain your spirits up as you work to build wealth over the long term.

Developing wealth requires approaching life from a proactive attitude, demonstrating discipline, becoming uncomfortable, and doing what it takes to reach one’s objectives.

Your attitude is not something you can improve simply by doing it once. Like the muscle fibers in your muscles, you have to keep working at it for it to continue to be effective.

With that in mind, let us examine how to change your attitude and adopt a positive cash mindset.

11 Key tips to create a positive money mindset

Here are several suggestions to help you build a true financial mindset as you go along on your journey to becoming wealthy.

Remember, no matter how bad your financial situation may be, you can change your attitude and spending habits to achieve success.

1. Decide to be financially successful

Being wealthy really starts before you even open an investment account or make the first deposit into a savings account. It begins with a simple decision, which is itself a very profound one.

It appears to be that you are going to be prosperous and that as a result, you must commit to the journey and attain the goal.

Being certain that you will be rich (with complete confidence) is a tremendous boost to your confidence. Since you’re telling yourself that you can achieve this goal, you believe in yourself more than ever before. Unless you believe you can make money, you won’t be willing to do what it takes to become rich.

2. Determine your life values

Once you have realized you will be prosperous, you must determine your reason for wanting that success.

Actually, having a “why” can improve your life in numerous ways that relate to overall happiness.

So why do you want to pay off your debt, save money, become financially fit and successful, financially independent, etc?

Your ultimate motivation is to understand why you are doing what you are doing. Especially during the times or seasons when things do not go your way.

3. Let go of standards and focus on what really matters to you

In order to build wealth and work on your money mindset, you have to find what works best for you and you shouldn’t get caught up in standards defined by others. Also, you should avoid comparison with others; it is the thief of joy.

Again this goes back to your “why.”

You may want to retire young, having $500,000 may be your definition of financial independence or it’s $1 million. You might just want to have enough money to backpack around the world.

Whatever your objectives may be, focus on your own personal priorities and what money means to you in terms of what you want out of life.

4. Get comfortable with your fears and your discomfort

Fear and excitement are natural reactions when you want to do something important. There’s the fear of the unknown, the fear of change, the fear of failure.

In many areas, fear can stop you in your tracks and can quickly become overwhelming. For instance, you may start imagining all sorts of things related to all the “what ifs” and “whatnots” that may come up (which usually do not occur).

The thing with fear is that it can be a double-edged sword. You can either let it keep you tied or use it to push you forward. A second choice is to embrace your fears as part of the journey, let them come along but let them know they can’t hold you back.

One way to overcome fear is to recall your “why” and recall all the successes you’ve previously achieved and the difficulties you overcame to accomplish your goals. If you can overcome your fears about money, you can certainly overcome your current worries.

Every fear you have may have an action you can take to counter it. For example, are you afraid of never getting out of debt? You can make a payment now or later to work toward overcoming this fear.

Remind yourself that you are already doing great things, even if things feel dangerous. Take small steps toward accomplishing your long-term objectives and you will soon reach your destination.

Improve Your Money Mindset

5. Express gratitude

Expressing gratitude is one of the greatest spending-attitude habits because it is a great way to shift what you concentrate on. If you are grateful, you focus on your blessings and the good things that have been bestowed on you.

Gratitude also motivates contentment in your life which is essential for wealth creation because when you are content with the things you have, you will be less inclined to desire them, buy, spend, and waste them on purchases which do not always provide the happiness sought. Our 30-day gratitude challenge is a great way to start!

6. Use affirmations to improve your money mindset

It’s easy to let negativity into your mind. However, you can combat these negative thoughts with good thoughts! Another excellent cash mindset activity is to create a financial plan and adopt a few of the suggestions contained within it.

In fact, studies suggest that practicing positive affirmations can reprogram your mind! So, using affirmations will improve your outlook and instill a healthy money mindset.

Read about “55 Financial Declarations You Should Tell Yourself” to add more positive thinking to your mind and stop the negative self-talk.

7. Don’t dwell on your past financial mistakes

Failure is the path to success. Why? Failing prevents us from achieving our goals. We are all human and have erred at times, but these mistakes are an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. Improving our finances can help expand our personal horizons.

Rather than dwelling on what you’ve done wrong, use your previous mistakes as tools to make a new budget.

8. Let go of limiting money beliefs

Letting go of limiting beliefs is another important step in creating a positive money mindset. Limiting beliefs do that…they limit you. You can achieve success by trying. So write some ambitious goals and then set your sights high.

This is also another good reason to establish your affirmations each day. They can help you surpass those old beliefs and establish brand new limitless ones!

9. Get help with money mindset coaching and courses

So, what is the best way to improve your attitude about money? Get help with money mindset training! The best thing is that it is free.

Our Clever Girl Finance program provides free money mindset coaching sessions with our financial specialists. We also have more than 50 hours of free information on a wide range of money topics in our archive.

We also have over 30 free financial courses and worksheets. Our “Build a strong foundation” package includes a “how to change your wealth mindset course” so you can go from a limited budget mindset to an abundance mindset.

We also have free courses on topics ranging from budgeting to investing, so you can learn to be as financially successful as possible!

10. Follow fin-fluencers to improve your money mindset

By watching other successful people, you will remember that you too have earned money mistakes in the past so you don’t have to keep carrying guilt or shame.

Fiscal podcasts, books, blogs, and YouTube videos are all excellent resources for changing your poor cash attitude into a good one. Additionally, you will learn how to change your behavior with money, with tips regarding how to save, budget, and invest for the future.

11. Use money mindset quotes to inspire you

Money attitude quotes can improve your mentality.

They motivate you and motivate you. So, using money mindset quotes can help with your fiscal mindset.

Here are some of our favorite quotes to get you started.

“If broke people are making fun of your financial plan, you are on the right track.” – Unknown

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King Jr.

“The slightest adjustments to your daily routines can dramatically alter the outcomes in your life.” – Darren Hardy

“It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.” – Warren Buffett

“Stop being the chess piece, and start being the chess player. It’s time to master the game of money once and for all.” – Tony Robbins

Need assistance finding more great money mindset quotes? Get started with our “Funny money quotes”, and “Budgeting quotes” articles!”

Be sure to check out our list of our favorite quotations about being debt-free. We also share budget quotes, funny money quotes, mompreneur quotations, sustainable living quotes, and even quotes from The Richest Man in Babylon!

You can improve your money mindset!

Having a positive outlook is essential to attaining one’s goals and financial objectives. Keeping a positive mindset will require hard work and continuous nurturing.

It’s about setting the appropriate goals and remembering to reach them at all times. You can affect your personal finances and your well-being in the process, and the benefits will be well worth the effort.

Practice gratitude exercises by expressing appreciation, using motivational quotations, and optimistic affirmations.

Be sure to attend our workshops for a fraction of the cost. We also have a number of free courses and worksheets available.


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