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How To Look Elegant And Be Elegant Every Single Day

How To Look Elegant
How To Look Elegant

So, you want to learn how to look elegant like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality when she goes from being covered in grease stains and picking her ear wax in public to being the very essence of beauty and grace (minus a few slip-ups)…Now, the good news is, you don’t have to be an undercover FBI agent or hire an entire team of stylists to learn how to be elegant.

You don’t have to have a lot of money to be fashionable and elegant every day. In this short article, I will demonstrate how you can look smart and be tasteful without spending a fortune!

Signs of an elegant woman

In order to define elegance, we first need to discuss what it means.

As you read this sentence, you may be picturing a famous person that fulfills this definition – Kerry Washington, Taylor Swift, Diana Ross, Audrey Hepburn.

1. They look neat and put together

I’ll concede that looks are not everything. Beauty is deeper than skin-deep, and the whole thing is attractive. Nonetheless, there’s no denying that one of the first signs of an elegant woman is how she looks.

Every elegant person I meet online or offline always looks well dressed and stylish. Their style extends far beyond the yoga pants (#guilty) I own.

It’s easy to forget that other clothes such as jeans and dresses and tailored pants still exist.

Fortunately, it is becoming more difficult to find attire that looks put together and fashionable, but feels cozy and casual. As you learn to dress elegantly, keep that in mind if comfort is more important to you than fashion.

2. But they also have an elegant attitude to back it up

You might think you’d be surprised to know that one of the tell-tale signs of a classy woman is her attitude. It doesn’t matter how elegant you appear; if you treat people poorly, you’re not really a classy individual.

She helps others develop rather than tearing them down. She has a strong personality and is confident, never seeking validation from anyone else.

So, how should you speak to yourself? How do you treat others? Have you been more critical than uplifting? Consider taking a 30-day self-love challenge. It will go a long way in helping you look and feel just as elegant as you will after you read this message.

How to look elegant daily: 6 Key tips

At its core, learning how to look fashionable and be elegant is all about maintaining a low-key, simple look. It’s not about showcasing one’s personality or standing out in a crowd. The goal is to have your style stand the test of time. Here’s how to do it.

1. Figure out your personal style

The first step is to determine what kinds of clothes you actually like to wear. I’m not talking about the clothes you see on Instagram or what’s currently in fashion. I’m talking about a style you can call “rustic chic.”

I am talking about the styles and accessories you would wear regardless of the trend. The ones you like the most that complement your personality and body type.

A book that was an important ally in my own style discovery was The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees. It’s an easy-to-follow workbook that helps you understand your likes, dislikes, fashion preferences, and color palettes. By following its invaluable instructions, you can create a wardrobe that’s distinctly you.

I recommend renting it from your local library or buying it if you need help improving your style. You can also take a

2. Keep your wardrobe simple to look elegant

Once you’ve determined your favorite styles and color palettes, build a wardrobe of clothing you only keep items that you enjoy wearing and can put on in many different ways. (Uncommon neutral colors such as cream, grey, and black are timeless and always work well together).

How To Look Elegant
How To Look Elegant

If you have five tops that work with 10 bottoms, then you’re set! Just 25 different garments can be worn from those 10 items thanks to your five tops and five bottoms. This is how a capsule wardrobe operates. But if that top you bought only fits one pair of pants, then you’ll have only one outfit. No amount of variety, in my opinion.

So, if you’re looking for fashionable items on a budget, consider purchasing each new thing of clothing that you bring home. If it’s something to wear, like pants or a shirt, for instance, think up various outfits before you buy it. The more items it pairs with, the better it is.

One of my favorite minimalist clothing lines is Vetta Capsule. The company curates five-piece capsule wardrobes that you can mix and match to create 30 different outfit combinations. I really don’t understand how they do it, but it is ideal if you want a streamlined wardrobe that will always look good.

3. Choose quality over quantity

The key to dressing well is to pick quality over quantity. Indeed, you can go to a trendy retailer like Forever 21 and purchase five sweaters for $12 each.

But they will also immediately pill and tear and shrink when you wash them.

The next time you make a purchase, consider it in terms of cost per wear. If you buy a $12 sweater and only wear it twice, it costs $6 each wear. But if you buy a $100 sweater and wear it 50 times, it only costs $2 per wear. That’s one-third the price!

4. Adopt a minimal makeup routine

Another good way to always look good is to adopt a minimalist grooming routine. The most important advantage is that it saves time, since you do not have to devote an hour to your hair and cosmetics while also trying to get your children ready in the morning.

5. Choose accessories sparingly

If you’re a fan of flashy jewelry, there’s no shame in that game. The key is to select some valuable pieces that you love – and that ideally work with most of your wardrobe – instead of having drawers full of jewelry you never wear.

I don’t like most jewelry, so I have a dainty gold wedding band and a thin gold bar necklace that goes well with anything. I also have a simple nose piercing with a small gold stud. The key is to own a few items that you really like and that go well with your style and wardrobe.

6. Remember that simple is always in style

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” That could not be more accurate with regard to style.

One of my favorite aspects of stylish outfit is how simple and elegant it is. It includes classic styles like a trenchcoat, little black dress, white dress shirtâ oe broccoli;ce that will never go out of style.

Not only does this help you save a lot of money, but it also saves you time when choosing outfits and limits the number of items you must own. So many benefits! Being simple with your style is the best way to be stylish every day.

How to be elegant on a budget

You don’t have to spend a lot on designer clothes to look and feel stylish. There are many ways to develop your personal fashion on a budget.

Shop secondhand to save money and look elegant

When buying clothes secondhand is one of my biggest secrets for saving money on stylish attire, I usually buy clothes on Poshmark, Tradesy, eBay, or thredUP if I like an expensive item. If I can’t find a secondhand item I love, I’ll often hunt for it on the auction site Etsy.

And many times, the person who sold it only wore it once or twice, so you’re getting a practically new item for only a fraction of the cost.

I used this method when shopping for a wedding dress in 2015. I fell in love with a dress that sold for $1,100 but found it on Tradesy for $500. I had only worn it once when I purchased it. The seller also threw in the sash and dress for no additional charge, saving me more money as I planned my wedding on a tight budget.

Earn some spending money by decluttering your closet

As you become more sophisticated in your clothing choices, you might discover that your closet is teeming with things that you never wear. This might stem from the fact that they do not fit your lifestyle, are designed for a fantasy life that you are not living, or do not fit your present style.

This is a great opportunity to declutter your wardrobe, and even declutter your life! Upcycle as many items as possible, and get some extra money. You can also set some style goals that won’t break the bank if you’re really trying to stay on budget.

Feel great and look elegant every day!

You don’t have to spend much money or gain an Oscar to be fashionable.

If you need help planning your budget for a brand new fashionable wardrobe, sign up for our free budget course.

Giving Workers Responsibility For Quality Improvements And Authority To Make Changes Is Known As:


Quality circles is a term that was coined in the 1980s and refers to a group of workers that come together to discuss issues, offer solutions, and take action. These groups are given responsibility and authority to make changes in the workplace.

The theory behind quality circles is that they increase employee involvement in the improvement of quality in the workplace. This can be through improving processes or improving the atmosphere of the work environment.

By giving workers responsibility for these improvements, it also increases their confidence and trust in them. It helps build a sense of community within the workplace as well as increases productivity by having more involvement and input from everyone.

There are many different ways to run a quality circle group. The most important element is giving workers responsibility and authority to take action on things that will improve quality in the workplace.


giving workers responsibility for quality improvements and authority to make changes is known as:

The concept of continuous improvement is known as PDSA, or planned-do-study-act. This model requires workers to plan changes they want to make, do a trial run, study the results, and then act on the results by making the change permanent.

In doing so, people working on the change are required to be aware of their role in the process and take responsibility for their part. The “A” in PDSA also refers to acceptance of the change, whether that be acceptance of the new solution or failure to adopt the change.

By having people involved in the change process accept or reject it, they are more likely to take ownership of it and make it permanent. This is important because if people do not accept the change, they may go back to how things were before.

PDSA is an integral part of improving quality within an organization and beyond.

Lean manufacturing

giving workers responsibility for quality improvements and authority to make changes is known as:

Lean manufacturing is a system that encourages teamwork and quality improvement. It also promotes waste reduction, efficiency improvements, and value-added production.

It was developed in the late 1980s by several researchers who studied manufacturing processes in Japan. The term lean refers to eliminating unnecessary activities, processes, and inventory.

In a nutshell, lean is a management philosophy that focuses on the achievement of organizational excellence through the transformation of internal and external systems-including process structures, job responsibilities, skillsets, and workforce composition-and the adoption of new business models.

By doing so, lean organizations enhance their customer value and overall organizational performance. A key aspect of this is valuing people as assets who can contribute to organizational success.

Lean manufacturing applies several concepts to achieve its goals: 5S, kaizen, gemba walk, Heijunka, 8 wastes, flow theory.

Theory of constraints

giving workers responsibility for quality improvements and authority to make changes is known as:

The theory of constraints, or TOC, is a management philosophy that was developed by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt in the 1980s. He initially wrote about it in his novel The Goal, but later rewrote it as a nonfiction book called The Goal: A Process of Continuous Improvement.

The TOC is based on the idea that there is a limited capacity to produce results within an organization. There are several constraints that can limit this capacity, including time, money, knowledge, and effort.

Time is limited because there are only so many hours in a day and people can only work so hard. Money is limited because the organization cannot spend more than it has. Knowledge is limited because people may not know how to do something, and effort is limited because people can only work so hard.

The theory argues that you should focus on reducing the time it takes to accomplish tasks in order to increase productivity and quality of work.

6 sigma

giving workers responsibility for quality improvements and authority to make changes is known as:

The term 6 sigma refers to a set of standards for quality. A sigma is a measurement that defines the level of quality.

A 3-sigma quality level means that 99% of the time, the product or service is right. The other 1% of the time, there is some sort of error or flaw.

A 6-sigma quality level means that 99.999% of the time, the product or service is right. There is virtually no chance that there is an error or flaw in the product or service.

Sigma levels can be lowered depending on the industry and what quality level is needed. For example, an oil company may need a 3-sigma quality level to ensure its pipes do not leak, but an airline may need a 5-sigma level to ensure safety.

The term six sigma was coined by GE in 1990 following its extensive research into improving business process efficiency.

Total quality management

giving workers responsibility for quality improvements and authority to make changes is known as:

This is a method of management that was developed in the 1980s. It is still used widely today, even in companies with just a few employees.

It was developed by engineers who were working on improving manufacturing processes. They found that the best way to improve anything is to start with a quality product.

If you start with a poor quality product, then no improvement will be made unless you get a new one. This is what they found during their research!

They also found that all workers have input into the production process and can make changes if they find something wrong with it. This includes finding better ways to do things or replacing parts.

Total quality management gives all workers responsibility for improving the quality of their work and the overall quality of the company.

Implementation plan

giving workers responsibility for quality improvements and authority to make changes is known as:

Implementing lean principles requires planning and effort. Creating an implementation plan ensures that the effort put in is structured and systematic.

An implementation plan includes the who, what, when, where, why, and how of changing processes. The who includes the people who will be involved in the changes being made and the people who will be affected by the changes.

The what refers to what processes are going to be changed and how they are going to be changed. The when refers to timelines for events such as process improvements or training sessions. The where refers to locations such as which areas of the facility improvements will take place. Why explains the purpose of the changes and why they are being made. How explains how the changes will be done and implemented.

This gives all involved members a general idea of what changes are coming and how they will happen.

Leadership and responsibility

giving workers responsibility for quality improvements and authority to make changes is known as:

A key aspect of leadership is giving your team members responsibility. As a leader, you need to trust that your team members are doing their best and know how to do their jobs.

If someone on your team is not performing well, then you need to talk to them about it. Tell them what they are doing well and what they can improve on.

Tell them that you believe in them and that they can improve- it’s important to mean it when you say this!

If they do not improve after talking to them, then it may be time to talk to HR about terminating their employment with your organization. It is very difficult to continue to work with someone that does not believe in themselves or does not want to improve.

Employee involvement

giving workers responsibility for quality improvements and authority to make changes is known as:

Employee involvement is a term used to describe giving employees responsibility and authority over changes that affect them. This can be in the form of letting employees choose their own tools or equipment, or it can be letting them choose how to improve a process.

Employee involvement can also mean letting employees decide on the changes that need to be made in order to improve the quality of the product or service being produced. This includes deciding on new processes and new ways of doing things.

How does this work? In companies that use employee involvement, workers are given education on how their job impacts quality and how they can make changes to improve it. They are then given responsibility to make those changes, whether that is by using new tools or equipment, changing processes, or other such things.

Why use employee involvement? It has been proven that using employee involvement increases productivity, efficiency, and quality while reducing turnover and cost.

How To Make Money For Kids: 21 Easy Ways

How To Make Money For Kids
How To Make Money For Kids

Let’s discuss how to make money for children. Life is expensive when you have children! Not only do they want the latest (and coolest!) items on the market, they also grow out of things quickly.

Make sure to encourage students to earn some money by operating a lemonade stand.

Money concerns matter. An analysis of 2000 parents revealed that 83% said they wish they had learned more about money in their childhood.

Why does it matter if kids make money?

Making money as a kid is an important life lesson that will hopefully motivate their financial habits for the rest of their lives.

Convenience is a tough habit to break for anyone, which is why the sooner your child learns what goes into those purchases, the better off they will be.

A great deal of effort goes into making money, no matter your age. You can help young kids understand how to make and save money with this guide.

The sooner you establish good money habits, such as earning potential, the better off your children will be when it comes to building good money management skills.

How can you help your son or daughter earn money? Sometimes, jobs like authoring a blog, promoting merchandise as a paid affiliate, or working as a virtual assistant are suitable for older children.

Selling goods and services to children doesn’t have to be dull, so we’ve compiled some ideas based on their hobbies.

Your children can earn extra money in their spare time and learn about the value of labor and frugality. Additionally, you can teach them about finances and passive income.

There are also several opportunities for your child to make money. They will earn money, but they will also accept gift cards from their preferred store or Amazon if they do not sell the cards.

Easy ways to make money for kids

Petsitting is a great way to make fast money for children during the summer. There are plenty of fun and interesting ways to earn money as an animal caretaker, including petsitting. Use these side gig ideas to make money for kids.

local markets seek out vendors to sell their crafts to buyers. Selling crafts, toys, or various items as an entrepreneur is a great way for your child to learn how to run a business while earning income.

You do not need to make crafts with glitter anymore! Etsy is a simple way to make money for kids. They can make graphics on Photoshop or Canva that they can sell for free!

Examples of printable merchandise include motivating quotes, fun designs, or mandalas for coloring. It is an easy and fun way to make money online by just using an internet connection. This guide provides advice on creating printable documents.

Does your son or daughter have a flair for style that others could learn from? Train them to turn clothes. Consignment and outlet stores often have inexpensive clothes that are only a few dollars each when they hold a sale day, and pairing a sale with items you donate can fetch you upwards of $20 per $5 pair of pants.

They could set up an online store or earn cash through Facebook marketplace by selling the clothing that they dress patients.

Some individuals have a natural talent for playing music. This is the case with your children. Encourage them to share their skills and teach music to others. This makes them able to practice their skills while earning money on the side.

If your kid loves holidays, this is a terrific side business! Many people enjoy holidays but do not like taking all the decorations down.

Holiday decorating is an excellent first assignment to teach your child how to make cash for children, and they may be given a digital camera to photograph their decorating work to show potential clients.

Here’s how to make money fast for kids: set up a neighborhood car wash in your driveway for the weekend. Allow people to park in front of your house, or let your child set up one in the neighborhood. They are encouraged to distribute flyers and advertisements throughout the week in order to attract customers. They are also encouraged to ask family and friends to help.

Landscaping can be a lot of work for some children and, in general, very time-consuming. If your kid enjoys being outside and is detail-oriented, have them think about starting their own landscaping business to earn some extra money. This is an excellent or one of the best ways to make money as a child.

My friend’s son recently launched his own landscaping company last summer and now has regular customers he sees each month. Not bad for a 16-year-old!

Tasks such as raking leaves, shoveling snow, and cutting hedges are quick and straightforward to make extra money. None of those jobs requires a lengthy commitment from a landscaping company.

Because it is not a full-time occupation, it is a simple way to earn money for teenagers over the summer or when they are home from school. Here are some age-appropriate seasonal backyard work suggestions.

Since painting is a simple and quick way to revamp your décor, this should also be easy to find on websites like Nextdoor. For kids, small paint jobs are best.

For instance, painting furniture with spray paint. They can quickly learn how to do this by watching videos on YouTube. If extra space is available in the garage, they can paint there. Make sure they have the appropriate protective gear.

Working in the garden is great for kids! If they are good gardeners, have them help out neighbors’ gardens as part-time work. Flowers are lovely and make great decorations, and they can also earn money. If your kid is new to gardening, he or she can practice with a YouTube channel that teaches them more before continuing.

If you have a teenager who has a car, running errands is an easy way to make money. Word of mouth is very effective in today’s economy; ask around to see if anyone has chores you can take care of. If you’re interested in how to make money for children, this is a great place to start.

There’s nothing like a freshly cleaned house. Once you’ve ensured that the house and customer are safe and secure, set your child up with cleaning supplies and allow them to start working. Offer your home cleaning services to your neighbors or friends and see if they want to hire their children to perform cleanup tasks. Your son or daughter can also learn valuable skills and earn money by assisting with the cleanup.

If you ever need extra money, babysitting is an ideal way to fill the gap while spending time with others. I babysat well into my teenage years and had time to play video games and complete homework afterward, too. Want to get paid for studying? There are definite wins and one of the best ways to make cash as a kid! Here are some important techniques to be a good babysitter!

Some subjects are easier for certain students than others. If your son or daughter is a true expert, they can make a lot of money by tutoring other kids for subjects they know a lot about. They might even be an online tutor if you are comfortable doing that.

People always want a snack or a drink when they are out and about. Water, lemonade, and baked goods are just some of the items they can sell. If you have some unused space in your lawn, this could be the ideal place to set up shop.

Why not set up a store on eBay? Numerous thrift stores are nearby, and your teenager could sell collectible items, clothing, music, movies, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

This is a great first job if your child is familiar with electronics such as computers and can assemble them.

How To Make Money For Kids
How To Make Money For Kids

For those who enjoy shopping in person, garage sales offer a great way to find items being sold on eBay. Garage saless are great for space savers, too, as they can also open on certain weekend days. If you have space to keep the inventory, tell them which days and times you would like them to open up shop.

People want someone to walk their dog because their schedule is tight, but they want the best for their animal. Walking dogs might be an after-school activity that could add considerable income. Plus, it offers an excellent workout opportunity! Search sites like Rover can help you locate a pet to care for.

I’m always traveling away from home, and because I have a special needs cat, I’m regularly hiring individuals to my house to check on him. Pet sitters can start for $20 a day and check in whenever they want, which is helpful for busy children with hectic schedules.

If your child is not too picky about cleanliness, they could help out pet owners by performing cleanup duty. Pets are useful at home, both inside and outside, so this should be easy to find.

Just like dog walking, people can outsource pet grooming as well. If you invest in high-quality services, you will reap the rewards many times over. There are several videos on Youtube and online courses they can take to develop this skill.

Farmers and ranchers are always looking for hands, also known as “helpers.” If your child loves farming or animals, you should consider sending them to a boot camp or sending them abroad with a volunteer program.

The job is ideal for teenagers and is one of the best ways to earn money as a gift. It helps them gain experience in the real world while earning money. Learn more about becoming a farm hand.

Establish early financial habits for success throughout life

These recommendations explain how to make money for children. As we’ve discussed previously, earning their own funds will enable them to establish positive financial habits.

Not only do they have their own money to spend how they want, up to a limited extent, but they also have an opportunity to learn more about what money can do for them.

They can also be able to acquire feedback from their customers so they may continue to successfully operate their businesses, and can keep on learning to make money fast for children.

Saving, giving, and having a budget for future expenses and current expenses are all good habits that will lead them throughout their lives.

As your children grow and learn, be sure to review our list of experience gifts and non-toy gifts if you would like to reward them. We also have some great business ideas for children to enjoy as well!

How To Make Money As A Teenager: 26 Lucrative Ways

How To Make Money As A Teenager
How To Make Money As A Teenager

Are you looking for ways to earn money as a teenager? Since you are a teenager, you may have trouble making ends meet. You will need money to buy food, clothing, fun, and transportation.

As living expenses rise, you may be looking for ways to fund those costs (Happy birthday!). Fortunately, there are numerous ways to make money as a teenager aside from gift cards and birthday and holiday cash or gifts.

Why you should make money as a teenager

Even if you do not earn a paycheck, it is still a good idea to save money. Even if you generally spend your income on enjoyable events or fashionable clothing, there is an opportunity to do so.

If you make an effort to keep a portion of your paycheck, it will grow over the years. Compounding interest will cause you to reach your financial goals sooner.

It seems like a rather small amount of money is not worth saving, but saving anything helps. These earnings might be the start of your retirement nest egg or help you fund your college tuition in the future.

If you start saving early, you could have millions of dollars in savings by the time you retire as long as you save only small amounts. Imagine how nice it would be to have so much money! Remember to keep a budget as a teen, too!

How to make money as a teenager: 25 Ideas

What are the best paying jobs for teenagers? Take a look at our list of suggestions and find something that piques your interest. Pick something that interests you and get started today. As you earn money, it’s vital to increase your financial literacy as a teenager as well!

1. Start a blog

Blogging is a fun way to make money as a teenager. You can write about any subject you like. Blogging is not an easy way to make money, but it can be fun. It’s a popular work-from-home job that can potentially earn you money online.

It may take some time before you start to turn a profit off your blog posts, but that can be a profitable income stream once you get going. You can use affiliate marketing and Google Ads to earn some income from your articles once they begin bringing in some money.

To get started, you need an internet connection and a list of domain names for your blog. However, you only need to buy one and have prior experience with online platforms for marketing purposes.

Be prepared to make frequent content for a growing audience. If you are interested in learning how to start a blog, please read our blog post about starting a blog.

2. Tutor younger kids

If you have excelled at a certain subject, then it is time to put your book smarts to the test. Many parents are searching high and low for a tutor to help their child pass a class. If you have expertise in a particular field, share that expertise with those around you.

Just ask nearby parents if their children would profit from a tutor. You can also post signs around the neighborhood to draw more attention to the tutoring program. As you begin hearing from prospective customers, be sure to talk to your parents before meeting up.

You can tutor in person or online. Whichever way works better for you and the families you are tutoring for is the correct way to go.

3. Work at a restaurant part-time

If you’re a young worker, eating establishments are always looking for help with their various tasks, such as cashiering or serving. You can earn extra money at fast-food restaurants or sit-down restaurants if you become a server or hostess. Other positions at include chef, busboy, waitress, and more.

Depending on the setup, you can make minimum wage or be able to earn tips. In any case, you will build your resume while earning a paycheck. Many employers offer free or discounted food to their employees as well.

4. Provide lawn and landscaping services

Landscaping is a great way to earn income as a teenager! Many people too busy or not wanting to maintain their yards care for it. It is hard work that you can turn into a lucrative business. Mowing the grass is just one example of an easy service to offer in your free time.

You might also plant garden beds, weed flower gardens, rake leaves, clean up after their dog, or water their landscaping. Be creative based upon the lawns in your local area. This is a good way to earn money as a teenager without a job, as it allows you to get working and earning income right away.

5. Provide snow services as one of your side gigs

If you live in a cold area, snow can be a huge business. Many individuals usually refrain from clearing the snow from their driveway. Some even want you to shovel snow in their driveway or parking spot.

You can use the need to shovel driveways, sidewalks, and so on to set up a daily rotation of clients so you never run out of snow to shovel. Set up a routine rotation so that you always have clients available to fulfill that need.

6. Offer babysitting services (A great way to make money as a teenager)

Babysitting is very easy to break into. A great place to start is with friends in the family. If you do a good job, they will pass the word around the neighborhood.

You will be surprised at how much you can earn as a dependable babysitter. A normal wage is $10 per hour plus $3 for each additional child.

Many parents provide a lunch to a babysitter. Another chance like babysitting is a parent helper, which is considered one of the best ideas for teens wondering how to make money over the summer with no job.

The host would be home when you are helping out around the apartment. That might include anything from entertaining the kids to folding laundry. It can be quite fun to bring a child around while you are not used to handling them. To find out the best places to start, you can use sites such as care.com and sittercity.com.

7. Start a photography or video editing business

Do you have a knack for photography or video editing? You could be a good candidate for a job as a bagger if you deliver photographs of an event or edit photographs taken by a client. You can learn how to do this but aren’t sure how by starting with a Youtube video and watching photography tutorials.

Now is the time to brush up on your video-editing skills and earn some extra money. Photography and video editing are among the best-paying jobs for teenagers.

8. Become a DJ

Although this may be expensive to acquire the equipment, embarking on a musical career is quite easy. Think of the many events who need a DJ for their party. Your friends have similar meals to yours.

If you’re able to maintain a party going smoothly and want to learn how to earn money as a teenager, this could be a great opportunity to earn some extra cash. You can post flyers or tell your friends about your new gig.

9. Coach little league sports

Coaching little league sports can be a fun way to earn extra money. There are many leagues that hire seasoned players to coach the next generation. Not only will you earn some extra cash, but you will also become an inspiration to a whole group of lesser leaguers.

You might be as busy as you want to be. In addition, days can be unscheduled.

10. Become a golf caddy

Being a golf caddy allows you to enjoy the game more. If you drive around another caddy’s bag, you can learn a lot more about golfing. It can be fun to network with people in the neighborhood. Start by searching out golf clubs in your area and reaching out about getting a job.

11. Make money as a teenager working in retail

Although retail work is not typically glamorous, it is a great way to make an income. Many retail jobs require working the cash register, stocking shelves, and speaking with customers. When I was a cashier in retail as a teenager, my least favorite part of the job was dealing with customers.

However, I learned what I didn’t like about work in the retail sector after observing at a local supermarket. Many entry-level positions start at the minimum wage and feature considerable growth potential. Some companies offer financial assistance for full-time employees.

You could research larger businesses to find one that provides that benefit. You might transfer to a different store if you go to college. Retail is an excellent job if you want to learn to make money as a teenager quickly and straightforwardly.

12. Work at the gym

You can also work out at the gym if you already spend a lot of time there exercising. Many gyms will let you work out for free as an employee. In addition to the many generous benefits that include your gym membership, you can also earn a paycheck.

Don’t limit yourself to ordinary gyms. Also, check out other types of sports venues. In high school, I worked as a tennis instructor at the tennis club at which I had played for many years. I enjoyed the work with the people I already knew and got along with and got a buzz from helping people improve their game.

These facilities are often thought of as a soft introduction to work.

13. Offer pet sitting services as a fun way to make money as a teenager

Pet sitting is a fun way to make money as a teenager. Many people need pet sitting services for a variety of reasons.

Whether they need someone to walk their dog in the afternoon or watch their cat all week, pet sitting can be stimulating work, and it is short-term, so you don’t need to commit to a huge undertaking that will take up much of your time.

It’s an excellent way to make money as a teenager without a job, since you can pet sit even if you do not yet have a driver’s license.

This is a great way to meet new friends and be paid if you love animals. You can meet clients by talking to your neighbors, through word of mouth, local vet clinics, or on websites like rover.com.

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How To Make Money As A Teenager
How To Make Money As A Teenager

14. Become a house sitter

Just like pet sitting, individuals need someone to watch them when they are out of town. This could include collecting the mail and watering plants. Some patients want you to remain at their home while they are out of town.

Other people just want you to stop by every now and then. The best place to begin the business is with relatives. As you become more experienced, spread the word via flyers and referrals.

If you perform well, you’ll receive good feedback that you can pass on to future clients. House sitting is one of the most lucrative jobs for teenagers that is easy to do.

15. Clean out garages

Many people need your help if you have a talent for organizing. With overflowing garages across the U.S., you can clean up their junk for cash.

So choose a flat fee for your labor. You may want to charge based on the square footage of the garage or the number of boxes you may have to go through.

16. Wash cars in your neighborhood

Cars can be expensive investments. Many people do not have time to properly maintain their vehicles. Washing cars is a great way to earn money quickly. You can charge more if you bring your services to the customers. It’s a great way of how to make money as a teenager without a job.

As long as the customer has a water spigot, you can take your services anywhere. Bring soap, rags, along with other cleaning materials with you!

17. Become a summer camp counselor

If you’re a summer-only worker, camp counselor is an excellent option. Your role will be to work with a wide variety of children all summer long. It can be fun to get a group of kids.

18. Become a lifeguard

Becoming a lifeguard requires specialized training. You will need to get certified, but it may be a terrific income source for a teenager. Most lifeguards receive above minimum wage because they handle a lot of responsibility. For that reason, it’s one of the best-paying jobs for teenagers.

19. Get a job at a theme park

Theme parks can be a lot of fun, even as an employee. Although it is work, it may be more enjoyable in a theme park setting. Plus, many theme parks offer free tickets for their employees. So not only is it a nice way to earn money as a teenager, but it also has great benefits as well!

20. Teach kids how to code

Coding is a valuable skill. If you specialize in coding, you can make a lot of money while teaching younger children how to code. Many parents are eager to pay top dollar for their children to learn this skill.

21. Sell food at the farmers’ market

Are you an excellent baker? Consider setting up a shop at the farmers’ market. You can learn the art of baking and earn money as an adolescent while teaching others your craft.

You’ll also be responsible for your incomes by working as a baker instead of a wage earner. Instead of receiving a regular paycheck, you’ll be able to run your own bakery based on your baking expertise.

22. Flip items to make money as a teenager quickly

Flipping items is a great way to earn income as a teenager. It is highly lucrative. You can ask your parents if there are any items they would like to sell and offer you a commission from.

Then use that extra money and buy even more products to sell for more cash. Products such as electronics, books, game systems, and DVDs can be sold at low prices to start. You can work on this schedule and sell items on Facebook and Instagram’s Marketplace or eBay.

23. Make stuff and sell it on Etsy

If you enjoy crafts and are crafty, you can make some extra money selling them. For example, you can make customized stationery, bath and beauty products, jewelry, and other goods. You can easily earn money and have fun, making this one of the highest-paid jobs for teenagers.

24. Start vlogging

If you’re camera-shy, then you can make a great amount of money by vlogging. You can set up a vlog on YouTube and earn money by making videos.

Do you know how to apply makeup? You can make video tutorials and train others to look good. You could even coach people how to play soccer or guitar.

There are a lot of opportunities for vlogging on YouTube, so start earning from your talent and advertise them on social media.

25. Sell clothes on Poshmark (A simple way to make money as a teenager!)

Selling clothes on Poshmark is a way to earn money as a teenager quickly! Do you have a pile of clothes you don’t wear? Then sell them for a quick profit. You can start selling clothes as a side-hustle to make extra money each month.

26. Become a social media manager for businesses

If you love social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok and you know how to use these platforms well, why not get paid for your skills?

Now you know how to make money as a teenager, here’s what to do with it!

So, now you know how to make money as a teenager. However, it is best not to spend it all in one place. Yes, it is fine to enjoy a portion of it and spend money on fun luxuries while in high school.

But a small savings can go a long way. Your future self will thank you if you make an effort to save a portion of every paycheck.

Save up money to pay for college

Student aid programs are available to assist with the expense of higher education. However, a student loan can have a negative effect on your future finances. Those loans can take a long time to pay off.

Save as much of your money as possible so that you can at least partially fund your college education. If you can avoid paying student loans, that is even better. Even if you do not reduce your student loans, it is still worthwhile.

Buy a car in cash

A car payment can be a substantial investment, especially for your teenager. You don’t know where your life will take you, but a car payment will hold you back in unexpected ways. Consider saving up to buy a car solely in cash.

Shop for used vehicles to get a good deal. You don’t need the latest model, just four wheels, and a good engine. When looking for the best vehicle, be sure to research ways to save on your other car expenses, such as insurance and repairs.

Create an emergency fund

Part of learning how to get money is learning how to save some of it. An emergency fund can help you get through hard times and make more space in your bank account for unexpected expenses.

Sadly, we do not know when these times of hardship will occur, but we want to make sure that we will be ready when they do. Build an emergency fund so that you can have peace of mind during difficult times.

Invest for the long term

You can start investing with your 20s, and your money has decades to grow into a massive fortune. You may become a millionaire sooner than you might think if you invest in your teens. Now is the time to start investing.

If you are new to investing, consider signing up for our free income training course package. Our ideas for investing with very little money are also worth checking.

Why you should start building passive income side hustles as a teen

Passive income helps you to make money, even possibly as a full-time occupation, but without having to work all the time. The sooner you start building passive income sources, the better off you will be.

You may be able to save and prepare for your future by preparing and saving now. As you get older, it will be even more important to dedicate more time to your education.

How to make money as a teenager and jumpstart your future financial success!

It’s a great idea to start working as a teenager. When you receive your very first paycheck, you’ll have a smile on your face. You can make smart money moves with your income, which will subsequently lead to greater financial security in future years.

How To Make A Budget Calendar Work For You

Budget Calendar
Budget Calendar

Is your cash management difficult to track? When there is a lot to do, it can be challenging to allocate your funds effectively. Unfortunately, money is often the first item to go.

Having a financial plan can be beneficial, as Americans feel more secure financially when writing one down. Let’s be real, it will get done when you have it on the schedule.

That’s where a budget calendar comes into effect. This handy tool can help you get back on track with your finances, break the cycle of paychecks, and reach your financial goals. Let’s first explain what a budget calendar is.

What is a budget calendar?

A budget calendar is like a regular calendar, but it helps to organize financial tasks. In this way, it’s like creating a budget in calendar form.

Budget calendars can be useful for managing monthly expenses and preventing budget disasters. They can also be an effective way to set goals and reach financial objectives.

You can schedule every payment to your savings prefix until you have saved enough to meet your goal. You can also set it up so it functions as a cash calendar to track your real cash flow.

Why should you use a budget calendar?

A budget calendar may not be for everyone, but there are many reasons to try it.

1. A budget calendar is a visual reminder of when your bills are due

It can be difficult to keep track of every bill that is due to be paid every month. However, missing payments can result in late payment charges and lower credit ratings. In reality, just a single past due bill can decrease your score by 150 points!

And while automating your bill payments can be beneficial for preventing late payments, it is still important to be aware of your own finances. A budget calendar serves as a visual reminder of your expenses.

You can view the upcoming month’s earnings and expenses and know when you are paying them. It is a handy budgeting tool that utilizes paycheck information.

2. A budget calendar helps you plan ahead

Most people conceive of their financial plans only on a weekly or monthly basis, but the key to getting big savings is mapping out larger plans in advance.

First, a budget calendar can help you prepare for large annual expenses. Did you recently get surprised by an annual or a biannual bill, such as car insurance or property taxes? They’ll be coming every year. Somehow, they overlooked you.

These costs can really throw off our budget if we don’t plan ahead for them. However, when we consider the entire year, we can start saving and planning for these costs early.

A budget calendar can also help you save for major financial goals. You and your friends have discussed taking a girls’ trip to Europe next year. But if you wait until 2021 to begin saving money for your overseas medical evacuation, it might not be possible by then. You can begin setting aside money monthly now.

3. A budget calendar helps you break the paycheck to paycheck cycle

Many Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck. In fact, about 59% of American adults live paycheck to paycheck, according to a survey by Schwab in 2019. It’s an arduous task, but if anyone who’s been there could do it, they could.

A budget calendar can help you to break that cycle. First, it keeps you aware of when money is entering and exiting your bank account. Knowing where your money is going is the first step in getting ahead.

A budget calendar can be useful to kickstart and adhere to a savings plan. For example, if you believe that you have no more money at the end of every month, you might designate the leftover funds to savings. But at the end of the month, there’s never anything left.

A budget calendar allows you to actively plan your savings without using good spending habits. Put a repeating event on your calendar to transfer some funds, even if only a little, to your savings account as soon as you are paid each month.

When you see your savings account increasing, you will have the drive to keep saving money and aim for bigger goals.

How to create a budget calendar

You want to set up a budget calendar because it offers numerous benefits to your budget. How do you begin? There are many factors to consider, such as whether you’ll go paper or digital and which goals you will set.

Budgeting with a calendar is useful regardless of your budgeting style. Whether you budget weekly, biweekly, or monthly, a budget calendar can be of great assistance. Let’s get started.

Budget Calendar
Budget Calendar

Budget calendar options

There’s no such thing as a ‘right way’ to set up a budget calendar. And thanks to technology, we’re now loaded with options.

A paper planner is a great way to get started on your budget.

There are several free and paid budget and printable calendar templates online, many of which are specifically created for budget calendars.

If you appreciate technology, consider utilizing Google Calendar, which is a helpful tool for budgeting.

Budget calendars have become so established a concept that companies are now releasing mobile apps to help you manage them.

What to include in your budget calendar

Once you’ve determined a calendar format, it’s time to figure out what content to include. Items on the list may differ from person to person, depending on your finances and intentions.

Keep your budget spreadsheet updated as you receive your pay stubs every month.

Include each of your bills – this includes rent and utility bills, as well as less frequently occurring expenses like annual memberships.

If you’re aggressively paying off debt and making additional debt payments, including those on your calendar.

Having money set aside for emergencies is necessary. When building up your emergency fund, be sure to schedule your transfers. You can also use your calendar to schedule transfers to savings for financial goals such as a vacation or the down payment on a house.

Put it all together

After you’ve determined which budget calendar format to use and what information to add to it, it’s time to put it all together! Setting up your calendar for the very first time can be time-consuming work.

Your expenses will include paying your bills every month, every half a year, and every year. You can also include any relevant upcoming events that you may want to save for. Setting up your obligations on your calendar makes it easier to accomplish them. You can also cash in on digital cash envelopes by syncing your calendar with online wallets.

Design elements for a great budget calendar

Including the appropriate design elements in your calendar can actually be helpful at helping you remember to use it. You’re not merely able to utilize pictures to make your calendar more appealing, but images can also be useful tools to guarantee you stick to your schedule.

Select a good size

Choose a size for your financial plan calendar that makes it convenient to follow. The solution will be different for every individual! It can be cumbersome to carry, and you may often forget it.

Use color coding

Modifying your budget calendar by adding some color to it is a great way to stay with your spending.

Reviewing your budget calendar

A budget calendar isn’t a one-time solution. Just like other parts of your budget, it’s something that should be reviewed and adjusted periodically. So, let’s talk about how often you should be reviewing your budget calendar.

How often should you review it?

A good plan is to reevaluate your calendar as often as you are paid. This method enables you to create a financial plan as soon as you receive your paycheck. Checking your payment stubs with every month’s check also enables you to make alterations and adjustments.

Let’s suppose you made an extra payment on your student loans. You put that payment on your budget calendar but your vehicle broke down. Rather than making that additional payment, you instead put that money toward car maintenance.

When estimating your upcoming budget, you can modify your plans to account for future expenses associated with car maintenance. You might decide to fund these expenses with your next check, or beef up your emergency fund to prevent future car problems from affecting your budget.

Use calendar reminders

Let’s not kid ourselves; sometimes things don’t go as planned when we’re trying to stick to a new routine. Whether it’s keeping our budget on track or following a workout routine, let’s admit it — sometimes we fail. One of the best ways to stick to your budget plan is to create calendar reminders for yourself. And there are a number of different ways you can use them.

First, you can set calendar reminders to remind you to review your budget calendar. Set a regular calendar reminder for payday so you won’t forget to check in with it. You can also use calendar reminders to help you stick to your budget calendar. A budget is just as strong as your follow-through.

Once you have organized each of your monthly expenses in the calendar, calendar reminders can make certain that each task is accomplished. Did you need to pay rent on the 1st of every month? Schedule a reminder to make sure you make the payment.

In closing

Utilizing a calendar approach can be a great way for you to budget, stay within your budget, and meet your financial goals. Remember, successful budgeting is all about finding the right approach for you!

Give The Actual Ground-state Electron Configuration For Copper (cu) Using The Complete Form.


Copper (Cu) is a chemical element that is categorized within the group of metals. It is designated by the symbol Cu and has an atomic number of 29.

There are six electrons in the outermost energy level of copper. These six electrons are referred to as the electron configuration. The electron configuration represents how many electrons exist in each orbital and their ordering.

The electron configuration for copper can be given in two ways: incomplete form and complete form. The incomplete form gives the number of s- and p-orbitals that contain electrons, whereas the complete form lists all of the electrons that reside in each orbital.

This article will give you advice on how to give the complete electron configuration for copper (Cu) using the actual ground-state electron configuration.

Copper (Cu)

give the actual ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using the complete form.

The next element to give the actual ground-state electron configuration for is copper. Copper is number 29 on the periodic table. Like iron, copper is a reddish metal.

Like all metals, copper atoms have a stable, fixed charge distribution. This means that copper atoms have a stable number of electrons in orbit around them. These electrons are the charges we perceive as physical properties like conductivity.

The difference between metals like copper and non-metals is the way they arrange these electron charges. Metals have a more stable charge distribution than non-metals due to their electron configuration being easier to predict.

The difficulty in giving the actual ground-state electron configuration for a metal comes from determining whether or not to include certain sets of electrons in its charge distribution. Does this sound confusing? It can be! (It was for me when I was learning this.

History of copper

give the actual ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using the complete form.

Copper has been used by humans for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence suggests that copper was first used during the Neolithic period around 8000 BC. Copper was mined and refined into bronze, an alloy of copper and tin.

During the Stone Age, people made sharp tools and weapons such as axes, spears, and arrows out of bronze. Other objects such as jewelry, dishes, and decorative elements were also made of bronze.

The rise of civilization saw the rise in use of copper. It was an important material in the development of water distribution systems, sea trade, and the production of pure gold alloys used for currency.

Copper has been linked to human health for a long time. In ancient Egypt, physicians believed that too much copper in the body caused sicknesses like arthritis. They tried to treat these symptoms by using herbs to reduce blood copper levels.

Electron configurations

Electron configurations describe the arrangement of electrons in a atom. The configuration can be described by listing the electrons in order surrounding the nucleus, or by using a mathematical formula.

Atomic orbitals define where electrons can be located. Electrons can either be in s-orbitals, p-orbitals, d-orbitals, or f-orbitals. These names are determined by the number of nodes an electron travels through as it circulates the nucleus.

S-electrons are located in s-orbital shells, p-electrons are located in p-orbital shells, d-electrons are located in d-orbital shells, and f-electrons are located in f orbital shells. Each shell can hold a certain number of electrons depending on its size.

To give the actual ground state electron configuration for copper (Cu), list out all of the electrons in order surrounding the nucleus and add one to it.

Valence electrons

give the actual ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using the complete form.

Now that you can give the ground-state electron configuration for copper, you should learn about valence electrons. Valence electrons are the electrons in a atom that determine what other atoms it can bond with and how many bonds it can make.

Atoms can only accept a certain number of electrons into their outermost orbital. These atoms are called elements, and copper is an element.

The number of valence electrons in copper is one electron in the 1s orbital, one electron in the 2s orbital, and ten electrons in the 3s and 3p orbitals.

These twelve electrons are all of the valence electrons copper has, so it does not need any more to be chemically active. All of these valence electrons help contribute to the color of copper as well as its chemical properties.

Ground state electron configuration of copper (Cu)

give the actual ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using the complete form.

The ground state electron configuration for copper is [Ar]3d64s1. You should always check this structure against the electron configuration of silver (Ag), which is one electron away from Cu on the periodic table.

If you did so, you would find that Ag has an [Ar]3d64s2 electron configuration, thus making it a noble metal. By giving Cu the 3d6 configuration instead of 3d5, you have made copper an non-noble metal!

You can check this yourself at CheMinChem: Check Electron Configuration of Copper (Cu) Atoms.

This is an important distinction to make when dealing with copper in chemical reactions and compounds, as some react more readily with noble metals than non-noble ones.

Copper has an atomic number of 29 and an atomic mass of 63.546 amu

give the actual ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using the complete form.

Copper is a metal with element symbol Cu. It has a bright, shiny color and is one of the most used metals in the world.

Like all metals, copper occurs in nature as a compound. It is often found in mineral ores with sulfur, such as copper sulfide (CuS). It can also be found in minerals like chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) and hornsilverite (AgCuS).

The use for copper vastly depends on what type of copper you are using. Copper compounds are widely used in industrial processes like dyeing and electroplating. Pure metallic copper is used for electrical wiring and hardware due to its high conductivity.

To give the actual ground-state electron configuration for copper (Cu), using the complete form, write out Cu, then add an electron to make it Cu+.

Copper is a shiny, soft, malleable, and ductile metal

give the actual ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using the complete form.

Copper is one of the first metals man used. It has been around for thousands of years, and it is still widely used today. Many beautiful buildings are adorned with copper, water pipes are made of copper, and copper is used in currency.

Because it is so widely available, the cost to produce things out of copper is fairly low. This makes it a good material to use in many applications where price is a factor.

Like any other metal, if copper is put into liquid oxygen, it will explode. This makes handling liquid oxygen very dangerous when working with copper or other metals that react with liquid oxygen.

The online resource weusedtoflynowweski does an excellent job explaining the ground-state electron configuration for Cu(s) (copper(I) ion). Read more about this topic on their article .

Copper is a good conductor of heat and electricity

give the actual ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using the complete form.

Copper is a metal that can be found in pennies and other coins, as well as wires. Copper is one of the first metals discovered and used by humans, making it a historic element.

Because it is a metal, copper can physically interact with other substances. Its electrons are not attached very strongly to it, so they can be shared with other atoms.

This ability to easily transfer its electrons makes copper a good thermal conductor. When heat is applied to copper, its electrons move more rapidly, taking some of the atoms energy with them. This causes its temperature to decrease.

Copper is also a electrical conductor due to its free electrons. When electricity is applied to a copper wire, its electrons move along the wire taking energy with them. This reduces the voltage in the wire due to resistance.

Give The Ground-state Electron Configuration For Copper (cu) Using Noble-gas Shorthand.


Copper is a chemical element with the symbol Cu and atomic number 29. It is a soft, malleable metal with fair electrical and thermal conductivity.

Like all metals, copper atoms have a filled valence band of electrons that are bound to the atom. These electrons play a role in determining the atom’s properties.

Because copper is at atomic number 29, it has one electron in its valence band. This means that there are only two electrons that contribute to the electronic configuration of the atom. The electron configuration for copper is [Ar] 3d104s2.

Cu has an electron configuration of [Ar] 3d104s2, where Ar represents the argon isotope with atomic number 36 and 3d104s2 represents the number of electrons in each orbital and spin. Changing this electron configuration for Cu requires adding or removing Electrons, Orbital s , or Spins .

Use the noble-gas shorthand

When describing the electron configuration of a chemical element, using the noble-gas shorthand is a quick and easy way to get the right answer. This is a very useful tool to have in your pocket when it comes to chemistry!

You can only use this shorthand if the chemical element in question is in the same column of the periodic table as the noble gases. Since copper is one spot down from helium on the table, we can use helium’s electron configuration as a starting point for copper.

The number of protons in an atom determines its chemical behavior, which means that atoms of different elements with the same number of electrons will behave similarly. By giving each electron a position in order starting at 1s, 2s, 3s, etc., you can determine an atom’s ground state electron configuration.

To give the ground-state electron configuration for copper (Cu), start with its chemical equivalent, gallium (Ga). Gallium has three valence electrons, so Cu must have four valence electrons.

Number the shells starting at 1

give the ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using noble-gas shorthand.

Now that you can write the electron configuration for copper, you can add electrons to copper to make other metals. To add an electron, you need to provide it with a shell that is empty and matches its intrinsic property.

For example, if a shell is 2s2, it can accommodate two electrons with s-electron properties. To add an electron to copper, provide it with a 2s electron and it will be stable.

This is why there are many metals within the same column on the periodic table. They all have a different number of shells and intrinsic properties, so they all require different shells to be filled in order to be stable.

List the valence electrons starting at 1

give the ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using noble-gas shorthand.

Now that you know how to write the ground-state electron configuration for a single atom, you can do the same for atoms that bond!

Atoms can bond through ionic or covalent bonds. Ionic bonds are formed when atoms have opposite charges, and they are characterized by having fixed valence shells.

For example, in sodium chloride (NaCl), the atom of sodium has a 1+ charge, so it can only accept 1 electron in its outermost shell to be neutral. Chlorine has a -1 charge, so it can give up 1 electron in its outermost shell to be neutral. When these two atoms bond, they form an ionic compound where each atom keeps its own identity.

In contrast, covalent bonds are characterized by sharing electrons. To write the electron configuration for an atom in a molecule using noble-gas shorthand, start with the element with the lowest atomic number and list its valence electrons starting at 1. Then go to the next lowest atomic number and do the same until all of the atoms in the molecule are listed.

Choose a noble gas to match each shell

give the ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using noble-gas shorthand.

Now that you know how to give the ground-state electron configuration for a single element, you can use that knowledge to assign electrons to an atom in a compound.

Compounds are composed of at least two different elements. In this case, copper is connected to oxygen, so you need to add electrons to the Cu atom and take them away from the O atoms.

To do this, start by choosing a noble gas that fills one of the shells. In this case, choose Ne because it fills the second shell. Then, write out its electron configuration using shorthand.

Ne: [Ne]6s2

Next, add your new electrons between the already existing ones using more shorthand.

Fill in the electron configuration chart with dots and parentheses

give the ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using noble-gas shorthand.

Now that you know how to write the electron configuration for copper, let’s put that knowledge to use!

To give the ground-state electron configuration for copper, we will first write out the full orbital number and then fill in the dots and parentheses in order.

For example, let’s use the noble-gas shorthand to write out the ground-state electron configuration for copper. We will first write out the full number of electrons in each orbital, then fill in the dots and parentheses in order.

First, we will write out all of the inner electrons. So start by writing out one inner electron in s-subshell 1s2. Then, add a pair of parentheses and write 2s22p6. Next, add a pair of parentheses and write 2p6.(7) Finally, add a single dot to make it 1s22p6.(2p6)7.

Match up the dots and parentheses for each shell

give the ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using noble-gas shorthand.

Now that you can give the electron configuration for copper, you will learn how to use noble-gas shorthand to give the ground-state electron configuration for a molecule.

To do this, you will need to know the number of electrons in each shell of a copper atom and how many shells it has. You will also need to know the number of electrons in each shell of each noble gas.

First, determine which shell(s) contain 8 electrons. Since copper is in the column family, its outermost shell is going to contain 8 electrons. Copper needs to match up these 8 electrons with the 8 electrons in a neutral atom of a noble gas.

You can do this by taking one electron from each shell and giving it to the next innermost shell until all shells contain 8 electrons. Once you have done this, give your molecule an electron configuration that matches up with an atom of a noble gas.

Check your work by looking at the orbital diagrams

give the ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using noble-gas shorthand.

Once you have completed the noble-gas shorthand for electron configuration, the next step is to check your work. You can do this by looking at the orbital diagram for copper.

The orbital diagram shows you all the possible electron configurations and how many electrons are in each one. You can see which orbitals are filled and which are not, as well as how many electrons are in each orbital.

By looking at the orbital diagram for copper, you can see that it has one s-orbital filled with two electrons, one p-orbital filled with three electrons, and one d-orbital filled with ten electrons. These twelve electrons fill the 12 available electron shells in copper.

You can also see that there are no inner shell vacancies, which would indicate anions rather than atoms.

Practice with more examples

give the ground-state electron configuration for copper (cu) using noble-gas shorthand.

Now that you have learned how to give the ground-state electron configuration for metals using noble-gas shorthand, you can use this knowledge to practice more.

There are many other metal atoms that you can give their electron configurations with this method. You can even try giving the configurations for some nonmetals!

Some websites that offer many examples are Chemdoodle, Google Docs, and Reddit. The last one offers a thread called PhysicsForums where people post problems they have solved and ask for feedback.

This is a great way to help others and gain feedback on your solving skills. By solving others’ problems, you can test your own ability to give the electron configuration of a atom.

How To Make A Spending Freeze Actually Work For You

Spending Freeze
Spending Freeze

The no-spend challenge, “not buying anything” month, spending freeze – whatever you call it, these initiatives are supposed to help you save unnecessary expenses. To complete the challenge, you simply don’t purchase items that you don’t need.

Of course, it’s more difficult than it looks like. You might find yourself adding unnecessary items to your shopping basket at the grocery store or stopping at a convenience store to get a snack. It may sound like a “not spending any money” challenge wouldn’t work, but it’s easy to spend money.

Don’t worry! Here, we will show you how to set up a spending freeze in a way that will really work for you.

This will teach you the tips and suggestions you can use to avoid overspending. I’ll also offer spending freeze challenge examples that will get you started.

What is a spending freeze?

It’s a personal challenge you make to yourself to spend less money on things you don’t need. While there is no universal definition for the concept, it generally means only purchasing necessities for a set amount of time.

For example, many people choose to spend less money on a daily or monthly basis. They choose not to eat out, spend money on entertainment, and buy unnecessary items for an entire month. They will still spend money on necessities, such as rent or groceries.

Benefits of not spending

The most obvious benefit of freezing your spending is saving money when you shop by cutting out unnecessary items. Cutting out expenses lets you save more money. This money can be saved for financial reasons or for other purposes, such as paying off debt.

Additionally, ceasing spending habits may provide emotional benefits, too. No-spend challenges frequently require you to examine emotional reasons for overspending.

Many people, for instance, may waste while feeling jealous or upset. As you complete your assignment, you may find it more challenging to remain focused on it during particular times, events, or emotions.

Another positive aspect of a spending challenge is the confidence you gain from accomplishing it. A no-spend challenge is not always simple, but completing it can help build your confidence. You’ll be better equipped to take charge of your finances.

Common pitfalls

Your no-spend challenge would not be a “challenge” if it were too easy. Many people who try to cut out needless spending find themselves falling back into old habits before the challenge is over.

How to do a spending freeze

Not spending a fixed amount of time is a straightforward test that anyone can try.

One of the best aspects of a no spend challenge is the opportunity to customize it to your liking. In fact, customizing your challenge is an important part of making it successful.

Not everyone has the same income, spending habits, or discipline to complete the same task. For example, someone who spends a lot of money on entertainment will need to find things to do that cost nothing.

A person who doesn’t spend a lot of money on entertainment might not have a hard time cutting out those expenses.

5 Tips to make your spending freeze successful

There are a few tricks you can use to improve your chances of success in a spending challenge. Use these suggestions to set yourself up for victory.

1. Determine your “why”

Knowing the motivating reason for your purchases is one of the major hurdles to online success.

These are great locations to begin.

These reasons are vague, which may be why it is difficult to keep your challenge.

Why do you want to do this challenge? Is there something specific you hope to accomplish?

As an example:

Your objectives can remind you of your mandate, especially when it proves challenging to continue. If you find yourself tempted to purchase something that isn’t necessary, you can go back to your goals for motivation.

2. Make sure you have your essential needs stocked at home

Much of this idea is buying supplies in advance. When you’re trying to minimize your expenses, you shouldn’t buy toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, and other essential items halfway through the challenge.

These supplies are only available a few times per month or even per year so they’re something you could forget when beginning your challenge.

Spending Freeze
Spending Freeze

As you prepare for your expedition, make sure you stock up on items like toilet paper and toiletries. Stock up on any that are running low or could run out during your mission.

3. Set rules

While it is true that extreme no-spend rules are challenging to follow, not everyone can manage cutting out unnecessary expenses for an entire week or even a month. This makes it difficult for many people to finish tasks, resulting in many abandoned tasks.

Fortunately, your concern is about you. You get to determine the rules, guidelines, and parameters to follow.

responsibility for your freeze is your own. And since you know yourself the best, you can customize your experiment for the ideal level of difficulty.

Use these common freeze guidelines and customize them as needed.

4. Choose the right time

Timing your spending freeze can determine whether it is successful or not. A well-timed freeze increases your chances of completing it.

December, for example, can be a more strenuous month to produce this revenue. Holiday and end-of-the-year celebrations result in higher expenditures.

You may have a long list of holiday gifts to buy. Perhaps you plan to travel to visit relatives for the new year. Small amounts of money can accumulate quick when you’re trying to save expenses.

Selecting a time when you are not inclined to spend any money could make the fundraiser “too easy.”

For example, you select a one-day no-spend challenge. You choose a day when you have no plans and stay at home. You probably already had the money to spare today, so it probably wasn’t much of a hassle.

5. Make time to analyze your results

Freezing your spending can help you cut down on your costs – temporarily. They are not intended to be long-term fixes to financial problems. Most people return to their old spending habits once the challenge is over.

However, you can use your savings freeze as a valuable chance to evaluate your spending and saving habits. One way to do so is by keeping a diary throughout your challenge.

By reflecting on what went well and what did not, you can gain insights into your spending habits that will lead to long-term changes.

After your meal, ask yourself these questions to get a better understanding of your overall spending habits:

Spending freeze challenge examples

Most spending freezes are determined by how long the process takes to complete. For example, a one-month spending freeze is a common way to complete the task.

However, you can configure the metrics of your campaign to your liking. You may want to stop purchasing certain items until you reach a certain point in savings, for example.

Start easy with a no-spend day

A fast way to get started is to try a no-spend day challenge. This kind of short challenge is best done during a day when you expect to be out. A typical workday in the office is a good option.

You save a significant amount of money in a single day by simply not eating out at lunch and not buying coffee at Starbucks. This also includes avoiding midday meals.

Stop spending for seven days

A week-long challenge adds nominal difficulty. You have to get through a weekend without unnecessary spending.

Pick an average week for your challenge. For example, a vacation or a music festival might not be a good choice during the week. Just like in the all-day challenge, a regular work week and weekend is most productive.

Items you could cut out of your weekly schedule include eating out at your workplace, stopping off at a favorite boutique on the way home, or going out to eat and seeing a new movie for date night.

Don’t spend for a month

A month without expenses is the longest you should try. Anything longer than that leads to exhaustion and feelings of failure.

While a month is grueling, it is certainly possible. Give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding by choosing a month with a passive social calendar.

The 2019-2020 winter season has loaded up with events, which can make participating in the 2019-2020 Stube Challenge difficult. If you plan to participate, pick a month with four weddings, three family birthdays, and two planned nights out.

January is a popular time for monthly spending freezes because you can gain a fresh start at the beginning of the year. It can also help you keep any savings goals you set.

Modified spending freeze challenges

There’s no need to eliminate all of your spending during a specified timespan for an effective spending freeze. Specifying what you’re cutting spending helps you enjoy your freeze (and make it productive).

Stumped on what metrics to use? Consider one of these types of spending freezes for your challenge:

Celebrate your successful spending freeze

Finishing a budgeting challenge is one of the most fulfilling feelings in money management. It shows you that it is possible for you to live on less and wield control over your finances.

As soon as you finish your shift, celebrate your achievements. Give yourself a treat, such as a nice dinner out.

However, don’t waste all the money you saved on your trip. Instead, invest that money in your savings account, investment portfolio, or by paying down debt. Then look for other ways to reduce costs, such as saving $5,000 in three months.

Foremost Foremost 60-in X 32-in X 78-in Shower Wall Gfs603278


A frameless shower is a unique feature that adds an extra level of luxury to your shower. While not every frameless shower has a window in the middle, you get the same luxurious experience with this variation.

This variation is usually offered as a larger size, or two variations of size, compared to a normal frame-less shower. The two variations are usually widths or lengths of showers, with or without doors.

Widths of showers can be useful for people who do not like having to bend over to bath. lengths of showers can be useful for people who do not like having to stand under the bath water waiting for it to dry.

What is acrylic?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

Acrylic is a common material used to create most walls and pieces. It is usually mixed with another material to create the final piece. Acrylic is very clear and can look like either glass, stone, or solid surface.

Acrylic is very flexible and can be painted or screwed down to create different textures or angles. These same skills can be used to paint the walls, ceiling, and/or floor!

How does acrylic work?

The main difference between conventional acrylic and foamacrylic is the type of resin used to make it. Conventional acrylic uses an academy grade synthetic resin whereas foamacrylic uses a cheaper one that does not hold up well over time.

The second difference is how it’s placed on the wall. Because of the softer nature of conventional acrylic, it must be put on by a professional so it matches the space.

Does it contain chemicals?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

No, this is a non-chemical alternative. It does not contain any fragrances or additives that could potentially harm you.

It does not contain any cleaners either, making it safer for you and your family. These products are sometimes cleaned with vinegar and warm water, which is safe and gentle.

You can find these alternatives at many places, such as supermarkets, health food stores, beach supplies, and online.

The ingredients found in these alternatives are just the right balance of natural and non-natural to work well in your shower system. You do not have to add anything to it because it already exists!

Being aware of potential sources of chemicals can help prevent harmful exposure to substances that may be unsafe.

How hard is it?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

Most people who install x-high showers find they take about an hour and a half to two hours to install and set up. This is due to the size of the base unit and the number of showering heads that come with it.

You must also take into account the time it takes your family members to prepare for a shower. Some people are faster than others!

Once completed, this installation process gives you some nice testaments. You can look at the level of water pressure in your shower and see if it is sufficient or if you need a stronger system. You can also look at how many heads you have on your system and see if you are being served properly.

Will it crack?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

Cracks in the wall can be embarrassing or terrifying! Luckily, it is rare for a wall to break during a shower. However, if a shower is installed on a floor, then it may wobble because of the water moving. This would also occur if you had high ceilings and the top of the shower was above them!

Most showers are designed so that there is no need for extra support. If your new to showers, you should get started with low supported seats and blankets to gain confidence. Once you are more comfortable, you can move up to the standard supports found in showers.

The only issue we have heard of with this genset is some people getting cold feet due to lack of support.

Is acrylic easy to clean?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

When you take your shower time to the next level, going for a full open-air shower is the ticket! This is particularly helpful if you have children or special-needs friends that don’t enjoy crowded showers.

Many showers have reserved areas for people with disabilities, so taking your choice of full-open-air showering to a community space is an added benefit. You can also ask the other residents in your shower what they like about using the tub and how they like it!

Cleaning your acrylic shower wall is a little different from other types of baths. There are specific tools and techniques that must be used, so do not worry about that getting dirty! acrylic wall monoblocs are also ideal for this type of bath because you do not have to worry about water being pulled off of the top or bottom surfaces.

Does acrylic rust?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

Many people worry that installing a acrylic shower door will result in water getting inside the door and rusting it. However, this may not be a problem for you.

If you are concerned about this, you can coat the door with non-acidic rust preventative before installing. This can be purchased at most home improvement stores or online at many sites.

Non-acidic rust preventative does result in some staining, however. You can still clean it off if necessary! It is recommended that you always keep it on when showering to ensure adequate protection.

Another tip for avoiding this problem is to install a high-quality shower curtain. Since water will probably get inside the curtain, they suggest washing them regularly to prevent these stains.

Can I paint it?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

Yes! You can paint it! There are many brands that offer products to paint your shower walls. Some are painted herself, some are mixed by a company, and some are installed. Regardless, you can add your own design and texture to your shower walls!

When installing a new shower wall, there are a few things to watch out for. One of them is where the water goes. Most places have a rule-out-and-replace procedure for that.

Another thing to watch out for is whether or not the wall is double-bordered (two opposing sides with no gap between them). If so, then there may be an issue with which side gets more sunlight or precipitation.

A final tip is how high the shower should be above the ground to function properly. Having low showers can cause issues such as wet soil or floods where the user cannot get out.

What are the advantages of using acrylic over metal or glass?

foremost foremost 60-in x 32-in x 78-in shower wall gfs603278

Aside from the fact that acrylic is much more affordable, it offers several benefits to users. Many find that glass and metal are difficult or even impossible to work with, which is why some brands use acrylic instead.

For example, some people cannot seem to get the right shade or texture with glass, and adding texture to a shower wall is a hard task. When using acrylic, these people can add texture in the form of white or coloured tiles!

Another benefit of using an acrylic wall panel is that you can add on new walls as new spaces are needed. When installing a new space, you do not have to buy new panels– they come with the site! You just have to cut and join them together.

From A Liquidity Standpoint, Which Is More Desirable For A Company To Have?


At this point in time, both cash and credit are more desirable for a company to have. Credit is very valuable as a backing for payments, but also in regards to liquidity.

As the payment deadline approaches, creditors must have enough money to cover their obligations. A sufficient amount of credit can help them out in this regard as they can easily pawn off their debt when they need it.

With cash, there is no judgmental factor attached to spending money, and it allows leaders to be more precise with how much they give to their company.

Low earnings

from a liquidity standpoint, which is more desirable for a company to have?

Earning very little money can be a bitter pill to swallow for a company. You may think that you are doing everything possible to make money, but in the end, it is really down to how much you make off of your shareholders.

You may think that you are not making much money at the moment, but in the long run, your company will turn out fine as more and more people invest their money into your company as time goes by.

Stocks that fail to go up in value over time eventually collapse and lose all of their value. This is a type of loss that nobody wants to experience, as it was very likely very expensively invested capital that caused them financial gain.

If a company does not feel like it is taking enough profit, they should consider going public so that they can increase their earnings per share (EPS). ENS allows them to take advantage of the market by increasing their share price and earning more money off of it.

High cash reserves

from a liquidity standpoint, which is more desirable for a company to have?

Having a large amount of cash in the bank can be wished for by a company looking to have high liquidity for a period of time. This is because certain fees can apply when accessing the bank account.

How large of a cash reserves a company has is dependent on what kind of companies it belongs to. In the Philippines, S&P Global Rank Company PADEPATCO has a large amount of cash in their bank account due to its membership in banks. S&P Global Rank Company Capital One has very little due to its small business owners and administrators who do not have much money lying around.

Having access to your personal or business savings can help pay off some fees as well as help replenish your depleted bank account balance.

Low cash reserves

from a liquidity standpoint, which is more desirable for a company to have?

Having a minimum cash reserve is useful for a company that faces situations where they need money quickly. If they have less than this amount, they can turn to their investors for help.

With the right outreach, investors can provide up to $500 in cash per company per year. This helps them feel more confident in the company and knows they are not going to just give it money without a reason.

In terms of managing their own corporate liquidity, having less cash available means that someone has to turn it into cash fast. Since most people do not have thousands of dollars lying around, someone has to seek out funds or turn to their own personal liquidity.

In both cases, there is a higher chance of losing control over what goes into their liquidity and how much shows on their financial results. It is important to always be prepared for these situations.

High net income

from a liquidity standpoint, which is more desirable for a company to have?

Net income is an important liquidity point for companies. Having a lot of money left to reinvest in the company can make a difference in whether a company feels desirable to invest in or not.

In order for a company to feel desirable to investors, they must have a large amount of money left over from their investments. This shows that they are serious about running the company and investing in the company.

Since this money must be re-invested, investors need to see results from their investments before they will think highly of them. If you look at some of the early Internet stocks, you will see that many of them did not seem too trustworthy.

This makes it hard for investors to judge whether or not the stock is worth their money. This can lead to people leaving small companies with little value taken into account.

Low net income

from a liquidity standpoint, which is more desirable for a company to have?

A company with a low net income can be desirable in terms of appealing to investors. A company with a high income may be more desirable in terms of attracting attention to the company.

In terms of investor appeal, a low income should not necessarily mean a lower quality product or service. It only signifies a lower financial value to the company. Therefore, if the product or service is of higher quality then the financial value is greater than what they paid for it.

In terms of attracting attention, a lowincome should not necessarily denote less effort put into marketing and publicity. A lowincome should only imply that something is not being spent effectively. A less affluent company may have to devote more money towards advertising and marketing to gain recognition among the public.

This does not necessarily mean that they would have a lower quality product or service, but it does show that they are willing to spend money to gain recognition.

High liquidity

from a liquidity standpoint, which is more desirable for a company to have?

Having a lot of cash in the company accounts for a higher degree of liquidity. This refers to being able to easily and quickly pay your bills and make payments.

In order for a company to have a high degree of liquidity, these companies must have multiple sources of payment available to them. This includes but is not limited to: banks, credit card companies, PayPal, Google Play™ & Apple Play™ app stores, gift card sales websites, and the like.

Link: How Much Liquidity Is Necessary For A Company?

Even though having little or no cash inventory can make your business look less organized and secure, it can also be fun.

Low liquidity

from a liquidity standpoint, which is more desirable for a company to have?

As mentioned earlier, having little or no cash balance can be detrimental to a company. This is because if something goes wrong, it can be very difficult to repay your owes.

For example, if a supplier fails to deliver goods ordered, the company must either pay for them or find another supplier.

In this case, the suppliers may not be too happy about being owed money and/or being asked to cover the order. This can make it hard to maintain brand recognition and confidence in customers.

High liquidity

The preferred option of companies when things go wrong is to have a large amount of cash lying around. This allows them plenty of time to repay their creditors, as well as paying people who helped them out should they need help in the future.

What does this mean for shareholders?

from a liquidity standpoint, which is more desirable for a company to have?

As mentioned earlier, having a high liquidity level is desirable for a company that is looking to raise capital. As we mentioned earlier, debt can be expensive and difficult to discharge in the event of a financial emergency.

Having lots of cash available to make large purchases is important as it helps maintain investor confidence in the company when trying to attract new investors.

In order for an investment firm or company to have access to their capital, they must find someone willing to invest. Investors are usually looking for certain things, such as a reliable company with strong balance sheets and consistent earnings.

Having sufficient funds available when an opportunity arises can be challenging for some investors, making them look for other opportunities outside of the company. This can lead to increased confidence in the company being raised by other investors.